The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: Encounter in the Night!

Although this time Elder Su boldly broke into Sky Sword Peak and returned himself to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, Su Yi is well aware that if everything obtained within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords were to be exposed, even the Divine Sword School would certainly not relent easily.

Moreover, with the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree being transplanted into the mysterious space by him, such a precious treasure, the Divine Sword School will certainly not overlook it easily.

This time, there were quite a few gains within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, especially the successful Tribulation Crossing of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. Su Yi also hoped to return to Man City as soon as possible in his heart, at least to see his grandfather's condition first.


Su Yi emitted a long breath, no longer dwelling on it.

After all, three days later is the final showdown. Elder Su has allowed me to participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, and it was my intention from the beginning. By then, I will be able to face the outstanding younger generation of the Divine Sword School head-on, not to mention the significant opportunities and rewards at stake.

As the handprints condensed, Su Yi sat cross-legged, intending to cultivate his inner energy and prepare himself for the upcoming three days.


Suddenly, a gleam of radiance flashed through Su Yi's eyes, instantly alerting him to someone approaching the courtyard.

"Kid, come with me to the back mountain!"

A faint voice came through, and it was indeed the voice of Elder Su.

"Elder Su..."

Upon hearing the voice of Elder Su, Su Yi was quite astonished, unsure of the purpose for which Elder Su sought him.

Without much hesitation, Su Yi pushed the door open and stepped outside.

At this moment, the sun had already set behind the mountains, and the sky was gradually darkening, revealing a crescent moon on the horizon.

Su Yi was not unfamiliar with the back mountain. When he had initially attempted to quietly leave the Divine Sword School, he had passed through the back mountain and ultimately encountered the enigmatic beautiful woman and Mu Yao.

The back mountain, serene and profound.

Nightfall cast its shroud over an open and desolate place. Su Yi could see Elder Su standing on a large boulder ahead, standing with hands behind his back, tilting his gaze slightly, as if contemplating the distance.

"Elder Su."

Su Yi approached and bowed respectfully.

"Based on your various performances within the Divine Sword School and the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, perhaps you have some origins. Tell me, where do you come from?" Elder Su asked Su Yi without looking back.

"My name is Su Yi, I hail from the distant city of Man City. I am neither affiliated with any sect nor school, and I dare not conceal this fact from Elder Su," Su Yi replied with calmness in his eyes, speaking the truth.

"If you are without any sect or school, from where did you acquire such cultivation?"

Elder Su turned around, his robe slightly swaying, his hair veiled by moonlight in the darkness of the night, accentuating the strands of silver, and in his gaze upon Su Yi, there flashed a hint of sharpness.

Elder Su is already well aware of Su Yi's affairs within the Divine Sword School. How could such a young man be without any sect or school?

"I was originally of mediocre talent, possessing four different attributes. Some have said that I am just fit to be a servant, but unexpectedly, I have received the favor of heaven and encountered fortuitous opportunities. Within the Forest of Demons, I suffered severe injuries, and it was thanks to Elder Su's timely rescue that I didn't meet an untimely demise."

Su Yi replied, although filled with gratitude towards Elder Su, one must always remain cautious. Naturally, one cannot divulge too much about the mysterious space.

"You seem to possess four attributes: earth, water, fire, and wind."

Upon hearing these words, a slight furrow appeared on Elder Su's brow.

Elder Su has previously treated Su Yi's injuries and still remembers the elemental essence of the four attributes within him.

At that time, he distinctly sensed the extraordinary qualities present within Su Yi. The swirling vortex of vital energy in his dantian surpassed that of ordinary cultivators at the same level, one could only wonder how much more expansive it was. The robustness of his physical body could even rival that of young demon beasts. All of these aspects didn't escape the scrutiny of Elder Su.

Therefore, back then, Elder Su Kuangge was also perplexed. After all, Su Yi was originally a youth with four conflicting attributes, and one would expect his talent to be average at best. However, everything about him was exceptionally abnormal.

"That is correct."

Su Yi nodded, inwardly forcing a bitter smile.

However, Su Yi doesn't really care about being regarded as a lowly servant. What does it matter to be seen as such? At least, among his peers, he has never encountered a truly unbeatable opponent so far.

"Having four different attributes, and although one of your attributes is of the wind element, the other three attributes are in conflict with each other. Your innate talent is indeed average. However, there are always exceptions to things. As long as you undergo sufficient trials and tribulations, you can stir up boundless potential within yourself. The mortal world is filled with diverse wonders, and one can choose to follow one of the three thousand ways of the world. Any path can lead to achievements. It is rumored that some have achieved enlightenment through their physical bodies, while others have attained it through the way of the sword. Although those who have achieved such success are as rare as a carp leaping over the dragon's gate, they do exist. Perhaps you, too, will become someone different in the future."

Elder Su gazed upon Su Yi and spoke, the fierce look in his eyes mellowed considerably.

"I will continue to strive diligently," replied the disciple.

Su Yi nodded, Elder Su's words were truly inspiring and uplifted his heart.

Su Yi still remembered that Elder Ying Dang, the master of the 35th Sword Peak, had uttered similar words during his teachings in the Sword Hall. He emphasized that although talent was significant, it was not absolute.

"I don't wish to know too much about your origin. I saved you purely by chance, and one could say it was not your destined demise."

Speaking with a serious and fierce gaze, Elder Su said to Su Yi, "However, young man, remember this: if you ever engage in criminal activities and become a person of great wickedness, I, Su Kuang Ge, can either save you or personally execute you!"

"Disciple humbly listens to your teachings and shall certainly engrave them in my heart!" Su Yi respectfully performed a bow, his eyes filled with reverence.

"Very well, there is no need for constraint."

Observing Su Yi, Elder Su could also sense his dignified and confident demeanor. Despite the rumors he had heard about Su Yi's cunning and arrogance within the Divine Sword School, Elder Su had his own judgment in his heart.

With such character, it is unlikely that he could become a person of great wickedness. Especially when feeling Su Yi's integrity and temperament, Elder Su's heart even had a hint of fondness added to it.

"By impersonating a disciple of the Divine Sword School, I humbly request Elder Su to grant me forgiveness."

Su Yi said, regardless of the circumstances, he has also impersonated a disciple of the Divine Sword School.

"You are not impersonating, you now have the emblem of the Divine Sword School, which already makes you a disciple of the Divine Sword School. If you choose to leave in the future, you can do so on your own terms," Elder Su said.

"Thank you, Elder Su."

Su Yi felt grateful. He had heard from Zhang Qing and others that this Elder Su was extremely aloof and most disciples dared not approach him.

However, at this moment, Su Yi actually felt that Elder Su was not such a person, and he was not as unapproachable as the rumors had suggested.

"After three days, the final showdown will take place on Spirit Sword Peak. How confident are you?" Elder Su asked, gazing at Su Yi.


Su Yi hesitated for a moment, a faint smile playing on his face as he said to Elder Su, "I can't be completely certain, but I will give it my all!"

Observing Su Yi's expression, there was no way Elder Su couldn't see through it.

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