The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 522

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Chapter 522: The Eve of the Final Showdown!

When I was young, I had some minor issues in my body that prevented me from cultivating. It was not until four years ago, through a fortuitous opportunity, that I was able to embark on the path of cultivation," Su Yi sighed bitterly. He didn't know the reason behind his inability to cultivate back then, but later he discovered it was due to the presence of the mysterious space within his body, which couldn't store vital energy. It was only four years ago that he could truly begin his practice.

"Four years..." Elder Su once again subtly moved emotionally. If this young man has achieved such a level in just four years of cultivation, his speed of progress is truly terrifying.

"Basic skills are of paramount importance and will greatly impact your future," Elder Su spoke up.

Su Yi nodded, aware of the deficiencies in many of his basic skills. Seizing the opportunity while Elder Su appeared to be in a good mood, he naturally wouldn't let this chance slip by and took the opportunity to seek guidance.

Elder Su's face displayed a cold indifference, but he didn't actually turn Su Yi away at the door.

With one humbly seeking guidance and the other feigning casual instruction, time passed by slowly.

At dusk, large swathes of fiery clouds covered the sky.

"Time is running out. It's better to focus on quality rather than quantity. Prepare yourself well, for tomorrow marks the pinnacle duel of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. Give it your utmost effort," Elder Su said as he stood up, stretching lazily.

"Rest assured, I will give it my all and emerge as the ultimate victor!" Su Yi chuckled, looking forward to the final duel of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition tomorrow. As for claiming the top spot, not only is there the allure of abundant rewards, but also the aspiration of eventually journeying to the Sacred Mountain. After all, if one cannot surpass the younger generation of the Divine Sword School, how can they ever dream of setting foot on the Sacred Mountain?

With a firm gaze and a glimmer of crimson light, for Su Yi, the final pinnacle duel of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition tomorrow is not only a culmination of events from the Forest of Demons until now, but also a true validation.

"Ho ho, you still determined to claim the top spot? I wonder how much of it is true strength and how much is mere arrogance!" Elder Su cast a faint glance at Su Yi, as if questioning. Amongst the group of young disciples from the Divine Sword School, he had some knowledge about the true strength of a few individuals.

This young man before him is indeed remarkable in various aspects, but after all, he is still young and has some shortcomings. Given time, he may be able to compete, but at the moment, it is uncertain.

"I will definitely claim the top spot," Su Yi declared with a resolute gaze. Since he had already joined the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, he would give it his all.


As the night passed, the following morning, when the first ray of morning light cast upon the Divine Sword School from the eastern horizon, the entire school was filled with a dense multitude of figures emerging from all directions.

Some people utilized their elemental energy, while others mounted demon beasts as their steeds, all heading towards a certain destination.

As the sky gradually brightened, today's weather was clear and sunny, with a delightful fragrance of flowers lingering in the air, refreshing the senses.

Today is a grand occasion for the Divine Sword School, as the once-in-five-years pinnacle of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition approaches. The final showdown amongst the sixty-eight disciples who obtained their spots promises to be a thrilling spectacle, evoking excitement at the mere thought of it.

Menial disciples, outer disciples, inner disciples, and even direct disciples emerged in various locations early in the morning, all heading towards Spirit Sword Peak.

Today's final pinnacle showdown, the true climax of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, will take place on Spirit Sword Peak.

Su Yi returned to his room, fully aware that today was the ultimate showdown of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. He was determined not to be complacent, preparing himself to stay in peak condition.

Exhaling deeply, adjusting his breathing to reach the optimal state, Su Yi opened his eyes. A trace of crimson light flickered in his gaze, while his aura gently rippled, causing his gray robe to sway.

Rising and sitting up, he stretched lazily, causing a series of "cracking" sounds to emanate from his bones, as if filled with an explosive sensation, as he felt the state of his body.

Su Yi's lips curled up with a satisfied smile, as today would be a true validation, allowing him to see to what extent he had truly progressed.

Suddenly, Su Yi's eyes flickered, and with his keen perception of spiritual power, he sensed the presence of someone approaching.

"Brother Su Yi," immediately, Xu Jiahui's voice came from the doorway.

Su Yi walked out of the courtyard and saw Xu Jiahui. It seemed that she was preparing for today. The young girl had changed into a light aquamarine tunic, accentuating her already exquisite figure with graceful curves. Her face was delicate, with a crystal-clear complexion. Her large, sparkling eyes resembled a pool of clear water, while her skin had a snowy radiance. There was even a small dimple on her cheek, and in her hands, she held several garments and a pair of cloud-patterned boots.

Upon seeing Su Yi, Xu Jiahui revealed a shy smile and said, "I can see that your clothes are already torn. Since we are heading to Spirit Sword Peak today, it would be better if you tidy up and look presentable. I have prepared two sets of garments for you. Please try them on and see if they fit. If they don't, we can make alterations later." "Thank you," Su Yi smiled and accepted the clothes from Xu Jiahui's hands. He didn't hesitate and was aware that his current robe was no longer suitable. He returned to his room to change into the new attire.

After a moment, Su Yi stepped out again, clad in a blue robe adorned with intricate patterns, and a pair of cloud-patterned boots, both fitting him perfectly as if they were tailor-made.

Su Yi was delighted; it was the blue color that he personally favored. It seemed that Xu Jiahui had put a lot of thought into it.

Behind him, the sword and the blade alternated, his black hair fluttered slightly. His face exhibited resolute angles, while his eyes displayed unwavering determination as he looked at Xu Jiahui. He said, "It fits perfectly, thank you." As Xu Jiahui gazed at Su Yi, her eyes seemed to be in a daze. It turned out that this notorious individual, after a slight transformation, appeared so handsome.

Upon hearing Su Yi's voice, Xu Jiahui finally snapped out of her daze. She smiled at Su Yi and said, "No need to thank us. If it weren't for you, we might not have been able to escape from the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords on our own. If anyone should be grateful, it's all of us who owe our current cultivation and transformation to you." Xu Jiahui was well aware that their current progress and metamorphosis were all thanks to Su Yi's various encounters and fortuitous opportunities that had the potential to change their lives.

"Let's dispense with the pleasantries," Su Yi smiled, observing Xu Jiahui in front of him. She was becoming more and more like Wan'er. Having been away for so long, he wondered how Wan'er was doing. At this moment, he had some concerns weighing on his heart.

"There was a chirping sound..." A hissing sound came from nearby as a fierce bird of prey flapped its wings and subsequently hovered in the low sky.

"Golden Eagle of Fierce Wind!" Su Yi exclaimed in astonishment. It was the same Fierce Wind Golden Eagle that was originally brought back from the disciple of the Court of Justice. He had assumed it would eventually return to the Court of Justice, so he was surprised to see it back again.

"We should depart now; everyone is waiting for you," Xu Jiahui said to Su Yi. Today, they were all headed to Spirit Sword Peak, and they couldn't afford to be late.

Su Yi nodded as Xu Jiahui departed. In just a short while, he had arrived at the place where Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and the others were waiting.

"Boss Su Yi!" "Boss Su Yi!" Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and the others immediately approached, filled with excitement and anticipation. Today, they were going to Spirit Sword Peak, not merely to observe, but to challenge the most outstanding direct disciples of the Divine Sword School. It was something they had never dared to imagine before."

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