The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 497

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Chapter 497: Adversarial Girl!

"Do not be careless."

The benefits that the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats obtained this time, stepping into the sixth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm, made Su Yi feel that the Wolf-headed Demon Bat is probably not too far from reaching the seventh level of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

With the flight speed of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, it is indeed a considerable advantage, but one must not be careless.

Su Yi estimated that among the direct disciples, those ranked at the forefront are likely to be quite remarkable, each possessing their own methods. One must not be careless.

"From now on, I will call you, Wolfbat," Su Yi said to the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.


The Wolfbat responded with a mighty roar, spreading its wings and emanating a crimson glow. The aura of bloodthirst filled the air as it moved with astounding speed.

Considering the speed of the Wolfbat, there is no need to wait until tomorrow; it won't take long to reach the location of the exit.

Su Yi began to contemplate, as once they reach the exit, it will mark the beginning of their troubles.

And both the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the Wolfbat have gained benefits within the mysterious space, with boundless prospects ahead. It remains uncertain whether they can be brought out.

"When the exit opens, if we forcefully break through, will there be a chance?" Situ Muyang asked Su Yi.

"Someone is coming..."

As soon as Situ Muyang's words fell, Su Yi's gaze suddenly lifted and shifted towards the rear.


A thunderous beastly roar, accompanied by a surge of dark radiance emerging from behind, drawing closer gradually.

Upon closer observation, it revealed a peculiar and enormous exotic beast, resembling a dragon-like creature, adorned with eight wings on its back. Although it lacked claws underneath, its entire body emanated a shroud of darkness. Its ferocious eyes emitted a chilling light, instilling fear in one's heart. Its aura was fierce and menacing, while its large blood-filled mouth emitted a gust of sinister energy.

"It is that Eight-winged Demon Python, and there are people on top of it."

Situ Muyang's gaze also turned and fixated on the rear, where the fierce and monstrous creature happened to be the Eight-winged Demon Python that had recently battled with the Wolfbat.

Su Yi's gaze merely swept over the Eight-winged Demon Python, and then his pupils slightly contracted as his eyes landed on a figure atop the back of the Eight-winged Demon Python.

That figure was graceful, clad in an elegant orange attire, young, with delicate rosy lips and clear bright eyes. Underneath the orange garment, her physique exuded a graceful and slender allure.

"It is her..."

Su Yi's expression changed as he secretly remembered this girl. When he was about to leave the Divine Sword School, he had encountered this girl because of the young Ninth Nether Demon Sneak. She had impressive cultivation and they had even fought against each other.

"Seems to be a woman, do you know her?"

Observing the expression on Su Yi's face, Situ Muyang inquired.

"Not exactly acquainted, but our paths have crossed in unfortunate circumstances!"

With a helpless smile, Su Yi could only recall that the girl referred to herself as Mu Yao. However, this was unquestionably a case of acquaintances crossing paths in unfortunate circumstances. It was bewildering how she had managed to tame the Eight-winged Demon Python. Now that she was catching up, it was unlikely to bode well.

In our previous encounter, neither victory nor defeat was determined.

However, Su Yi was well aware of the girl's formidable strength. Although Su Yi had not exerted full force in their previous encounter, even during this period, he had made several successive breakthroughs.

But Su Yi was also aware that, just like last time, the girl had not truly exerted her full power. Moreover, from the current situation, the fact that Mu Yao was able to tame the Eight-winged Demon Python at the peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm also demonstrated her strength.

"Su Yi, our previous battle has not yet concluded. How about another battle now?"

Upon the back of the Eight-winged Demon Python, Mu Yao spoke, "After searching for such a long time, I have finally found this fellow."

"Should we deal with a little girl first? Perhaps she has Sword-patterned Stones on her."

Situ Muyang was somewhat eager to try. This was an opportunity that had presented itself. It seemed that the girl was quite remarkable, and it was highly likely that she possessed Sword-patterned Stones.

Su Yi cast a disdainful glance at Situ Muyang, as the small inner demon within him seemed to have fully awakened. Even though she was just a little girl, Mu Yao appeared to be even more mature than this fellow.

"This woman is not easy to deal with. It would be better to avoid her."

Shaking his head, Su Yi said to Situ Muyang, "If this fellow knew Mu Yao's true power, he probably wouldn't speak in such a manner."

Immediately, Su Yi instructed the Wolfbat to fly at full speed. Now was not the time to engage with that woman, as any confrontation could potentially attract nearby disciples.


The Wolf-headed Demon Bat responded, flapping its wings, emitting a gleaming crimson radiance, and its speed instantly skyrocketed.

"Do you think you can escape? Chase after them!"

On the back of the Eight-winged Demon Python, Mu Yao's complexion changed. Her black hair was tied up behind her head, with strands gracefully swaying, adding a touch of wild beauty, urging the Eight-winged Demon Python to chase with all its might.

The pitiful Eight-winged Demon Python recognized Su Yi, who was on the back of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat. It still vividly remembered the fear it had experienced, but at this moment, it had no other choice but to flap its wings with all its might and give chase.

"Su Yi, you cannot escape!"

Intermixed with her vital energy, a voice emanated from Mu Yao's mouth, resounding through the air. Surprisingly, her master believed that this young man was extraordinary. She mentioned that there will always be someone better, but could it really be this young man? If it weren't for her master's summons last time, she would not have left either.

Upon arriving at the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Mu Yao had been searching for this fellow all along. It was rumored that this individual still possesses a considerable amount of Sword-patterned Stones, and most importantly the Dark Spirit Fruits that she desires. This makes it all the more imperative not to let him slip away.

However, despite the swift pace of the Eight-winged Demon Python, it was unable to catch up to the Wolfbat.

At the same level of hierarchy, purely in terms of speed, the Eight-winged Demon Python and the Wolf-headed Demon Bat were originally quite similar.

However, this Eight-winged Demon Python was previously severely injured by Su Yi, and it still carried wounds on its body in the short term.

While the Wolf Bat, on the other hand, was different. Not only did it fully recover from its injuries, but it also gained tremendous benefits. It underwent the Refining of Bone and Marrow, advanced trough the sixth level of the Demonic Spirit Realm, and even reached the seventh level of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

Therefore at this moment, in terms of speed, the Eight-winged Demon Python simply cannot catch up to the Wolfbat.

Just a moment later, under the Wolfbat's full acceleration, the Eight-winged Demon Python had already been left far behind.

"Su Yi, if you've got the guts, don't run away. You wicked beast, face your retribution swiftly."

Mu Yao's delicate rosy lips pouted in anger as she angrily stomped her foot against the Eight-winged Demon Python.


The Eight-winged Demon Python felt helpless and deeply distressed. It was also astonished at how fast the Wolf-headed Demon Bat had become. It seemed that its cultivation had greatly surged, and despite giving its all, the python simply couldn't catch up.

"Su Yi, where are you running? You cannot escape!"

As she watched the receding silhouette of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, Mu Yao's gaze suddenly flickered, and a hint of a smile appeared on her pouting face. With a voice infused with vitality, she exclaimed loudly.

"Su Yi, you cannot escape!"

"Hand over the Dark Spirit Fruits and Sword-patterned Stones."


The voice imbued with vitality, erupted from Mu Yao's lips like thunder. It reverberated through the emptiness of the void and echoed within the dense mountain forest.

"Haha, that little girl must be infuriated, but unfortunately she can't catch up with us at all."

Situ Muyang burst into laughter, knowing that at the current speed of the bat, the Eight-winged Demon Python wouldn't be able to catch up at all.

"She's not infuriated, she's doing it on purpose."

Su Yi forced a bitter smile, his expression turned dark. That woman was too sinister.




Suddenly, as Su Yi's voice fell, from within the dense forest of the mountains below, emerged a resounding roar of a beast accompanied by a surge of swiftly ascending energy.

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