The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 509

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Chapter 509: What on Earth Is Going On?

Xu Jiahui was nervous and uneasy, not only did her eyes gaze at Su Yi, but her body instinctively drew closer to him.

At this moment, Xu Jiahui's heart was indeed somewhat complicated. She knew her father's dream was to see her become an inner disciple of the Divine Sword School, and even more so, a direct disciple. If she were to become a direct disciple at this moment, it would be fulfilling her father's wish.

"Make your own choice."

Su Yi whispered softly in Xu Jiahui's ear, not expecting that so many elders would actually contend to take disciples.

However, considering Xu Jiahui's remarkable performance, Su Yi also had a clear understanding in his heart.

Moreover, Su Yi originally hoped that Xu Jiahui, Liu Ji, and others could receive more attention from the elders and Dharma Protectors.

Xu Jiahui collected her thoughts, hesitated briefly, and then respectfully bowed to the surrounding elders, saying, "Thank you, esteemed elders, for your kindness. However, I am still a disciple of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. I will make a decision after reporting to Elder Su upon his return."


Upon hearing this, Elder Shangguan Hu furrowed his brow in a somewhat helpless manner.

Elder Duan Yuerong's heart stirred secretly, just as this girl had refused her last time.

The elders present were quite surprised. If it were any other outer disciple, the elders would be competing to accept them as disciples, especially if they were a direct disciple. They would have probably been overwhelmed with joy and favor.

"Someone else has come out!"

"The time difference is too long, isn't it? I wonder if something happened over there?"

"It seems like they are still some outer disciples."

Finally, someone else emerged from within the spatial portal.

However, as each figure emerged, all of them being outer disciples, this inevitably perplexed the audience.

The gazes of the Elders and Dharma Protectors finally returned to the exit of the spatial portal, only to find that outer disciples were emerging once again. Their expressions were filled with bewilderment.

Situ Muyang and Su Yi exchanged a glance, concealing their amusement. It was evident that outer disciples were bound to emerge from the exit of the spatial portal. One must understand that the direct disciples and inner disciples would probably take some time before they reached the exit.

However, the Elders and Dharma Protectors standing aside became increasingly solemn. Thousands of outer disciples had walked out, yet not a single direct disciple or inner disciple could be seen. How could one not feel apprehensive?

"What about the direct disciples and inner disciples? Has something happened inside?"

An Elder stepped forward, unable to stay any longer, and approached an outer disciple who had just walked out of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, inquiring.

"Regarding the question, Elder, all the direct disciples and inner disciples, including those senior brothers and senior sisters, have gone to pursue Su Yi and Situ Muyang..."

Facing the Elder, those outer disciples were very anxious, their gaze fixed upon Su Yi and Situ Muyang, who were also on the square. Their eyes flickered as they conveyed the message to the Elder.

"Pursue Su Yi and Situ Muyang..."

Upon hearing this, the Elders and Dharma Protectors present couldn't help but feel surprised, their gaze involuntarily shifting towards Su Yi and Situ Muyang on the side.

To apprehend these two individuals, are all the direct disciples and inner disciples going to pursue Su Yi and Situ Muyang?

In that case, why did Su Yi and Situ Muyang still take the lead to come out?

"What exactly is going on? Provide a detailed explanation!"

The Elder spoke up, requesting to know the details.

Several outer disciples, trembling with fear, roughly explained the situation.

The general idea is that there are rumors that Su Yi and Situ Muyang have obtained all the Dark Spirit Fruits. There are also rumors that they have plundered the space bags of many inner disciples, leaving numerous direct disciples empty-handed and in despair.

In the end, all the direct disciples and outer disciples surrounded Su Yi and Situ Muyang, but for some unknown reason, Su Yi and Situ Muyang were the first to enter the spatial teleportation gate.

"Are you saying that all the direct disciples and outer disciples went to pursue Su Yi and Situ Muyang?"

Some elders simply couldn't believe it. With thousands of direct disciples and numerous inner disciples, what a formidable lineup it was! They all went to pursue Situ Muyang and Su Yi, but at this moment, it seems that Situ Muyang and Su Yi are completely unharmed.

Many outer disciples nodded in agreement, indeed all the direct disciples and inner disciples went together to surround Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

They are also puzzled now, wondering why Su Yi and Situ Muyang were the first to exit the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.


Upon learning all of this, all eyes instantly and electrifyingly landed on Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

"A direct disciple has appeared!"

"It's Gu Chenyou!"

"There's also Jian Shiyi, Nan Liran!"

"Zhang Diyun, Gong Qi, Ying Qianqian!"

At the same time, numerous voices could be heard from the square. Finally, within the spatial teleportation portal, the figure of a direct disciple emerged.

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

Extraordinary young figures flew out from the spatial teleportation portal, emanating impressive aura; they were none other than the direct disciples.

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

More and more direct disciples poured out from the spatial teleportation portal, with the number increasing steadily. Among the first ones to come out were those who ranked at the forefront of the Sword Tower.

A group of exceptional direct disciples walked out of the spatial teleportation portal, yet their gaze immediately scanned the crowd as they searched for something.

When the eyes of the entire audience turned to these direct disciples, they were all quite astonished. Each and every one of these direct disciples appeared disheveled, with disheveled hair, seemingly filled with anger on their faces.

"Boss Su Yi, the one ahead is Gu Chenyou, ranked fourth in the Sword Tower. South Li Ran, ranked seventh in the Sword Tower, and also Gong Qi and Ying Qianqian, ranked sixth and fifth in the Sword Tower, respectively..."

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others whispered to Su Yi, informing him about the identities of the emerging direct disciples.

Su Yi's gaze had long fallen upon those emerging direct disciples, whom he had almost glimpsed in the grand pursuit. Su Yi secretly assessed them, noting that Gu Chenyou, ranked fourth in the Sword Tower, appeared to be in his early twenties with a slender and well-proportioned figure. His eyebrows were sharp like a blade, and his eyes flickered with a crimson hue.

Nan Liran had a slender figure, dressed in a pale purple robe intricately embroidered with patterns of green silk flowers. His gaze was clear and bright, with slanting sword-like eyebrows and a handsome face.

What sets Su Yi apart is the woman known as Ying Qianqian, who possesses a captivating appearance and holds a distinguished rank in the Sword Tower. Being ranked fifth in the Sword Tower also signifies her formidable strength.

By Ying Qianqian's side, there is also a woman of similar age, her phoenix eyes shimmering with a green radiance, exuding exceptional beauty. She is Gong Qi, ranked sixth in the Sword Tower.

Su Yi still vaguely remembered that Gong Qi, when she manifested her Yuan Qi, seemed to transform into a flying cloud dragon colt, displaying astonishing speed during the grand pursuit.


From within the spatial teleportation gate, a white-clad young man leaped out, with a tall and upright posture, his black eyes shimmering with dazzling brilliance. As he emerged, the direct disciples by his side promptly cleared a path.

"That person in white is Yun Lingfeng, the second ranking in the Sword Tower, and a disciple of the Fifteenth Sword Peak!"

Upon seeing that white-clad young man, Zhang Qing's countenance changed secretly, and he whispered to Su Yi's ear in a low voice.

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