The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 498

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Chapter 498: The Deviousness of a Woman's Heart!

Immediately thereafter, numerous animal silhouettes rose into the sky from all around.

With four wings spread wide, a crimson-hued exotic creature exuded a formidable aura.

Possessing a white spirit horse, adorned with a pair of wings upon its back, the creature displayed graceful agility and emitted a radiant glow throughout its entire being.

A colossal butterfly, its wings shimmering with arcs of electricity, fluttered, giving off an aura akin to the brilliance of lightning with every beat of its wings.


In an instant, hordes of demon beasts ascended into the sky, emerging from all directions.

Every demon beast is a manifestation of condensed vital energy, vibrant and lifelike.

Upon the backs of these shadowy creatures, there were young men and women treading with remarkable elegance, exuding formidable presence.

"Four-winged Earthfire Beast, Flying Cloud Dragon Foal, Thunderous Sky-shattering Butterfly..."

Situ Muyang's expression changed significantly as he observed each and every lifelike manifestation of vital energy beasts, all of them exceedingly mighty, not far behind his Dark Phantom Falcon in power.

The figures on those lifelike manifestations of vital energy beasts were also evidently formidable.


From all directions, the soaring silhouettes of beasts, brimming with immense power, rose into the sky and besieged Su Yi.

"Let's see how you escape this time!"

On the back of the Eight-winged Demon Python, Mu Yao revealed a smile, her delicate and tender lips pursed. Though young in age, she had already bloomed into a breathtaking beauty.

"Oh no, trouble has arisen. That little girl did it deliberately to attract all the direct disciples. What do we do now?"

Situ Muyang finally realized what was happening. That woman did it intentionally, causing a great commotion, in order to lure the nearby direct disciples and powerful experts to besiege Su Yi and him.

"Wolfbat, evade them!"

Su Yi's eyes deepened secretly, sweeping across the surroundings. Although the direct disciples who had condensed their elemental energy and manifested their forms from all directions were formidable, this was the mid-air after all. Their speed might not necessarily be as fast as Wolfbat's, and their consumption would also not be insignificant.


The Wolfbat emits a deep and resounding roar, its eyes gleaming with ferocity. It has just undergone a transformation, breaking through its limits. Can it be that its speed is not inferior to these ethereal and vibrant apparitions? It spreads its wings and moves forward, its sinister aura filling the void. As the surrounding animal shadows rush to encircle it, it skillfully evades, already far away.

"Su Yi, there is nowhere to escape!"

"Hand over the Dark Spirit Fruits and Sword-patterned Stones, otherwise you won't be able to escape!"


In an instant, this ancient realm trembled.

The roaring of beasts and the thunderous shouts converged, deafening and reaching up into the sky!

A breath of air swept through, pervading the vast sky!

In no time, a vibrant creature took shape and soared into the sky, emerging from the mountains and forests to join the ranks surrounding Su Yi.

The Wolfbat, known for its exceptional swiftness, is currently greatly impeded by the multitude of ethereal creatures materializing from all directions, causing a significant reduction in its velocity.

Fortunately, with the current velocity of Wolfbat, although it has significantly decreased, it is still able to evade the multitude of beastly figures from all directions.

A silhouette of a black hunting eagle, emanating a dark glow, dashed swiftly.

On the back of this black falcon, there stood a young man in his twenties with well-defined facial features and a cold expression on his face. Clad in a fitted black combat suit, he appeared before Wolfbat with a gray cape fluttering behind him. He gazed at Su Yi and declared, "Let the battle continue!"


The Wolfbat gracefully flaps its wings, drawing a smooth arc in mid-air, effortlessly evading.

"No battle!"

Su Yi waved his hand and departed, displaying a graceful departure.

"Do you know that guy? He seems quite strong."

"Jian Shiyi, ranked fifteenth in the Sword Tower, was defeated by me back then. It seems he's still a bit resentful!" Su Yi chuckled, unexpectedly encountering this fellow Jian Shiyi once again.

"Not good at all, more and more people are catching up!"

Situ Muyang was not surprising. Jian Shiyi is only ranked fifteenth in the Sword Tower. Zhang Diyun, who is ranked ninth, is not even a match, not to mention Jian Shiyi. However, as he gazed around and witnessed the increasing number of ethereal beasts taking shape, he started feeling a sense of unease.

Su Yi's gaze also focused, there were indeed numerous direct disciples of the Divine Sword School, totaling in the thousands.

To become a direct disciple, they all possess cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm and are capable of manifesting elemental transformations.

Those who generally choose to manifest elemental transformations are flying demon beasts, so I'm afraid at least half of the direct disciples who manifest elemental transformations are flying demon beasts.

The total number of those individuals amounts to at least thousands.

If thousands of direct disciples who have manifested elemental transformations were to surround and encircle, even if the Wolf-headed Demon Bat is swift, it would likely be unable to evade.


The beastly roars thundered, as more and more elemental transformation shadows emerged from all directions, shaking the heavens.

The Wolfbat is faced with increasing challenges, on several occasions it finds itself cornered, perilously close to being surrounded.

"Su Yi, you cannot escape, even if you sprout wings, you won't be able to fly away!"

While the Eight-winged Demon Python took the opportunity to catch up, enveloped in a dark radiance, Mu Yao spoke with a smile adorning her delicate countenance.

Mu Yao, filled with a sense of pride, looked at everything she had caused, knowing well that Su Yi, that cunning lad, couldn't escape from the palm of her hand.

"That little girl is too sinister!"

Situ Muyang turned his head to look at Mu Yao on the back of the Eight-winged Demon Python that had caught up, casting a distant gaze filled with intense indignation.

"The most poisonous is a woman's heart, in the future, when you grow up, you must be more cautious. The more beautiful a woman is, the more toxic she can be."

Su Yi said, "This woman is so sinister at such a young age, and it will only worsen as she grows older. I underestimated her."

"Is that so? Then, if you were to marry in the future, would you seek out someone ugly? The uglier they are, the more you would like them?" Situ Muyang asked Su Yi, somewhat puzzled.

Su Yi cast a fierce glare at Situ Muyang and retorted with annoyance, "What does a little kid like you understand!"

"Isn't that what you said..."

Situ Muyang pursed his lips and gazed at the increasing number of ethereal beasts manifesting from all directions. He said to Su Yi, "We should quickly come up with a solution, or else it will truly become troublesome!"

Su Yi pondered, surrounded from all sides by direct disciples closing in on him. He found himself in a difficult situation, unable to extricate himself. Even if he wanted to evade at this moment, there was simply no way.

"There will definitely be a solution!"

Su Yi contemplated, and after a moment, suddenly, a glimmer of light flickered and vanished in his eyes, while a hint of a smile curled up at the corners of his mouth.

"Come on, the more the merrier. If they want to scheme against me, let's see who handles whom in the end!"

Su Yi smiled, with a glimmer of amusement in his eyes, gazing at the now sun-setting landscape, the approaching dusk painting the sky in shades of orange. He instructed Wolfbat, saying, "Head towards the exit."

"What solution have you come up with? Speak up," curiosity piqued Situ Muyang.

"You'll find out when the time comes." Su Yi smiled without saying a word, almost forgetting one thing.

The setting sun descends, its fading rays resembling blood, shrouding this ancient land.


Beasts roared thunderously all around, as countless ethereal silhouettes of transformed creatures hovered in the sky, their presence reaching towards the heavens!

Thousands of creature shadows, thousands of figures, and thousands of direct disciples of the Divine Sword School, stepping on transformed creature shadows, all surrounding Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

This was undoubtedly the most united occasion among all the direct disciples of the Divine Sword School, without any need for coordination, they all wholeheartedly surrounded Su Yi.

These are just a portion of the direct disciples. There are still some direct disciples who, although having formidable cultivation strength, are unable to fly due to the inability to condense transformed creature shadows of Qi. They can only leap and follow on the ground.

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