The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: How Did This Youngster Manage to Do It?

Elder Duan Yuerong gritted her teeth ever so slightly as she spoke to Elder Su. She had given up on that lad Su Yi, but when it came to that little miss Xu Jiahui, she didn't want to miss the opportunity and desired to take her under her wing.

Elder Su's gaze fixed upon Elder Duan Yuerong, exhibiting a calm expression and an indifferent tone, as he lightly said, "Do you think that the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is inferior to your peak? Or do you believe that I, Su Kuangge, am inferior to your when it comes to teaching disciples?"

The calmer Elder Su appeared, the more inexplicably apprehensive Elder Duan Yuerong felt in her heart. She bit her lip and said to Elder Su, "Elder Su, that's not what I meant. It's just that the young miss truly possesses exceptional talent, which has brought me joy. If she were to join my sect, I would certainly teach and pass on my knowledge to her with utmost dedication."

Su Yi and Situ Muyang were both somewhat surprised, but soon Su Yi wasn't surprised at all. Given Xu Jiahui's current talent, Elder Duan possessed exceptional discernment and extraordinary insight.

Elder Su remained silent, his gaze wavering slightly. He knew exactly who Elder Duan Yuerong was referring to. He had seen Xu Jiahui and sensed the changes in those disciples, especially in Xu Jiahui. He knew exactly what it represented.

"If Elder Su, you don't agree, then I cannot insist." Elder Duan Yuerong expressed some regret. She desired to take such a disciple under her wing, to the extent that she even wanted to pass on her own knowledge and expertise.

"In a couple of days, I will have that little girl come over and ensure she receives proper guidance."

Elder Su raised his gaze, suddenly looking at Elder Duan Yuerong and spoke in this manner. As soon as the words fell, there was a surge of energy in his body. He placed his hand on Su Yi's shoulder and vanished into thin air.

"Thank you, Elder Su..."

Su Yi only felt a sudden blur before finding himself already traversing through the currents of clouds and mist. Behind him, there came the joyous voice of Elder Duan.


In just a moment, when Su Yi landed on the ground again, he found himself directly on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

"Elder Su and Boss Su Yi have come back."

"Elder Su!"


Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, and several others immediately converged, their anxious expressions relaxing as they looked at the unharmed Su Yi.

"You must be tired after coming out from the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, go and rest for a while."

Elder Su spoke up and addressed the crowd.

"Elder Su, I..."

Su Yi spoke up, having remained within the Divine Sword School all this time, with the sole purpose of expressing his heartfelt gratitude and deep appreciation to Elder Su for saving his life.

"There is no need for further words. Since you have already participated in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, the Sword-patterned Stones you presented should be enough to secure your entry into the final showdown three days from now. Focus on participating wholeheartedly before we speak further." Elder Su waved his sleeve, signaling to Su Yi that there was no need for further discussion. As the last syllable fell from his lips, his figure had already vanished from sight.

Su Yi was slightly taken aback, as it seemed that Elder Su didn't blame him for impersonating a disciple of the Divine Sword School, and didn't say much about it either.

"Boss Su Yi, are you alright? Did the sect leader punish you?"

As they watched Elder Su depart, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, and the others finally mustered the courage to approach Su Yi and inquire.

"I didn't see the sect leader."

Su Yi briefly explained the general situation to everyone and also learned from Zhang Qing and others that they had returned to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak to find Elder Su. That's why Elder Su suddenly appeared at the Sky Sword Peak. He also learned some details and found out how many Sword-patterned Stones he had obtained within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

Later, Su Yi returned to the courtyard where he had originally settled on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. It seemed that the final duel of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition would take place on the Spirit Sword Peak, three days from now.

Dusk, the setting sun resembles blood, and the sky is filled with rosy hues.

At a certain location on Sky Sword Peak, there is a courtyard with elegant pavilions, and wisps of incense smoke fill the air.

"What on earth did this kid do to achieve such a feat!"

Situ Liuyun stood by the window, gazing at the lingering sunset outside. Yet, his eyes were filled with a perplexed expression at this moment.

"The inner disciples were plundered, the Dark Spirit Fruits were stolen, they even launched a surprise attack with the Black Bricks. And the most crucial of all, even the Young Sect Master unexpectedly allied himself with that kid..."

At this moment, the Right Dharma Protector wore a bitter smile on his face, mixed with astonishment and disbelief. He said to Situ Liuyun, "Zhang Diyun has been defeated. What's most peculiar is that despite the multitude of people, they haven't managed to apprehend them. However, Elder Su suddenly returned. Otherwise, those Elders, driven by their desire for the Dark Spirit Fruits, would unlikely cease their pursuit."

"It seems that many things still need to be investigated before coming to a definitive conclusion about the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Let's take a look first. Elder Su's arrival is also a positive development," Situ Liuyun said.

The Right Dharma Protector smiled faintly, well aware that Elder Su's appearance inadvertently helped the sect leader. Otherwise, this situation might have posed a dilemma for the sect leader.

"The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords has already been investigated by formidable individuals. According to disciples, several peculiar occurrences have taken place within the battlefield," the Right Dharma Protector remarked.

"Let's discuss everything after conducting the investigation!"

Situ Muyang said, his eyes flickering slightly, then with a hint of curiosity, he asked the Right Dharma Protector, "Have the Sword-patterned Stones been sorted out? After three days, those who can ascend Spirit Sword Peak should primarily be those people, right?"

"Those who can ascend Spirit Sword Peak after three days are not far off from the disciples we originally anticipated, but there have been quite a few unexpected developments," said the Right Dharma Protector, his face once again showing a wry smile as he spoke of this matter.

"What's going on?" Situ Liuyun asked.

"I just received the list. This time, on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, there are seven individuals who made it into the top sixty-eight. Among them is our junior sect leader ranked second, and Su Yi ranked first. The remaining five outer disciples are all ranked within the top twenty," the Right Dharma Protector said helplessly.


Upon hearing this, a faint twitch appeared at the corner of Situ Liuyun's mouth.


At dusk, the setting sun casts slanting rays of light.

A roar of beasts resounded as a steward accompanied several senior disciples to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, ascending the mountain on foot instead of daring to ride their mounts.

The steward brought news that seven outer disciples from the Divine Sword School made it into the top sixty-eight. Three days later, they would proceed to Spirit Sword Peak for the ultimate showdown.

"We made it into the top sixty-eight..."

Upon receiving such news, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, Wang Fan, Liu Ji, and Xu Jiahui were overjoyed to the point of thinking they had misheard. They were overwhelmed with excitement, embracing each other and shedding tears of happiness.

In the courtyard room, Elder Su stood by the window, his mind at ease, listening to the noises outside. On his weathered and solemn face, there emerged a hint of a smile, accompanied by a glimmer of excitement in his eyes that seemed to flicker with radiance.

"Elder Su, Elder Su."

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, and others rushed over and called out from outside the door, seemingly wanting to share this good news with Elder Su.

"I am already aware of it. Such clamor and commotion are hardly fitting. Get ready for the Spirit Sword Peak duel three days from now." In the room, Elder Su's expression instantly became composed and devoid of any trace, as his solemn voice echoed.


In the room, Su Yi sat cross-legged, continuously pondering over certain matters.

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