The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 508

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Chapter 508: Contest for Disciples!


A group of stewards and senior disciples of the Divine Sword School, who were still in a state of astonishment and hadn't fully recovered, suddenly became dumbfounded. Can there really be such disciples among them?

"Register him first. Since he is a disciple of the Divine Sword School, let's count him as part of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak for now."

A voice came, and Elder Duan Yuerong walked over, nodding to Situ Muyang.

"Greetings, Elder." Situ Muyang, familiar with Elder Duan Yuerong, made a slight bow.


Elder Duan Yuerong nodded in agreement, then her gaze shifted towards Xu Jiahui, scrutinizing her with careful eyes.

"Come, let's tally up, shall we?"

Situ Muyang, with a smile on his face, took out several handfuls of Sword-patterned Stones from the space bag and placed them in front of the steward responsible for tallying the Sword-patterned Stones.


The gazes around, too, couldn't help but be startled and palpitate.

"The Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak's outer disciple, Situ Muyang, has forty-five Sword-patterned Stones!"

The announced steward's voice was noticeably abnormal.


"Forty-five pieces, how could there be so many!"

The elders present couldn't help but have their gazes abruptly change.

Although the elders almost all knew Situ Muyang's identity and had some knowledge of his background, forty-five Sword-patterned Stones undoubtedly left them somewhat astonished.


Situ Muyang was quite satisfied. As far as he knew, forty-five Sword-patterned Stones were definitely a considerable amount. His gaze then immediately turned admiringly towards Su Yi, signaling him.

Such a large quantity of Sword-patterned Stones, they were all the result of their united efforts and seamless cooperation.

Casting his gaze around, Su Yi noticed the changing expressions of the Dharma Protectors and elders nearby, confirming his expectations. Wang Fan and the others had successfully caught the attention of the elders and Dharma Protectors.

It was now Su Yi's turn. He calmly walked forward and, with an unhurried manner, retrieved the Sword-patterned Stones from his space bag.

"The outer disciple Su Yi from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, presenting fifty Sword-patterned Stones!"

The steward who announced the results had a completely trembling voice.

As this sound resounded, all the gaze in the surroundings immediately fixed upon Su Yi.


Many people secretly gasped in awe, causing their tongues to click in amazement!

"Forty-five, fifty..."

Eyes fell upon Su Yi, Situ Muyang, and others, as if witnessing something incredulous.

"Forty-five, fifty, fifteen, thirteen... all of them are outer disciples of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. The Sword-patterned Stones they have on them would account for half of all the Sword-patterned Stones in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!"

"They are all from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, and they are all outer disciples!"

"With just a few of them, they have already occupied half of the Sword-patterned Stones!"


Many people were left in awe and astonishment!

A group of elders couldn't help but furrow their brows as Su Yi, along with these few outer disciples, had already obtained so many Sword-patterned Stones. The number of Sword-patterned Stones on the others' bodies can only be imagined. Moreover, they all have direct disciples in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, which inevitably made them worry for the well-being of their disciples.

"This Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak seems somewhat extraordinary this time!"

With elders speaking up like this, the few disciples who came forward not only had Sword-patterned Stones on their bodies but were also from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, and even among the outer disciples of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

"My dear, I shall now accept you as my direct disciple. How does it sound to become my direct disciple?"

Elder Duan Yuerong quietly approached Xu Jiahui, her eyes still filled with a hint of restrained astonishment.

At this moment, how could Elder Duan Yuerong not sense the aura emanating from Xu Jiahui? A sixteen-year-old girl with the cultivation of the fifth stage of the Yuan Xuan Realm-such natural talent is truly remarkable.

When Yun Lingfeng, Liu Yunchuan, and others arrived at the Divine Sword School in the beginning, they were far from reaching such a level.

"Haha, little girl, you're quite impressive. How about joining my Twenty-eighth Sword Peak as my direct disciple?"

"Little girl, come to my Seventeenth Sword Peak and inherit my mantle."

"Come to my Nineteenth Sword Peak, little girl!"


With Elder Duan Yuerong's words, a large group of elders immediately gathered around.

Elder Duan Yuerong's actions, however, didn't escape their eyes.

Yu Changqing, Mei Huaye, Lv Baimai, and other elders, how could they not see the potential in Xu Jiahui? They have long been secretly observing her, all eager to take this underestimated disciple under their wing.

Xu Jiahui was stunned. She didn't expect that a group of elders would actually converge around her. Under the invisible pressure, she couldn't help but feel a bit nervous and unconsciously moved closer to Su Yi.

"Xu Jiahui, is your father Xu Chengyu?"

An elder stepped forward, with a visage displaying profound and attractive features. In his younger days, he must have been a handsome man, exuding a commanding aura without a hint of anger. It was none other than Senior Elder Shangguan Hu.

"Senior Elder, indeed my father is Xu Chengyu."

Xu Jiahui was greatly bewildered, as this was none other than an esteemed elder from the Court of Justice, who astonishingly knew her father.

"If I remember correctly, your father was once an outer disciple of the Divine Sword School, am I right?"

Senior Elder Shangguan Hu gazed at Xu Jiahui, and upon his majestic countenance, which typically bore an air of command, a smile emerged as he looked upon Xu Jiahui.


Xu Jiahui felt uneasy, being in such close proximity with the elder, especially considering that he was a senior elder of the Court of Justice. Not to mention, at the moment, they were surrounded by other elders, and the intangible aura around them was enough to make her shudder.

"When I hadn't come to the Court of Justice yet, your father was once an outer disciple on my Sword Peak. Originally, he had a great potential to become an inner disciple, or even a direct disciple. Unfortunately, he violated the sect's rules and lost the opportunity. Sending you to the Divine Sword School, it seems that your father put in a lot of effort and it is enough to prove his emotional connection to the Divine Sword School."

Senior Elder Shangguan Hu felt a tinge of regret, then looked at Xu Jiahui with a gentle gaze, and continued saying, "However, your father did have one consolation in his life, which is having such a remarkable daughter like you. How about this? You can become my direct disciple, fulfilling one of your father's wishes!"

"Elder Shangguan, are you trying to use emotional tactics to win people over?"

Elder Duan Yuerong glared at Shangguan Hu with disdain. It was clear that this fellow was trying to use emotional tactics to win people over. In her heart, she couldn't help but regret not directly accepting this young girl as her direct disciple back when they were on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. Now, reflecting on it, she couldn't help but feel a deep sense of regret.

Many elders around also had the intention of competing for her. This young girl was extraordinary and possessed astonishing talent. If they could recruit her as a disciple, it wouldn't take many years for her to be on par with Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng and be mentioned in the same breath as them.

Upon witnessing Senior Elder Shangguan Hu intervening in this manner, all the elders present couldn't help but feel regretful and let out a sigh. It seemed that this time Senior Elder Shangguan Hu was likely to reap a great benefit for himself.

"Elder Duan, I didn't mean that. Let the young girl make her own choice."

Senior Elder Shangguan Hu also smiled faintly and replied to Elder Duan Yuerong. In his heart, he secretly estimated that this was simply a heaven-sent opportunity. He had missed the chance with that boy Su Yi last time, but this time, wouldn't this young girl willingly become his disciple?

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