The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: The Dominance of Elder Su!

Such a resounding shout made Pu Hao, Pu Qingqing, Zhang Diyun, and other disciples tremble uncontrollably, almost collapsing in fear. As for the elders who had just spoken, it seemed that Elder Su deliberately singled them out. For some reason, their faces turned pale, and they involuntarily took a step back, plopping down on the chairs behind them. The chairs themselves were even shattered by the impact, and then they fell backwards onto the ground.

Su Yi also felt his ears tremble with the thunderous sound, but what shocked him even more was the display of dominance exhibited by Elder Su in that moment. It was truly awe-inspiring, to the extent that it caused senior elders of the Divine Sword School to be so frightened that they fell backwards in astonishment.

In that moment, Su Yi couldn't help but feel a surge of warmth in his heart. Regardless of the reason, Elder Su was standing up for him, and a comforting feeling washed over his mind.

All the elders trembled, their gazes underwent a significant change, for they were well aware of Elder Su's temperament.

"I pay my respect to..."

Outside the grand hall of Sky Sword Peak, two figures appeared, while disciples at the entrance were shocked by the spectacle unfolding inside the hall, immediately bowing in reverence.

As the first middle-aged man stepped forward, draped in a black robe adorned with intricate golden patterns, it outlined his robust physique. His neatly combed jet-black hair was tied in a bun, and with a wave of his hand, he motioned for his disciples to remain silent. Listening intently to the commotion within the grand hall, his profound eyes gleamed with radiance. Indeed, it was Situ Liuyun, the sect leader of the Divine Sword School.

Following closely behind was an elderly man dressed in ash-colored robes. Observing the scene, his eyebrows slightly twitched as he, too, listened to the commotion within the grand hall. He was the Right Dharma Protector of the Divine Sword School.

Immediately, Situ Muyang's face wore a hint of a bitter-sweet smile as he waved his hand, signifying his departure without a word.

At that moment, the Right Dharma Protector also revealed a wry smile, exchanging a meaningful glance with several disciples, before following closely behind Situ Liuyun as they departed.

"How come you have nothing to say? Su Yi, tell me which rule of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords you violated!"

Elder Su took a seat directly on a large chair, leaning against its backrest. His gaze scanned the entire room with a cold demeanor, emanating fluctuating aura. His voice resounded like thunder.

The elders all wore bitter smiles, for they knew best that although Su Yi had acted more boldly within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, as long as he had not deliberately used deadly force against his fellow disciples, it could not be deemed a violation of the rules.

Moreover, the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is a place of tempering. Some of the rules are also leniently enforced for the disciples who enter. Although Su Yi has been somewhat audacious within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, the severity of such matters can vary greatly and it depends on how they are handled.

According to reason, even if Su Yi were to seize all the Dark Spirit Fruits, that would be a testament to his ability, and there wouldn't be much else to say.

As for the plundering of many inner disciples' space bags, such occurrences are not uncommon within the formidable Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Inner disciples plundering outer disciples' elixirs, and direct disciples plundering inner disciples' space bags, these are quite normal. However, in every previous Grand Swordsmanship Competition, no one has ever accomplished what Su Yi has done - plundering all the inner disciples and launching surprise attacks to plunder numerous direct disciples.

Yu Changqing, Shangguan Hu, Duan Yuerong, Mei Huaye, and other elders concealed their smiles and remained silent. It seems that some of these elders had intended to seize a few Dark Spirit Fruits while taking advantage of the situation, but they didn't anticipate Elder Su's sudden return. Now, they can only accept defeat.

"Is no one going to speak? It seems that you all have nothing to say!"

Elder Su's gaze swept across, his voice neither soft nor small, as he solemnly said, "From now on, you should refrain from letting your disciples act recklessly. If a disciple proves inadequate, it is up to us elders to take charge. This applies specifically within the Divine Sword School. If this were to happen outside, it would bring great shame upon the reputation of the Divine Sword School!"

The elders' gazes twitched, their faces turning pale and red, dignified as they were, being reprimanded at this moment, they had no power to argue back, and it seemed they dared not argue back either.

"My disciples from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak have not violated any sect rules, so there should be no need to trouble the sect leader with this matter!"

Observing the silence that filled the entire hall, Elder Su promptly stood up and turned to leave the main hall. At the same time, he said to Su Yi, "Let's go back first. In the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, there is nothing to fear. Whoever dares to bully you, a weaker individual, I will not hesitate to deal with them!"

Su Yi gazed at the Elder Su's petite figure at this moment, yet felt a sense of towering presence. A special sensation surged within his heart, leaving him speechless as he quietly followed behind him.

"Haha, it seems like I have nothing to do with this." Situ Muyang chuckled and left along with them.

The remaining elders and Dharma Protector exchanged glances within the hall, some still not fully recovered. No one dared to say much at this moment, as they looked at the figure with the petite silhouette.

Elder Bai Mingshan's eye twitched, his complexion appearing less than favorable with a fluctuation of pale and red colors.

"It's nothing, hehe."

Walking out of the hall, Situ Muyang leaned close to Su Yi's ear and whispered with a low voice, indicating that with the intervention of the Grand Tutor, there would be no trouble this time, and everything was fine.

"You, young man, are not bad at all. It wasn't in vain for you to spend so many years over there. It seems like it was time well spent!" Situ Muyang's whispered words naturally couldn't escape the ears of Elder Su. He immediately turned around, and gave Situ Muyang a faint glance, but there was a hint of concealed astonishment in his eyes.

How could Elder Su not perceive the cultivation aura emanating from Situ Muyang at this moment? With his age and cultivation level, such talent is truly rare on the entire continent!

"Grand Tutor, I will continue to strive, hoping to defeat this fellow, Su Yi..."

Situ Muyang smiled, displaying the expected innocence in front of Elder Su. However, when it came to defeating Su Yi, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of unease. The more he interacted with him, the more he realized Su Yi's eccentricities.

Unintentionally spoken, but keenly received, Elder Su's gaze subtly shifted, once again settling upon Su Yi.

Elder Su was quite familiar with Situ Muyang's arrogant personality, knowing that he never liked to admit defeat. However, from Situ Muyang's tone, it seemed that he harbored a deep sense of unease towards Su Yi. If it weren't for the slight difference in strength, Situ Muyang would not have shown such a submissive attitude.

Even at such a young age, Situ Muyang has reached the current level. Elder Su, although inwardly astonished, can understand. After all, the resources Situ Muyang has received since childhood are beyond ordinary imagination, and he has a solid foundation that ordinary individuals cannot compare to.

However, even though Su Yi is indeed older than Situ Muyang, leaving aside everything that Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others have mentioned, just Situ Muyang's attitude alone is enough to prove everything.

"Elder Su..."

In Elder Su's scrutinizing gaze, within the grand hall, a feminine voice resounded as Elder Duan Yuerong hurriedly followed suit.

"What's the matter?"

Elder Su maintained a composed expression, slightly lifting his gaze as he spoke to Elder Duan Yuerong. His attitude had improved considerably compared to before.

"It is like this, Elder Su. The Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak has a young girl, who is currently an outer disciple. However, her potential and talent are remarkably rare. I am considering taking her as a direct disciple. I would like to know your thoughts on this, Elder Su."

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