The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 501

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Chapter 501: This Time It's Going to Be a Big Trouble!

Tens of thousands of disciples from the Divine Sword School seemed to be united in anger, shaking the mountains and forests. Their aura converged together, creating an astonishing momentum. Such a scene was truly shocking.


Upon the midair, the silhouette of the Eight-winged Demon Python emerged. On its back, Mu Yao's complexion didn't look too good as she gazed at the distant figures of Su Yi and Situ Muyang ahead. She said, "Now, let's see where you two can escape to!"

"Not good, they have noticed us."

Situ Muyang's complexion turned somewhat pale, facing this multitude of disciples from the Divine Sword School. Even with absolute confidence in himself, he knew it was impossible to deal with so many people.

Su Yi didn't waste any time and raised his head, gazing at the empty space above. At this moment, even his complexion showed a slight hint of nervousness. He murmured under his breath, "It's time, come quickly, or else it will be a big mess!"


"Su Yi, this time there's no escaping for you!"

"See where you can run to!"


From all directions, the encircling figures draw closer and closer.

In the air, the densely-packed manifestations of Qi-formed beasts move even faster. Each of these beasts carries on its back a remarkable young disciple of the Divine Sword School.

At this moment, they stand united in enmity, their target being none other than Su Yi!

"The trouble is getting bigger, bigger..."

Situ Muyang could no longer trust Su Yi. The encircling disciples of the Divine Sword School have already reached the foot of the mountain and will soon ascend. This time, the trouble has indeed escalated greatly.

Unbeknownst to others, Su Yi's fists had silently clenched. He occasionally glanced at the sky, and a hint of determination began to well up in his calm expression.

In the early morning, the rising sun painted the sky with a dawning glow and scattered hues of morning clouds.

Suddenly, at an unspecified moment, the radiant morning glow gradually faded away, as a cluster of dark clouds silently emerged from nowhere, spreading out and imperceptibly shrouding the rising sun.

The ancient world immediately dimmed.

"Haha, you've come just in time!"

Su Yi smiled, releasing his tightly clenched fists, as a hint of amusement emerged on his face, causing the corners of his mouth to curve into a gentle smile.

"Boom..." In that instant, the void trembled inexplicably.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire world became incredibly oppressive in that very instant.

"What's going on..."

Situ Muyang sensed it, causing an unaccountable tremor to ripple through his heart and an inexplicable shiver to descend upon his soul.

The ancient demon beasts within this world seemed to have sensed something, and suddenly, a profound silence fell, rendering the myriad of creatures completely noiseless.

Those direct disciples, with their elemental Qi-transformed beast shadows beneath their feet, were also trembling at this moment, their speed greatly reduced.

"What's going on..."

And at this moment, disciples of the Divine Sword School also sensed it.

Especially those direct disciples with the most formidable strength, their gazes almost simultaneously turned towards the void.

Above the peaks of these mountains, the black clouds grew more and more numerous, becoming increasingly dense.

Unseen by anyone, just above Su Yi's head, a burst of blue and crimson radiance permeated the mountain peak. Within it, a radish the size of an infant's body appeared.

This is the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, just emerged from the mysterious space. At this moment, its densely packed fine tendrils are expanding and swaying in the wind, exuding a bluish-red hue. On top of its head are several palm-sized emerald green leaves, glistening and translucent. The ginseng emits a shimmering brilliance, revealing two lifelike eyes that gaze solemnly at the dark clouds in the sky.

"What's going on?" "It seems to be accompanied by a tremendous pressure!"

"What's wrong? What is going on here?"

The disciples of the Divine Sword School stood motionless in their tracks. This inexplicable commotion was accompanied by an intangible and astonishing pressure that spread, causing one's soul to uncontrollably tremble. Instantly, they dared not approach casually.

All eyes, involuntarily, turned towards the void, sensing the direction from which the commotion originated.

"Is that Su Yi, is he the one behind this mischief?"

As all gazes looked into the distance, sensing that astonishing aura, they directly suspected Su Yi.

The place from where that astonishing aura originated is precisely where Su Yi is located.


Above the void, thick black clouds billowed, and electric arcs quietly emerged, illuminating the dim heavens and earth.

In an instant, the world underwent a tremendous transformation. The entire sky was dominated by dazzling and striking thunderclouds, while an overwhelming pressure of thunderous might permeated from within.

"Oh no!"

In an instant, all the inhabitants and beasts in this ancient world couldn't help but feel a sense of unease and a chilling sensation creeping into their hearts.


The demon beasts within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords also sensed it, causing them to prostrate themselves as the roars of beasts echoed from afar.

Within the mountains and forests, there were fierce demon beasts with menacing coppery eyes, gazing afar into the boundless void, silenced like a freezing cicada, trembling all over.

"Thunderclouds, how can there be thunderclouds?" "Damn it, what is going on here?" "Did Su Yi do this?"

Countless trembling gazes were fixed upon the void, and figures involuntarily trembled.

Upon the illusory image of a four-winged Earthfire Beast, there stood a young man in his early twenties, possessing a standard and slender figure. His eyebrows were sharp, his nose was high, and his thin lips were tightly pursed. In this moment, his pair of jet-black pupils emanated a crimson glow as he gazed upon the distant thunderclouds in the void, with a gleam of light shining in his eyes.

"Thunderclouds, could it be that...?"

Upon the back of the Eight-winged Demon Python, Mu Yao's orange garments fluttered, her expression also underwent a significant change.

An ethereal white spirit horse shadow, with twin wings sprouting from its back, possessed a graceful posture, radiating a luminous glow. Atop it, there was a captivating woman with flowing black hair, her eyes shimmering with brilliance.

An immense butterfly shadow, with wings engulfed in electric arcs, fluttered as if bathed in lightning as it flew. Upon it, a young man with long, flowing black hair gazed at the shimmering lightning in the sky. In his eyes, there flickered a sharp brilliance.

"Have we encountered trouble?"

Situ Muyang exclaimed in astonishment. In that moment, they stood aside and could also sense the majestic aura of oppressive pressure, causing trembling nerves, hair-raising fear, and a restless soul.

"Zi la la..."

Atop the mountain peak, the thunderclouds grew increasingly dense, while the Blood Spiritual Ginseng emanated a shimmering aura of green and red. Standing proudly with its head held high, the verdant leaves on its crown suddenly expanded, exuding both a commanding presence and a tantalizing medicinal fragrance that, if smelled, would be enough to make one's mouth water.

"Chi la la..."

Soon, within the vast expanse of thunderclouds, brilliant lightning bolt after lightning bolt streaked through, connecting the heavens and the earth, descending directly upon the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, accompanied by an immense and majestic pressure.

The rumbling thunder echoed incessantly, with the Blood Spiritual Ginseng at its center, as if it were a volcanic eruption of lightning, boundless and inexhaustible. It surged crazily from all directions, descending into a frenzy!

This is a calamity, not ordinary lightning. It is a punishment bestowed by the heavens!

From all directions, this astonishing scene is enough to make one's hair stand on end and their soul stir with excitement.

"What is that? Run away quickly!" "Oh no, this is the first tribulation. There are celestial treasures or demon beasts crossing the tribulation!"

"Step back, quickly!"

"This is a calamity, not to be contaminated; it will attract karmic consequences. Retreat quickly!"

A loud shout resounded, and some disciples sensed clues.

That is a calamity, descending thunder and lightning. Whoever comes into contact with it, even if they don't die, will be tainted by karmic consequences.

"Retreat, retreat quickly!"

"Mother, flee quickly!"

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