The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 502

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Chapter 502: This Is a Great Stroke of Fortune!

Torrential thunder and lightning descended, traversing the vast expanse of empty space, rendering one breathless.

The frightening might of thunder struck fear into one's very core, causing a chilling sensation and making one's hair stand on end!

Upon hearing someone's vigorous shout, these disciples instantly snapped out of their astonishment and promptly fled in a frenzy.

Some disciples were terrified to the point of their legs turning weak, rendering their entire bodies feeble and limp.

The majestic aura of thunder and lightning carried the oppressive might of the heavens and the earth, seemingly poised to annihilate everything. In the face of such terror, these trembling disciples had no choice but to hastily retreat, scrambling and rolling away.

Shocked and panicked, they cried out for their parents and wailed in despair everywhere they went...

"Flee, flee quickly!"

"Help me, what on earth is going on!"

The sound of thunder, cries for parents, and shrieks of terror blended together instantly, resonating throughout this ancient realm.

The elemental manifestations of mythical beasts, rooted at the feet of these direct disciples, vanished completely with expressions of astonishment in this very moment.


As the thunder and lightning descended, Su Yi returned to the crevice, a rosy radiance emanating from his brow. The mysterious space was summoned, and he swiftly took refuge within its depths.

This is the Blood Spiritual Ginseng undergoing a renewed tribulation.

Surrounded by all the direct disciples of the Divine Sword School, Su Yi also recalled something. It was time for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng to undergo a renewed tribulation, so he decided to attract everyone's attention.

Su Yi didn't actually intend to seize the opportunity to kill these disciples of the Divine Sword School, but he had no other choice.

Moreover, considering the tribulation that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is undergoing, these disciples can easily flee. Su Yi's objective, on the other hand, is solely to successfully escape in the end.

Inside the mysterious space, Situ Muyang stepped in. Despite quickly entering the space amidst the astonishing and oppressive thunderous aura, he was still unsettled, his gaze fixed firmly on Su Yi. His throat tightened, rendering him unable to speak.

"Boss Su Yi!"

At this moment, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, and the others all regained consciousness. Just moments ago, they witnessed Su Yi suddenly entering and quickly leaving, leaving them perplexed.

However, at this moment, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and the others, their aura clearly surged once again compared to before consuming the Dark Spirit Fruits.

As Su Yi's gaze swept over, the aura of Liu Ji, Zhang Qing, and the others could not escape Su Yi's probing. The most astonishing was Xu Jiahui, who had now reached the fifth level of the Yuan Xuan Realm.

With Xu Jiahui's age, she has already reached the cultivation level of the fifth stage in the Yuan Xuan Realm, which is truly remarkable.

Su Yi still remembers that back in Man City, Ji Chao, with his exceptional talent as a King Grade in the Sacred Mountain, had only just reached the first stage of the Yuan Xuan Realm. In comparison, Xu Jiahui's current progress is truly terrifying.

However, Su Yi is well aware that Xu Jiahui's remarkable progress has far surpassed Ji Chao's achievements in the Scared Mountain. This is due to the influence of the mysterious space, the Spiritual Essence, and the Dark Spirit Fruits. How many people in this world have such opportunities to undergo consecutive transformations?

Su Yi speculated within his heart that once they exited the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Xu Jiahui would be capable of attracting the attention of the entire Divine Sword School.

Zhang Qing closely followed Xu Jiahui, already possessing a cultivation level of the fourth stage in the Yuan Xuan Realm.

On the other hand, Liu Ji and others have slightly weaker foundations, but they have also successfully broken through two stages and reached the Third Grade of the Yuan Xuan Realm.

Several individuals gazed at Su Yi, their eyes filled with gratitude.

They themselves are most well aware of what they have obtained, it is an opportunity and fortune that was unimaginable in their ordinary lives.

Not to mention that only a very small number of select direct disciples are able to obtain Dark Spirit Fruits, the Spiritual Essence is an even more unimaginably precious treasure.

All of this is because of the ragged, seemingly disheveled appearance of the young man before them, but with an aura of arrogance and wickedness. How could they not be grateful?

Because of this young man, they have undergone a profound transformation, altering their destiny through bone-cleaning and marrow-washing.

"Could it be that just now, it was the Blood Spiritual Ginseng undergoing a tribulation?"

At this moment, a startled and unsettled Situ Muyang finally regained his composure, still remembering that within this mysterious space, there was mention of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng undergoing a tribulation.

Moreover, just now Su Yi had entered this space, seemingly bringing something with him, very likely the Blood Spiritual Ginseng!


Su Yi nodded, seemingly unconcerned about those disciples from the Divine Sword School who surrounded him, but rather anxious for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

In the previous attempt, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng failed to overcome the initial tribulation. This time, it can start anew, but if it fails again, the consequences will be severe.

"So that's how it is, haha..."

Situ Muyang chuckled, finally completely understanding what Su Yi was up to.

It turned out that this fellow had already schemed it all out, attracting all the disciples of the Divine Sword School, ultimately leading the Blood Spiritual Ginseng to undergo its tribulation.

It is unlikely that those disciples of the Divine Sword School would have anticipated Su Yi making such a move.

In the face of the tribulation, no one can resist. They will likely tremble in fear, one by one, and can don'thing but hastily flee.

As Situ Muyang witnessed the chaotic retreat of those disciples from the Divine Sword School, crying out for their parents, and reflecting on the dramatic final scene that had just unfolded, his admiration for Su Yi grew even stronger when his gaze once again fell upon him. It was a profound and profound admiration, bordering on reverence.

Being surrounded by the disciples of the entire Divine Sword School, it seems that Su Yi has surpassed the predecessors of the Divine Sword School. Yet intentionally attracting all the disciples of the Divine Sword School, toying with them one by one, and finally making them cry out for their parents as they flee- who else could accomplish such a feat?


In this mountain range, large bolts of lightning constantly descend, shattering the surrounding peaks and destroying everything.

Surrounding the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, the lightning is at its most intense. One after another, thunderbolts with immense pressure crash upon the body of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, yet the seemingly delicate emerald leaves above its crown unleash an eerie power, directly resisting the onslaught.

The thunderstorms are rampant, with electric arcs wreaking havoc, densely enveloping the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

But at this moment, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng emanated a radiant glow, faintly exuding an aura of destructive majesty. This aura bore some resemblance to that within the mysterious space, capable of directly extinguishing the formidable power of these electric arcs, and subsequently devouring them.

Above the sky, rolling thunderclouds surged, as if provoked by something. A tremendously fearsome aura of thunderous might suddenly emerged, spreading throughout the celestial expanse!

All the disciples of the Divine Sword School have already retreated in all directions, with most of them crawling and rolling away in escape, fleeing far into the distance.

Eyes widened in horror, gazing at the terrifying thunderbolts descending, throats trembling, swallowing saliva, souls trembling. If one were to escape even slightly slower, one might have been charred to cinders by the lightning bolts.

Far away, atop the mountain peak, the Eight-winged Demon Python trembles intensely, prostrate on the ground, coiling and shivering, fear pervading its vicious gaze.

Mu Yao's eyes are stirred, gazing into the distant and ethereal void, her expression filled with astonishment. Even through the empty space, she can perceive the terrifying aura of thunderous oppression. She murmurs softly, "There are actually celestial treasures undergoing tribulation!"

Not far away, atop the mountain peaks, a gathering of many exceptional disciples from the Divine Sword School can be seen. Their gazes are fixed upon the distant thunderous spectacle, instilling fear and trepidation within their courageous hearts.

"There are celestial treasures or demon beasts undergoing tribulation, which is also an opportunity. Once those celestial treasures or demon beasts fail their tribulation, it will be our chance. Even if they successfully complete their tribulation, they will be extremely weak in the short term. This is a great opportunity, and once obtained, it will be a tremendous stroke of fortune!"

A remarkable young man spoke up, filled with astonishment, as his gaze ignited with fiery intensity.

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