The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 499

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Chapter 499: Unprecedented

For a moment, within the dense forest, figures darted and leaped among the mountains, emanating a powerful aura.

The ethereal shadows of Qi-transformed demon beasts roared, shaking the mountains and wilderness!

In the half-filled sky, winds surged and clouds billowed, magnificent in all directions!

All of this, only to blockade Su Yi.

Such a scene leaves one speechless.

"Su Yi will find it impossible to escape now!"

"All surrounded him, and yet he thought he could escape unscathed by riding a demon beast as his mount. How misguided, thinking cleverness would save him."

"This young man has managed to unite all the direct disciples to surround him, making him the unparalleled figure in the history of the Divine Sword School!"

"As for future contenders, it remains unknown, but he is without a doubt unprecedented in his abilities!"


Many outer and inner disciples down below the earth were left astounded, unable to participate in the siege, only able to watch the spectacle with awe.

"We must intercept that young man, so detestable!"

"Having actually plundered all of us, we absolutely cannot let him go!"


Each inner disciple, one by one, was infuriated to the point of itching teeth, consumed by intense resentment.

As soon as they entered the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi completely raided them, leaving them empty-handed. Throughout this month in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, they hid and suffered, in a sorry state, unable to make any progress. How could they not be furious?


The Wolfbat roared, emitting a pervasive crimson mist that blanketed the surrounding vast expanse of emptiness, its aura ominously seeping into the very depths.

The blood mist churned, akin to towering waves in a tempestuous sea, its surging malevolent aura permeating the nearby void.

At this moment, Wolfbat exerted its utmost efforts, reaching a pinnacle of speed, maneuvering amidst the multitude of animal silhouettes, momentarily rendering them confounded in their surroundings.

As the day grew darker, the moon began to rise, illuminating the sky.


The moonlight enveloped, radiantly adorning Wolfbat's figure, invisibly connecting them together.


At this moment, the aura emanating from the Wolf-headed Demon Bat imperceptibly began to intensify, as if the energy that had been depleted along the way was gradually replenishing, and the decelerated pace was once again restored.

"The Wolf-headed Demon Bat possesses natural talents that make it even more formidable during the night."

Situ Muyang also sensed that this was the natural talent of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, making it significantly more formidable than demon beasts of the same rank, especially during the night.

However, those direct disciples who had been constantly besieging Su Yi had incurred considerable exhaustion.

Under the principle of "one party's gain is the other party's loss," Wolfbat took advantage of the situation and successfully broke free from the encompassing forces.

Although there are still some direct disciples surrounding him, with Wolfbat's speed, the threat is already minimal.

"How perilous it was! Wolfbat demonstrated tremendous bravery!"

Situ Muyang breathed a sigh of relief. In these nearly two hours, it had been heart-pounding and he had never been surrounded by so many people before.

"Continue towards the exit!"

Su Yi spoke, a hint of a enigmatic smile curling at the corner of his mouth, his gaze fixed upon the ground below, as if searching for something.


The surrounding beast roars had become increasingly distant, completely evading the encirclement of the direct disciples, while leaving the Eight-winged Demon Python far behind.

However, Su Yi knew that this kind of evasion was only temporary, those direct disciples would never give up.

Of course, Su Yi had no intention of completely getting rid of those direct disciples.

The moon hung high in the sky, casting its silver brilliance upon this ancient realm, illuminating the heavens and the earth.

In the cascading moonlight, resembling flowing water, the contours of the mountains and gorges are distinct, with the shadows of trees swaying gracefully.

The Wolfbat exuded an aura of pulsating crimson hues, radiantly intertwining with the moonlight, emitting a resplendent luminosity.

Far away, distant mountain ranges emerge, winding and meandering, resembling a slumbering dragon in the midst of the night.

Mountain ranges span across, seemingly dividing the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, with surrounding peaks encircling, shrouded in swirling clouds and mist.

"That's the place, the very spot where the entrance to tomorrow unfolds."

Situ Muyang spoke, "Within those mountain ranges lies the place where the entrance opens."

"Wolfbat, proceed towards that location."

Su Yi surveyed the surroundings, then pointed towards a cluster of peaks not far away.

There, ancient trees reach towards the sky, verdant and lush, shrouded in a hazy mist.

Wolfbat extended its wings, plunging into the midst, its sanguinary silhouette engulfed amidst the majestic peaks.


"Chase, the exit is up ahead, that guy won't escape!"

"Where else can he escape to? Chase him!"

In the night, a passionate fervor permeates everywhere, with an overwhelming aura.

The direct disciples, who had been left far behind by the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, had never given up. The temptation of the Dark Spirit Fruits and Sword-patterned Stones has an irresistible allure to everyone.

In the darkness, the Eight-winged Demon Python exudes a black radiance, appearing faintly in this nocturnal setting.

"See where you can escape to!"

Mu Yao's countenance, however, was somewhat unsightly, unexpectedly allowing that fellow to escape.

The mountain peaks stretch endlessly, with each mountain rising precipitously, reaching up into the heavens.

On the highest peak, peculiar rocks stand tall, with a cliff crevice splitting open resembling a colossal axe cleaving through. Ancient trees surround the area, densely packed and towering skyward.

Even more peculiarly, most of the surrounding mountain peaks are swallowed by clouds and mist, leaving only the mountain summits, creating an illusion of stepping into a fairyland.

In the crevice of the mountain peak, Su Yi, Situ Muyang, and Wolfbat converged their essence, concealing themselves within.

"What are we doing here? It would be very troublesome if someone were to chase after us."

Situ Muyang had already surveyed the surrounding environment. This place has the highest terrain, making it more difficult for others to ascend.

However, if all those direct disciples were to come running over, it would truly be an inescapable predicament. If they were to be surrounded, even Wolfbat would be unable to make his escape.

"I'm afraid they won't come."

Su Yi smiled slightly, his eyes sparkled for a fleeting moment. He gathered a pile of withered branches and fallen leaves around, tightly bound them with vines, and fashioned two scarecrows. He fastened them securely onto the back of Wolfbat and then instructed him, "Go around and attract some attention. After daybreak, there's no need to hide, simply return to this place directly."


Wolfbat responded with a fierce roar, spreading its wings and departing, gaining even more power under the moonlit night.

"What do you ultimately intend to do?"

Situ Muyang, filled with astonishment, couldn't help but notice that Su Yi was not only not avoiding it, but rather deliberately seeking to attract everyone's attention.

"Tomorrow we will know, but for now, let us take a moment to meditate and focus. Tomorrow might bring a busy day."

Su Yi, with a tranquil expression, calmly inserted several healing pills into his mouth. He then proceeded to sit down on the ground, cross-legged, engaging in deep breathing and meditation, without any fear of revealing his identity.

Situ Muyang, puzzled and wearing a face full of confusion, felt a certain uneasiness within his heart.

However, Situ Muyang, having some understanding of Su Yi's character, chose to trust him. At least for tonight, Su Yi, this individual, had the potential to play a prank on all the direct disciples.

"These unfortunate direct disciples..."

Contemplating the direct disciples chasing after the two straw figures, Situ Muyang suddenly felt a pang of sympathy for those direct disciples.

Having injuries on his body, Situ Muyang immediately resumed his healing breath exercises, without much time to show concern for others.


"This is that Wolf-headed Demon Bat!"

"It's Su Yi and that Situ Muyang, the Dark Spirit Fruits and Sword-patterned Stones are right on them!"

"Where do you think you can escape!"


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