The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 513

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Chapter 513: Are You Bullying My Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak?

An Elder spoke up, who was Zhang Diyun's master. At this moment, he couldn't sit still, feeling ashamed that his esteemed direct disciple had suffered such a great defeat, and by the hands of Su Yi and Situ Muyang, these two young fellows. This brought embarrassment to his face as well.

Zhang Diyun felt deeply frustrated, and couldn't help but cast a helpless glance at Su Yi and Situ Muyang, who were standing not far away. How he wished that his defeat had truly been due to severe injuries. However, only he knew very well that he was at the peak of his powers and well-prepared, yet he had ended up being trampled upon.

Hmph, does he really need to be severely injured to be defeated? Even if it's just me alone, he won't gain any advantage!" Situ Muyang couldn't bear to watch any longer. It's just Zhang Diyun, are these elders really so dismissive of him and Su Yi?

Zhang Diyun's corner of the eye twitched, but he remained silent. He knew that Situ Muyang was speaking the truth. Even if he faced Situ Muyang alone, he indeed would not be able to gain any advantage. This young lad emerged from somewhere, so young in age, yet his strength was remarkably terrifying.

Observing the demeanor of Zhang Diyun and Situ Muyang, one could easily deduce the true situation. The elders present in the room were certainly not oblivious to this fact, as their eyes revealed hidden waves of emotions.

"Somebody is here, it must be the sect leader."

Outside the main hall, sensing the fluctuations of aura, the elders within the hall immediately stood up. It must be the arrival of the sect leader.


A fluctuation in aura, and a figure silently appeared within the main hall.

The figure was slender, with a slightly weathered face. His black hair was adorned with strands of silver, and his eyes were piercing.

"Elder Su... Elder Su..."

As they caught sight of the approaching figure, the elders and Dharma Protectors throughout the assembly hall momentarily froze in surprise. It was not the sect leader but Elder Su who had arrived.

Su Yi's eyes flickered, filled with astonishment, as before him stood none other than his lifesaving benefactor, Elder Su Kuangge of the Divine Sword School.

"Elder Su... "

Su Yi stepped forward and immediately bowed, finally returning to the Divine Sword School, where Elder Su was stationed.

"Do not worry, within my Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, no one can bully you!"

Elder Su turned around, interrupting Su Yi's words, but his gaze was fixed firmly upon Su Yi, shimmering with hidden brilliance.

"I pay my respect to Elder Su!"

"I pay my respect to Elder Su!"

Inside the hall, the elders displayed varied expressions and then proceeded to bow in reverence.

"I heard that you have brought people from my Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak to Sky Sword Peak, so I came to have a look." Elder Su's gaze shifted away from Su Yi, scanning the dozens of elders inside the hall. He spoke in a casual tone, but his facial expression betrayed a mix of emotions, with a hint of unpredictability, and his eyes glanced sideways.

"Elder Su, Su Yi did too much within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, plundering the sect members' space bags and launching surprise attacks on them. That is why I brought this matter for the sect leader's judgment."

Elder Bai Mingshan spoke up, his gaze subtly flickering, and asked Elder Su, "I heard that Su Yi is your newly accepted disciple. I wonder if it is true or not?"

"Whether or not he is my disciple is none of your business. When I take in disciples, it is not for you to interfere!"

Elder Su fixed his gaze directly on Bai Mingshan, emanating a powerful aura that instantly enveloped Elder Bai Mingshan. The intensity of this presence felt as if it could overturn the entire hall. His voice carried a chill as he said, "I heard that a disciple from your Fifteenth Sword Peak has been causing trouble on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. Your disciple lacks discipline. Have you lived this long in vain? Either you lack judgment, or you, Bai Mingshan, don't regard me, Su Kuangge, with respect. This is your only warning. If you continue to show disregard, don't blame me for I didn't warn you before I salp you!"

The voice was resounding and unapologetic, reflecting the firm stance of Elder Su.

The entire hall fell into a chilling silence, completely subdued by this aura. Zhang Diyun, Pu Hao, and other direct disciples and inner disciples trembled inexplicably. This presence was immensely powerful, not specifically aimed at them, yet it felt as though it could shatter their very beings.

Su Yi was also taken aback, completely astonished. Elder Su's domineering demeanor was truly overwhelming. He directly addressed the presumed Elder of the Divine Sword School, threatening to deliver a resounding slap.

Elder Bai Mingshan's complexion fluctuated between pale and flushed, yet he dared not utter a word.

"Hehe, Muyang pays my respect to Grand Tutor."

However, Situ Muyang was not intimidated; instead, he felt a sense of familiarity as if he had encountered a loved one. A smile instantly graced his face as he swiftly moved forward, towering over Elder Su by a head.

"You've grown so much, my boy. It's good to have you back. So, you've also gone to the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords?"

Upon seeing Situ Muyang, the countenance on Elder Su's face immediately softened. He reached out and gently patted Situ Muyang's cheek, his eyes filled with a hint of affection. Then, as if sensing something from Situ Muyang, a look of astonishment flickered across his gaze. He spoke, "Well done, well done."

"Grand Tutor..."

Su Yi was somewhat taken aback. Elder Su is Situ Muyang's Grand Tutor, and his status seems to be exceptionally high. No wonder the elders treat Elder Su with such distinct reverence.

"Welcome back. You've entered the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords and gained quite a lot," Situ Muyang chuckled mischievously.


Elder Su nodded, ignoring the looks of Elder Bai Mingshan. He then turned to the surprised Su Yi and Situ Muyang, and asked, "Within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, have either of you killed any disciples of the Divine Sword School?"

"No, absolutely not," Situ Muyang shook his head. He had never resorted to assassination, especially considering they were disciples of the Divine Sword School.

"No," Su Yi also nodded, affirming, "I have never targeted the disciples of the Divine Sword School for assassination."

"Alright, then just follow me back."

Elder Su nodded, indicating to Su Yi and himself to depart.

"Elder Su, within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi has taken all the Dark Spirit Fruits and hasn't left a single one for anyone else."

Upon seeing Elder Su intending to take Su Yi away, an elder gritted his teeth and spoke, "The Dark Spirit Fruits are of significant importance to the cultivation of this group of disciples, Elder."

"Yes, Elder Su, it is true that Su Yi had shown audacity within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. He plundered the space bags of numerous inner disciples, seizing both the space bags and Sword-patterned Stones belonging to many direct disciples. This has caused turmoil within the Battlefield and disrupted the order of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. We should wait for the sect leader's decision!"

Some elders also whispered in a similar manner, afraid to speak too loudly.

Elder Su's gaze turned cold as he swept over those elders who spoke up. Then, he let out a loud shout and said, "Are you elders of the Divine Sword School raised on excrement? The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is meant for honing skills. Your disciples are not a match, and yet you want the old ones like you to come out and protect the fledglings? Do you think my Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is easy to bully? Come on, tell me, which rule of the Divine Sword School did Su Yi and Situ Muyang violate? If you can't provide an answer today, I won't be polite to you. My Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak is not to be underestimated!"

The sound, resounding and deafening, was like a thunderous roar, shaking the entire hall, creating a buzzing reverberation.

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