The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: Sword Trial!

This kid claims to have no assurance, but his expression clearly reveals a hint of confidence. He truly lives up to the rumors within the sect. It seems he possesses a touch of arrogance.

"Among this group of disciples, there are indeed several who are not bad. Each of them has their own trump cards, making them difficult to deal with."

Elder Su's gaze swept over Su Yi, seemingly seeing through him to some extent, as he spoke, "You have a sword on your back. How much understanding do you have about the sword?"

"Well... I don't have a profound understanding of the sword."

Su Yi smiled bitterly. In terms of it, it wasn't until he arrived at the Divine Sword School that he truly came into contact with the sword. The first lesson took place in the Sword Hall, where he listened to the teachings of Elder Ying Dang, gaining considerable benefits.

"Is that so..."

Elder Su raised an eyebrow slightly and said to Su Yi, "How about this, give it your all and try attacking me with your proficient sword techniques."

"Elder Su, this may not be appropriate."

Upon hearing this, Su Yi was momentarily startled, but as he spoke, he directly pulled out the space bag from his pocket and tightly grasped a sword that was of the level of a spirit weapon.

Su Yi, being a direct disciple, had already forgotten from whose space bag he obtained this sword. In any case, he acquired it from the space bags of those esteemed disciples.

Elder Su is asking me to make a move, clearly wanting to test me. In case I happen to impress him in the heat of the moment and he decides to pass on a move or two, that would truly be a stroke of good fortune.

Such an opportunity, how could Su Yi possibly miss it.

Upon observing Su Yi's actions, Elder Su's gaze twitched with a hint of perplexity.

This kid may not be very eloquent with his words, but he holds a sword in his hand. He must have some ulterior motives. It does seem rather cunning and sly, just as the rumors depicted.

"Make your move, without holding back, give it your all."

Elder Su spoke calmly, having heard numerous rumors, he was also deeply astonished. At this moment, he was eager to put those rumors to the test and discern their authenticity.

"Hehe, then please forgive this impoliteness from the junior, Elder Su!"

Su Yi chuckled, and as the words fell, he inwardly took a deep breath, his countenance immediately settling into a calm expression.

Su Yi is unaware of how powerful Elder Su truly is.

However, Su Yi could sense that the Elder Su before him was undoubtedly one of the strongest individuals he had ever encountered.

Within the grand hall atop Sky Sword Peak, the atmosphere emanating from Elder Su and the demeanor of the other elders provided Su Yi with no difficulty in discerning the immense strength possessed by the Elder before him.

At this moment, Elder Su was intentionally probing his own abilities, and Su Yi also hoped that a formidable individual like Elder Su would be able to impart some guidance, even if it were just a fraction of his expertise.

Therefore, Su Yi felt a deep sense of apprehension and knew that he had to give his utmost effort.

Su Yi worried that his performance might not be up to par, fearing that it would lead to Elder Su's dissatisfaction and diminish any desire on his part to offer guidance.


Su Yi secretly exhaled a breath, his vital energy circulating within his body. His eyes gradually closed slightly, and the treasured sword in his hand was also raised level with his shoulders. From within him, an imperceptible aura suddenly surged forth.


The surrounding void trembled slightly, Su Yi's robe swayed gently, and the dust and gravel on the ground rolled about. A burst of crimson vital energy suddenly surged outward from within him, exuding a fervent aura and a commanding presence, as if flames were roaring and surging.

Unseen, the imposing force swept over, and in that instant, a glimmer of light suddenly flickered in Elder Su's eyes, followed by an expression of astonishment and awe.

"The Fifth Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm..."

Feeling the cultivation aura emanating from Su Yi at this moment, Elder Su was already sufficiently astonished. Considering Su Yi's age and such level of cultivation, it was already remarkable.

And what truly astonished Elder Su at this moment was the aura emanating from Su Yi, which pervaded the surroundings. With his keen perception, how could he not feel that this aura was the most formidable?

Moreover, at this moment, an intangible aura surrounded Su Yi, even though his eyes were slightly closed. It was undoubtedly permeated with a sword-like essence.

The light in his eyes couldn't help but flicker; Elder Su was truly astonished. Wasn't this kid supposed to be ignorant of swordsmanship? Yet, it was evident that he had gained insight into a certain sword intent.

But considering his age, it is also unlikely for him to have comprehended sword intent at the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivation level, right?

Sword intent, how is it possible? That is the realm that countless sword practitioners dream of attaining.

This realm has nothing to do with cultivation level; it stems from the Way of the Sword. Among the swordsmen of the Yuan Emperor Realm, if one can comprehend their own sword intent, then they are already considered a genius.

How is it possible for one's cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm to reach such heights?

To know that sword intent is an extension of the primordial essence, this essence belongs solely to the sword; it is the origin and heritage of the sword!

Sword intent is the harmonious unity of form, spirit, reason; it is the coordination of emptiness and substance. It arises unexpectedly, yet it resides within the essence.

To comprehend sword intent is a legendary realm, reaching an unparalleled state of understanding regarding the sword, hence referred to as sword intent!

Elder Su didn't believe it, feeling astonished, his eyes gleaming with radiance.

However, the more he sensed it, the more astonished Elder Su's expression became.

Elder Su was able to perceive that, at this moment, there emanated from Su Yi an intangible aura that was truly extraordinary!

It is somewhat difficult for Elder Su's discerning gaze to determine whether Su Yi has comprehended sword intent at this moment.

However, at this moment, what Elder Su can certainly affirm is that this young man, wielding a single sword, has transcended the realm of mere sword techniques. He has imbued his movements with a certain momentum, exuding an intangible aura.

"It seems somewhat reminiscent of that..."

Elder Su's gaze flickered as he recalled a mural within the Divine Sword Cliff.

The stance that Su Yi was currently assuming seemed to be identical to the sword technique depicted in the mural, yet it appeared that no one had ever comprehended that particular sword technique from the mural before.


Soon, a subtle yet undulating aura of fierceness emanated from the sword wielded in Su Yi's hand, accompanied by faint sounds of wind and thunder. Its resounding clang resonated, enveloping the surroundings in a radiant brilliance.

"Hiss..." At that moment, Su Yi's tightly closed eyes suddenly opened, and two sword-like beams of light flashed from the depths of his eyes. Simultaneously, an otherworldly and ethereal aura emanated from within him, accompanied by an immense pressure that permeated the surroundings...


Su Yi made his move, thrusting his sword forward. In an instant, the dazzling brilliance of the sword radiated, as crimson vitality condensed into the form of sword light. Accompanied by a sharp sound of breaking air, it directly surged towards Elder Su.

As Elder Su's gaze shifted, when the sword light approached him, he swept his robes with a swift motion. A forceful energy surged from within him, colliding with the sword light and dispersing it directly. Quietly grinding away, it vanished without a trace.

"Clatter, clatter..."

Although there was little commotion, at this moment Su Yi's figure slid backwards in a straight line, his feet skimming the ground. After a few steps, he staggered to steady himself.


Su Yi was astonished. He exerted all his strength, yet Elder Su effortlessly countered with a mere flick of his robes. The disparity between them was indeed immense.

Compared to Su Yi, in this moment, Elder Su was much more astounded in his heart than Su Yi.

"To be fair, you're barely passable. Considering your cultivation level and age, it can be considered decent."

After a long while, Elder Su spoke, his expression deliberately unaffected, showing no signs of disturbance. He said to Su Yi, "However, judging from your actions, it seems that your fundamental skills are somewhat lax."

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