The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: Do You Like Me?

The inscription of "Fifteenth Sword Peak" caught Su Yi's attention, and his gaze followed to the white-clad young man. Being the second rank in the Sword Tower, this position alone was enough to indicate his natural talent and strength.

Undeniably, Su Yi's gaze fell upon Yun Lingfeng and truly sensed his remarkable temperament.

The aura emanating from Yun Lingfeng was subtly restrained, making it difficult to discern its true nature. However, the powerful fluctuations in his aura made it clear to Su Yi that this individual was undoubtedly not someone to be trifled with.

Suddenly, Su Yi felt the sensation of being closely watched on his person.

Following that invisible sensation, Su Yi's gaze turned towards the source, and instantly, a subtle change in his expression took place.

Su Yi caught sight of a familiar figure - with black hair tied up in a ponytail at the back of her head, delicate rosy lips, and a pair of clear and watery eyes. Beneath her orange attire, her graceful and slender physique outlined captivating curves. There could be no one else but Mu Yao.

Mu Yao emerged from the spatial portal, exuding an otherworldly and ethereal temperament that transcended the mundane affairs of mortal life. Like a celestial being descended upon the mortal realm, she attracted numerous gazes from the surroundings. Yet, in this very moment, her own eyes swiftly found Su Yi, fixing unwaveringly upon him.

If looks could kill, Su Yi would probably have died countless times by now.

"Su Yi is there, indeed he has emerged!"

"It is Su Yi and Situ Muyang who have undergone the calamity of transcending the heavens and earth. Perhaps they have obtained all the benefits, after all, they were originally on that mountain!"

As one of the direct disciples caught sight of Su Yi and Situ Muyang, the news quickly spread.

In an instant, gazes from all around fixated intensely upon Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

"Situ Muyang, Su Yi, your behavior is unacceptable! Hand over our space bags!"

"Su Yi, surrender the Dark Spirit Fruits, or else we shall not spare you!"

As they laid eyes on the figures of Su Yi and Situ Muyang, those direct disciples who had been robbed by them couldn't remain calm anymore.

They had been suppressing a lot of frustration and upset, and now it suddenly erupted, leading to an outpouring of collective indignation.

Furthermore, a direct disciple shouted loudly, demanding to obtain the Dark Spirit Fruits.

However, these direct disciples, although they clamored loudly, also knew of the dreadfulness of Su Yi and inexplicably felt a certain trepidation.

Even Zhang Diyun, ranking ninth in the Sword Tower, was defeated, causing no one to dare to truly stand out and become a target.

However, two individuals stepped forward, two enchanting women, walking out in unison.

In the gaze of the crowd, these two captivating women directly approached Su Yi and Situ Muyang, with a glimmer in their eyes and an aura emanating from their beings.

Stepping forward are none other than Ying Qianqian, ranked fifth in the Sword Tower, and Gong Qi, ranked sixth in the Sword Tower. With their eyes fixed upon Su Yi and Situ Muyang, Ying Qianqian spoke up, her eyes shimmering with a bluish brilliance. Her voice, akin to celestial melodies, carried an undeniable tone of insistence as she said, "We only require two Dark Spirit Fruits, as for anything else, it is of no concern to us. Otherwise, don't accuse us of taking advantage of the weaker party!"

As they gazed upon Ying Qianqian and Gong Qi approaching and listening to such words, the direct disciples in the surroundings fell briefly silent.

Even the group of astonished elders and Dharma Protectors on the side had not made any movements, all of them observing, as they were still unaware of the specific events that had unfolded.

On the contrary, Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing appeared quite anxious at this moment.

In front of them were two formidable entities, ranked fifth and sixth in the Sword Tower. If this were in the past, they wouldn't even have had the chance to catch a glimpse of them.

As they gazed upon Ying Qianqian and Gong Qi before them, Situ Muyang and Su Yi were also curiously scrutinizing them. Undeniably, these two women were truly remarkable.

"Dark Spirit Fruits? I don't have them. You have mistaken the person!"

Su Yi shook his head, regardless, he naturally couldn't admit to having the Dark Spirit Fruits on him.

"It seems that you've chosen to let me handle it myself!"

Su Yi listened to Gong Qi's words, her expression calm, but there was a surge of aura emanating from her. It was a warning and a threat. She would not believe Su Yi's words, otherwise this guy wouldn't have been running all this time.

Su Yi's gaze shifted, as he never liked being threatened, nor being looked down upon with such an arrogant demeanor, even though the woman was attractive.

Gazing at Gong Qi, Su Yi's lips curled slightly, a hint of a smile appearing on his face, as he said, "Are you fond of me, wishing to marry me? However, even if you were to marry me, I truly don't possess any Dark Spirit Fruits to offer you!"

Upon hearing Su Yi's words, everyone present was left speechless and in awe.

For any disciple of the Divine Sword School, daring to speak to Gong Qi in such a manner is not simply provocation, but outright flirtation, done so publicly no less.


In just an instant, as Su Yi's words fell, a surge of aura erupted, sweeping fiercely in all directions, causing the ground of the surrounding square to crack open directly.

Dazzling green light shone, mist filled the air, within the ground, waves of water surged out from beneath, intertwining with each other, instantly forming a colossal and ferocious shadow of a monstrous fish-beast. With its menacing jaws wide open, it lunged towards Su Yi, ready to bite.

The sudden turn of events left everyone in the vicinity, including Situ Muyang, momentarily bewildered.

However, no one was surprised that Su Yi, this fellow, actually dared to flirt with Gong Qi. Is he intentionally seeking trouble for himself?

In this very moment, beneath the bewildered gazes of many, Su Yi appeared to be prepared in advance, his figure moved with a slow but explosive motion, exhibiting an eerie and astonishing speed that left people astounded.


In the blink of an eye, Su Yi actually managed to dodge the monstrous fish-beast, swiftly maneuvering to arrive in front of Gong Qi. With a flick and a sudden movement of his right arm, a palm imprint was directed towards Gong Qi's face.


Gong Qi was momentarily startled, filled with surprise, but in the next instant, a delicate hum escaped her throat, accompanied by a surge of green light. She firmly decided to directly confront the attack with a palm strike.

But at that very moment, a wicked smile crept across Su Yi's lips, his outstretched right arm swiftly contracting. Then, his feet and the ground generated a series of illusory images as he spun at an unimaginable angle of 180 degrees. With his left arm extended and contracted, he pulled Gong Qi into the curve of his arm, exerting a powerful grip. In a soft voice near Gong Qi's ear, he said, "See, you say you don't like me, yet you're willingly throwing yourself into my embrace!"

Such a scene left the entire venue speechless, as Gong Qi remained embraced by Su Yi in such a manner.

Standing not far aside, Ying Qianqian stood there stunned, her mind momentarily lost in a daze. It seemed that this was completely beyond her imagination.

Gong Qi also froze, becoming somewhat dazed and stupefied.

"Bastard, I'm going to kill you!"

However, in just a fleeting moment of astonishment, Gong Qi let out a tender shout. She stamped her foot on the ground, causing a surge of energy to erupt from her body. With a brilliant green radiance, her right hand, imbued with fierce momentum, spun around as her elbow viciously collided with Su Yi.

"Are you feeling shy? We'll talk about it another time."

The fierce aura made Su Yi secretly change his expression, without showing any trace. However, he had already prepared himself and immediately retreated, swiftly leaping back as his foot tapped the ground.

"Bastard, I will not let you go!"

Gong Qi was furious, never before had anyone treated her like this, publicly harassing her and even laying hands on her, catching her completely unprepared in a moment of carelessness.

Gong Qi also never expected that despite his young age, that guy turned out to be a playboy.

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