The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 520

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Chapter 520: The Happiest Person

"Hiss!" A Ninth Nether Demon Sneak hatchling hissed, its body pitch-black. The serpent's head was ferocious like a dragon, while its pale golden eyes emitted a faint glow. The pair of black wings slightly expanded, emanating a dark and radiant aura, as if sensing the resentment and anger emanating from Mu Yao. It displayed a gentle and affectionate demeanor.

"After three days, let's see how that lad will hide!"

Caressing the fierce dragon-like head of the Ninth Nether Demon Sneak hatchling, Mu Yao clenched her teeth tightly.

Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, she had been pursuing Su Yi, not only for the sake of their previous battle but also for the Dark Spirit Fruits.

On several occasions, Su Yi managed to elude her grasp, which left her furious.

"Boom!" As Mu Yao's words resounded, the Ninth Nether Demon Sneak hatchling flapped its wings, exuding a powerful aura. Its hissing serpentine tongue seemed to express its desire to defend Mu Yao.

"Your cultivation is still insufficient at the moment, and that lad indeed possesses some skills. You are not yet his match. However, one day, when you evolve into a true Ninth Nether Demon Sneak, you will be able to devour that lad alive." Mu Yao caressed the ferocious head of the Ninth Nether Demon Sneak hatchling, a faint smile revealing in her eyes.

"I have told you before, there are always higher peaks beyond the mountains and greater individuals beyond the people. Now, do you believe it?"

From the sound, a graceful lady in plain attire quietly emerged. Beneath her simple grey dress, her figure was slender and graceful. Her lustrous black hair was elegantly styled into a flowing cloud bun, adorned with a jade hairpin. Her demeanor was refined, yet radiated an air of nobility.


Mu Yao gazed at the beautiful woman, and immediately expressed with a delicate tone, "This is just an accident. If we were to consider true strength, he would undoubtedly be defeated!"

"Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, everything is determined by strength; there are no coincidences or accidents."

The beautiful woman in plain attire, with a smile in her eyes, possessed deep and profound dark pupils that seemed capable of engulfing anyone. She smiled at Mu Yao, and there was a hint of doting expression in her eyes as she spoke, saying, "That little one's ability to obtain Dark Spirit Fruits and so many Sword-patterned Stones is sufficient evidence that it is not a mere coincidence. He will be your true opponent."

Mu Yao raised her eyebrows, clenched her teeth, let out a deep hum from her throat, and pouted as she said, "Hmph, in three days, I will make him hand over the Dark Spirit Fruits. Otherwise, I won't be polite about it!"

The night was like a curtain of heaven, with a crescent moon hanging askew and stars twinkling.

Among the mountain peaks stood a tall and straight figure of a young man dressed in white. In the dim moonlight, his black eyes sparkled with a dazzling radiance.

The young man is none other than Yun Lingfeng, who ranks second in the Sword Tower. However, at this moment, there seems to be an unpleasant expression on Yun Lingfeng's face.

"Not obtaining the Dark Spirit Fruits is indeed a regret, but there will be opportunities to make up for it in the future. However, there can be no room for any mishap in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition this time. It is of great importance. Do you have confidence for the confrontation in three days?"

An old man spoke, his eyes gleaming with wisdom. It was none other than Elder Bai Mingshan.

"After preparing for so long, I also want to see how far Liu Yunchuan has come in these years. His initial defeat was merely a way to let him lower his guard. I have been preparing for so long, all for three days from now," Yun Lingfeng spoke, his eyes gleaming with a hint of sharpness.

"In three days, there must be no mistakes. Pay attention to one person in particular, as they might be your most significant threat," Elder Bai Mingshan said.

"Although that young lad Su Yi possesses some skills, he is merely relying on his ability to tame demon beasts. It is not enough for him to truly become my opponent."

Yun Lingfeng said with a solemn tone, as thoughts of that young lad filled his mind, an inexplicable sense of anger and dissatisfaction arose within him.

Elder Su brought a young lad from somewhere into the Divine Sword School, but the lad actually made him suffer a loss within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

However, that young lad only possesses some unconventional skills. In his mind, he has not yet regarded him as a true opponent.

"That young lad is not ordinary. His performance on the Heavenly Stairs is too dazzling. We must be on guard. However, the person you need to pay attention to this time is not him!"

Elder Bai Mingshan knew in his heart that Su Yi was indeed remarkable, but he understood his own disciple the most. That young lad, Su Yi, at least for now, was not yet qualified to become a true opponent for his disciple. He said to Yun Lingfeng, "What you need to pay attention to is that girl named Mu Yao. Her background is quite extraordinary."

"Mu Yao..."

Yun Lingfeng's eyes flickered slightly. How could he not know her? There has never been any ranking on the Sword Tower, and the extent of her strength has always been a mystery.

However, he doesn't care about these things. When that name is mentioned, his heart stirs, and in his mind appears the graceful and enchanting figure of a woman in an orange dress.

Alas, she is none other than Elder Ouyang's disciple. She is clearly right before his eyes, yet it seems she is unattainable for him.

"That girl has a mysterious background. Elder Ouyang brought her into the Divine Sword School. Within the entire Divine Sword School, perhaps only the sect leader knows her true identity." Elder Bai Mingshan furrowed his brows slightly. There were some matters that even as an elder, he was unaware of.


The night is hazy.

Inside the Divine Sword School, it was unusually lively and bustling. The list of disciples, a total of sixty-eight, who qualified to step onto Spirit Sword Peak for the final showdown in three days, has been announced, causing a stir throughout the Divine Sword School.

All the inner disciples and direct disciples of this generation are still immersed in shock. No one expected Su Yi to ultimately rank first, followed by Situ Muyang in second place, and Mu Yao securing the third position.

The three titles, it seems, were never imagined by anyone before, to be able to occupy the top three positions among the sixty-eight spots.

And among the top twenty, surprisingly, there are also outer disciples like Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and Liu Ji, which truly astonishes people.

"Su Yi, Situ Muyang seized so many people and collected numerous Sword-patterned Stones. Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others, just like Su Yi, are disciples of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. It is certain that the Sword-patterned Stones originated from Su Yi."

Some speculate that the strength of Su Yi and Situ Muyang is beyond doubt, but Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others, certainly obtained the Sword-patterned Stones without merit, thus occupying several of the sixty-eight available spots.

Some disciples commented, "Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others will not be worthy opponents in the pinnacle showdown three days from now!"

"I heard that Situ Muyang is the sect leader's son, and he only recently returned to the Divine Sword School!"

"No wonder Situ Muyang is so young, yet his cultivation and strength are already formidable,"

"There is a disciple named Mu Yao, whom we have never heard of before."

"I have seen that Mu Yao before. She tamed an Eight-winged Demon Python within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, and her strength is remarkably formidable. In this event, she ranks third among the sixty-eight spots, only beneath Su Yi and Situ Muyang."

"I happened to hear that Mu Yao is quite mysterious within the sect."


As the disciples within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords emerged, the sixty-eight spots were also revealed. Situ Muyang, Mu Yao, and some other outstanding disciples immediately became the subject of discussion and attention by everyone.

Some people were joyful while others were worried, and many direct disciples silently cursed in their hearts, such as Pu Qingqing, Pu Hao, and others.

They originally possessed the strength and confidence to enter within the sixty-eight spots, and they even had the confidence to further elevate the positions on the Sword Tower in the final pinnacle battle.

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