The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 500

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Chapter 500: What Is Your Plan?!

Someone discovered the Wolf-headed Demon Bat and, from a distance, saw a figure on its back. Immediately, they all gathered around and chased after it.


Someone's vital energy transformed, as they stepped on the back of a flying beast and soared into the sky.

Someone's vitality transformed as they rode a fierce beast, traversing mountains and crossing ridges.

There were inner and outer disciples spectating the scene, exuding vitality as they traversed mountains and crossed waters, joining the crowd in surrounding and chasing after.

This night, the surroundings of the mountain range were destined to be anything but peaceful!


In the early morning, the soft light of dawn permeated the serene, verdant landscape, as milky-white clouds gracefully wandered among the mountains, while the sunrise poured its radiant hues over the vast peaks.

When the first ray of morning sunlight filtered through the crevice of the cliff and landed upon Su Yi's visage, he swiftly withdrew his hand seal. Waves of Qi undulated in his body, as he exhaled a breath, releasing it from his throat to his dantian. Gradually, he opened his eyes.

In a fleeting moment, a flash of crimson emanated from Su Yi's eyes, resembling a streak of red lightning. Soon after, it subsided, leaving behind a serene clarity. His qi trembled, causing his robe to flutter, before gradually settling into calmness.

Feeling the revitalization of his injuries in his body, almost fully restored, filled with vitality, and his soul brimming, Su Yi secretly breathed a sigh of relief, yet he couldn't help but worry about the situation of Wolfbat.


Situ Muyang also ceased his breath control and his breath gradually calmed down. His complexion regained some rosy hue, although his injuries had not fully healed yet.


In the midst of Su Yi's slight concern, there arose a deep beastly roar, followed by the appearance of the colossal figure of Wolfbat, enveloped in a crimson glow. A wave of sinister bloodlust descended as its massive body made its descent.

"Sir, many disciples from the Divine Sword School are rushing over."

Wolfbat opened its mouth, emitting a sinister aura of bloodthirstiness. The malevolent beast's body was adorned with flickering crimson lights, clearly bearing visible wounds and oozing fresh blood.

Last night, Wolfbat encountered a meticulously orchestrated ambush, wherein it was encircled and subjected to grievous afflictions, yet triumphantly managed to elude its assailants.

Su Yi's figure darted out, standing on a protruding boulder near the cliff crevice. His gaze extended far into the distance, where numerous small lights and shadows were approaching.

"Assist me, Muyang. And Wolfbat, to accompany me inside."

Su Yi swiftly leaped off the giant boulder, returning to the crevice of the cliff. His handprints solidified, radiating a gleaming aura from his brow, as hues of twilight shimmered and swirled. He summoned forth a mystical realm, leading Wolfbat into his mysterious space.

Situ Muyang felt utterly perplexed, still unaware of Su Yi's true intentions. Deliberately drawing everyone's attention, what could this fellow possibly be planning? Could he be preparing for a fierce confrontation?

Soon, there were fluctuations within the mysterious space. Su Yi's figure darted out, accompanied by a streak of green light that swiftly vanished in an instant.

Su Yi retracted the mysterious space, his figure once again leaping onto the protruding rock. He gazed ahead at the growing lights and shadows, with numerous ethereal animal forms drawing closer and closer.


The beast roars like thunder, and animal shadows multiply in all directions in the surrounding airspace. Between the mountains, numerous disciples of the Divine Sword School dart out, traversing hills and mountains, carefully searching.

"That Su Yi is hiding nearby, and this time we must not let him escape again!"

"That Wolf-headed Demon Bat has disappeared from this place, Su Yi must be nearby for sure!"


Conducting a thorough search throughout the mountains, all disciples of the Divine Sword School are searching for Su Yi.

With so many people besieging him, causing everyone to return empty-handed, there is no doubt that Su Yi has completely stirred up the wrath of the crowd.

The Dark Spirit Fruits and Sword-patterned Stones are irresistible temptations for the disciples of the Divine Sword School.

Today is the day when the exit of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords opens, and all the Dark Spirit Fruits are with Su Yi. This has made no direct disciple of the Divine Sword School willing to give up.

This time, as they enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, at least half of their objectives are to obtain the Dark Spirit Fruits.

Little did they know that in the end, not a trace of the Dark Spirit Fruits was seen by anyone. It was later discovered that Su Yi had actually managed to snatch all of the Dark Spirit Fruits on his own.

In the air and on the ground, all the direct disciples were diligently searching, determined to unearth Su Yi even if it meant digging three feet into the ground.

After yesterday's failed encirclement, many of the top-ranked direct disciples formed a tacit consensus. Su Yi, who possesses a Wolf-headed Demon Bat as his mount, cannot be surrounded by any individual alone and thus can only be dealt with by joining forces.

Therefore, under the guidance of these disciples, a well-planned encirclement was initiated, converging from all directions in a grand siege formation.

Thus, a vast net was cast from all directions, and now the time has come to close the net.

Both inner disciples and outer disciples, were also compelled to join in.

Of course, there were also very few inner disciples who were not proactive, as they all wished to find Su Yi and seek revenge.

"There are so many people, they will soon be searching this place!"

On the protruding rocks in front of the cliff crevice, offering a wide view, Situ Muyang arrived by Su Yi's side, his gaze fixed upon the encircling team that was drawing closer, his expression growing increasingly solemn.

Situ Muyang glanced sideways at Su Yi, observing him closely, only to discover that Su Yi had an unconcerned countenance, as if he had no worries at all.

Su Yi, unruffled by the wind, gazed ahead, observing the multitude of figures that were diligently searching. A hint of amusement lingered in his eyes, acknowledging the tenacity of these individuals. They seemed determined to persist until they successfully cornered him.

"Do you really have a solution? They are probably about to search this place soon."

Situ Muyang cast a disdainful look at Su Yi, truly perplexed as to what tricks Su Yi had up his sleeve.

"Rest assured, no matter how quickly they arrive, we will escape even faster."

With a mysterious smile, Su Yi lifted his gaze and looked towards the sky. In his calm eyes, there was a subtle trace of hidden nervousness.

"If we can't escape, they certainly won't spare you, at least not in the first place."

Situ Muyang felt helpless, unable to fathom how Su Yi could possibly find a way to escape. At this point, even if they wanted to break free, it seemed impossible. They could only wait in silence for Su Yi to reveal his true intentions and discover what tricks he had up his sleeve.

"Search, it must be in there!"

The dense and numerous figures were getting closer and closer, the encirclement was getting smaller, approaching the mountain peak where Su Yi and Situ Muyang were located.

The crowd was in an uproar, for the mere mention of the name Su Yi was enough to make many disciples tremble in fear.

However, at this moment, with so many people present, nearly tens of thousands of disciples from the Divine Sword School on the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords have joined the encirclement. This has undoubtedly boosted everyone's courage.

No matter how strong Su Yi is, can he really contend against all the disciples of the Divine Sword School?

"Su Yi, Situ Muyang, they are right there..."

Suddenly, on the ferocious silhouette that materialized from spiritual energy in mid-air, disciples of the Divine Sword School noticed two figures from a distance. That was their current target.

"Su Yi, Situ Muyang, they are there!"

"Finally found them, they are there. Hurry, pursue!"


Eyes followed one after another, immediately the crowd burst into excitement and surged forward. They had finally found their target.


"Swoosh swoosh......"

In an instant, the beast's roar thundered, reverberating and shocking the heavens. Manifesting as ethereal forms, numerous animal silhouettes moved in unison.

Amidst the mountains and forests, figures emerged, enveloped in vibrant spiritual energy. Their footsteps swiftly grazed the ground, executing agile body movements with utmost dedication, converging upon Su Yi and Situ Muyang in an attempt to surround them.

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