The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 518

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Chapter 518: Practicing Fundamentals!

At this moment, only Elder Su himself knew the shock residing in his heart. That single sword strike, setting aside cultivation level, would pose a challenge even for practitioners at the Yuan Void Realm to execute.

And the sword move this youngster comprehended, although it has not yet reached the realm of true sword intent, has already achieved the level of initiation.

The sword momentum has taken form, comprehending the true essence of sword intent, merely awaiting a catalyst.

This catalyst may be within reach, or perhaps it requires a considerable amount of time, even a lifetime, to obtain this fortuitous opportunity is not guaranteed.

However, what Elder Su can be certain of is that this youngster before him is undeniably exceptionally intelligent, possessing a rare level of comprehension ability.

And shortly after Su Yi has been in the Divine Sword School, he unexpectedly comprehended the sword intent, but one can sense that his foundational skills are actually quite ordinary.

"I do admit that my foundational skills are quite ordinary. In three days, I will be facing the outstanding disciples of Spirit Sword Peak and the Divine Sword School. If possible, I humbly request Elder Su's guidance and am deeply grateful for it." Su Yi observed the expression on Elder Su's face, with his gaze subtly shifting, hoping to see if he could make Elder Su aware of his abilities. It seemed that Elder Su was not entirely satisfied with him earlier, and he wondered if he would be able to receive Elder Su's guidance.

"You, youngster, should refrain from being so slick-tongued." Who is Elder Su? Of course, he knows what Su Yi is thinking. With a faint tone, he said, "Although I don't have much to do these days, I won't have the leisure to guide you. However, in the Divine Sword School, there is a book called 'Foundations of Swordsmanship.' It primarily covers the fundamentals of swordplay, which is quite suitable for you at the moment. You can try to find it." "Foundations of Swordsmanship? I have it with me." Su Yi rummaged through his space bag for a while and retrieved the book he obtained from Elder Ying Dang. This "Foundations of Swordsmanship" only covers the basics of swordplay. Su Yi has glanced through it before, but he hasn't had the time to study and practice it during his time in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

"If you have it, that would be best. You can practice it diligently, but don't underestimate these foundations." As Elder Su's words came to an end, he swept his sleeves and swiftly departed.

As Su Yi watched Elder Su's figure disappear into the night sky, a tinge of regret crossed his face. It seemed that his performance had not yet reached a level that would satisfy Elder Su, who appeared uninterested in guiding him.

"Foundations of Swordsmanship...!" Su Yi held the Foundations of Swordsmanship in his hand. This was not a martial technique, but rather the entry-level foundation that every disciple of the Divine Sword School possessed.

Every disciple of the Divine Sword School, whether they are outer disciples or even the offspring of servants, all have their own set.

"Then let's practice the foundations!" After a moment, a determined look gleamed in Su Yi's eyes. Since there was nothing of importance for the next three days, he could maintain his peak condition and use the opportunity to cultivate the Foundations of Swordsmanship.

Su Yi understood the principle that "a towering building begins from a level ground." Although he had cultivated several sets of sword techniques and martial skills, he acknowledged that his proficiency in the fundamental aspects of swordsmanship was indeed ordinary.

Shrouded in darkness, with a crescent moon hanging high, the mountain forest was immersed in a serene and tranquil silence.

Su Yi perused the Foundations of Swordsmanship, imprinting it in his mind. With a firm grip on the precious sword in his hand, he tirelessly unleashed strike after strike, one sword after another.

"Hoo hoo... " The precious sword swung, without any fluctuations of qi. Su Yi executed the most basic strikes - thrusts, slashes...

Building upon the Foundations of Swordsmanship, the fundamentals of swordplay can be primarily categorized as thrusting, cleaving, lifting, hanging, clouding, pointing, collapsing, intercepting, and so on.

Although Su Yi had practiced with the broken sword on his back before, it had never been as detailed as the Foundations of Swordsmanship.

On a moonlit night, within the tranquil mountain forest, Su Yi repeatedly practiced the Foundations of Swordsmanship, gripping the sword in his hand.

In the far distance, among the towering peaks, a petite figure gazed, with a glimmer of light flickering briefly in their eyes, fading away in the moonlit night.


The courtyard exuded a quaint charm, while the side hall, though simple, retained an antique elegance.

Situ Muyang donned a fresh set of clean black silk garments. Despite his young age, he possessed a stature that was far from short. His black hair neatly arranged, his countenance handsome, with clear eyes that emitted a friendly and warm demeanor.

However, only the disciples of the Divine Sword School who had experienced the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords would know that this seemingly friendly and amiable young man, who appears to be like a younger brother from next door, showed no mercy when it came to throwing black bricks and plundering space bags.

"Did you and Su Yi rob the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree together? Where is it now?" Situ Liuyun questioned Situ Muyang, his gaze fixed upon him. He had received the news that within the entire Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree had vanished without a trace.

"We obtained the Dark Spirit Fruits, but we know nothing else," Situ Muyang replied to Situ Liuyun. Regarding the matter of Su Yi's mysterious space, he had promised Su Yi not to divulge any information. Moreover, he had gained significant advantages from it, so naturally, he would keep it a secret.

"You..." Situ Liuyun glared at his own son. Did this young man even have the slightest clue about the importance of maintaining a strong position? After all, he was the junior sect leader of the Divine Sword School.

"Father, within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there are no rules to speak of. Everything we obtain with our abilities is a result of our own opportunities and fortunes. Otherwise, why would I bother going in to hone my skills?" Situ Muyang quietly spoke to Situ Liuyun, with a faint hint of a smirk on his lips.

"You can obtain everything, but treasures like the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree should not be uprooted by you!" Situ Liuyun stared at Situ Muyang. It was one thing if all the Dark Spirit Fruits were picked, but the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree itself should not be disturbed.

"You better not be so harsh with me, otherwise, I'll go back and find my mother. I'll tell her how you treat me poorly, and I won't want to come back again." Situ Muyang lifted an eyebrow as he observed his father, who seemed on the verge of losing his temper. He still spoke calmly and softly, just like before.

"You..." Upon hearing these words, Situ Liuyun's pupils were almost dilating, his eyes glaring intensely. It was evident that he harbored some fear.

"Father, I was just kidding. I've been thinking about you every day these past few years. I've gained quite a lot inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords this time, and I'm sure my mother would be thrilled to hear about it. I'll put in a good word for you, and who knows, maybe she'll even come back for a visit." Situ Muyang's gaze shifted, and he flashed a warm smile at Situ Liuyun.

"Really..." Situ Liuyun's gaze fluctuated upon hearing this, but soon his expression returned to seriousness. He patted Situ Muyang on the back of his head, appearing stern but with a significantly milder tone as he said, "Enough with this act. Quickly tell me what happened in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords and what fortunes you have obtained." With Situ Liuyun's sternness, how could he not notice the transformation in his own son?

In just a month's time, Situ Muyang made a direct breakthrough from the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm to the later stages of the Fourth Grade. Such rapid progress, yet his aura remained as stable as a rock, which was truly extraordinary.

Most importantly, Situ Liuyun could sense the inward-to-outward transformation in Situ Muyang, as if he had undergone a profound metamorphosis, akin to a bone-shattering and marrow-cleansing process.

Such benefits are truly astounding, which left Situ Liuyun curious and astonished.

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