The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: Inspecting the Harvest!

The radiance on Su Yi gradually converged, and a fleeting glimmer of crimson flickered in his eyes, returning to depths of profoundness. The pallid complexion of Su Yi regained its rosy hue.

Sensing the condition within his body, Su Yi's expression was far from relaxed. He had consumed numerous medicinal pills for healing, and his injuries had only partially improved, far from being fully restored.

If someone were to know Su Yi's condition at this moment, they would surely be astounded.

Having suffered such severe injuries, in just one day and one night, Su Yi had already recovered to a great extent, yet he remained unsatisfied.

Any other person under normal circumstances, even with exceptional talent, would take at least ten to fifteen days to recover to such a substantial extent.


Feeling the fluctuation of Su Yi's aura, Situ Muyang also paused his breathing exercises and a touch of rosy color bloomed on his complexion, no longer pale. However, compared to Su Yi, his situation was considerably worse.

"Is the time for us to go out approaching?"

Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi, his eyes filled with a touch of admiration.

"It should be tomorrow, but there is only one way out."

Su Yi furrowed his brow slightly, calculating the time, and concluded that the exit would open tomorrow.

Before entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi also learned about the situation regarding the exit. Within the entirety of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there is only one exit. On the day the exit opens, any disciple who fails to leave within the designated time will be deemed eliminated.

Even if one possesses enough Sword-patterned Stones, they will be unable to enter the final showdown on Spirit Sword Peak within the top sixty-eight positions.

Those direct disciples couldn't find themselves, and with the allure of the Dark Spirit Fruits, Su Yi easily understood that perhaps everyone would be waiting for him at the exit. Even if his strength is formidable, he would still struggle when confronted by multiple adversaries.

Zhang Diyun, ranked ninth in the Sword Tower, was already so formidable. Those direct disciples who ranked higher than him were likely even more powerful, one after another.

"What should we do? Those guys probably won't give up easily."

Situ Muyang also knows how many people he has provoked within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Not to mention the allure of Dark Spirit Fruits on Su Yi, just by virtue of Su Yi plundering tens of thousands of inner disciples, it is enough to arouse public outrage.

Once they appear and reveal themselves, they will undoubtedly be besieged.

"It's quite troublesome."

Su Yi pondered, but for a while, he couldn't come up with a solution.

There is only one way out, unless one hides and refuses to go out, they will definitely encounter all the direct disciples.

"You have offended too many people, arousing public outrage!" Situ Muyang glanced at Su Yi and said.

"You have a share in the blame as well," he said, "for throwing bricks."

Su Yi cast a brief glance at Situ Muyang, and reminded him with a nonchalant tone.

"Ah...hehe, sharing fortune and surmounting difficulties together, I understand," Situ Muyang replied with a knowing smile.

Situ Muyang grinned sheepishly, this time within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, he was well aware of his substantial gains.

"Once we reach the bridge, naturally it will straighten itself out. Let's not worry about it for now. We can discuss about it later. Firstly, assist me as my Dharma Protector, as I need to attend to some matters," Su Yi said, requesting Situ Muyang's assistance as a Dharma Protector to enter the mysterious space.

For the sake of caution, Su Yi thoroughly searched around and probed with his spiritual power to ensure the safety of the surroundings. Only then did he summon forth the mysterious space.

Inside the mysterious space, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others were consuming the Dark Spirit Fruits, undergoing a process of refinement. Their bodies were filled with vibrant vitality and their aura surged, indicating that they had undoubtedly derived immense benefits from the Dark Spirit Fruits.

"My Lord!"

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats both arrived before Su Yi, their gazes filled with reverence and their auras mighty.

"Have they all broken through..."

Feeling the aura emanating from the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, a subtle curve of a smile formed at the corner of Su Yi's lips.

Regarding the rapid breakthrough of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, Su Yi was not surprised but rather expected it.

Immediately, Su Yi pulled out a myriad of space bags from his body, deftly and effortlessly opening them within the enigmatic realm.

Unfortunately, all the Yuan Stones within the space bags could not be preserved and instead turned into powder.

As the space within the enigmatic realm grew larger, it seemed that now, increasing the space inside the enigmatic realm would require more than just a small amount of Yuan Stones.

And then herbs, trinkets, elixirs, spiritual medicines, weapons, and a large pile of cultivation resources were laid out in front of Su Yi's eyes.

The space bag on Zhang Diyun, ranked ninth in the Sword Tower, became Su Yi's primary focus.

Indeed, as Su Yi had anticipated, the gains were immense. There were not only thirteen Sword-patterned Stones, but also several spiritual medicines, elixirs, a considerable amount of medicinal herbs, and, even a few sets of martial arts techniques.

However, these few sets of martial arts techniques were of average quality. Su Yi, who was a member of the Divine Sword School, didn't find any value in these sets of profound and spiritual level martial arts techniques.

However, martial arts techniques are quite valuable; they can be exchanged for the necessary items when the time comes.

Finally, Su Yi counted and found that within these hundreds of space bags, he obtained sixty-nine Sword-patterned Stones. Adding them to the Sword-patterned Stones he already had on him, the quantity was quite significant, totaling almost one hundred and fifty pieces.

After leaving the elixirs in the mystical space and successfully cultivating the pristine spiritual medicines and medicinal herbs, Su Yi casually brushed his sleeves and stood up.

As Su Yi gazed upon the vast expanse of spiritual medicines and medicinal herbs before him, including the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree and a substantial collection of elixirs, a faint smile graced his countenance.

This is his own foundation, built with sweat and toil.

After tidying everything up, Su Yi took along the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and left the Dark Golden Demon Falcon to remain inside the mystical space.

"It seems like it has made a breakthrough, hasn't it?"

Inside the cave, when the Wolf-headed Demon Bat emerged from the mystical space, Situ Muyang could sense that the aura emanating from the Wolf-headed Demon Bat had become significantly stronger compared to before.

This kind of strength, is not only limited to cultivation level, but also displays an inherent and profound power.

That feeling is akin to a metamorphosis, as if one's very essence has undergone a thorough purification.


The Wolf-headed Demon Bat let out a low howl, as if responding to Situ Muyang. Its fierce eyes flickered with a gleam of blood, only it alone knew the true extent of the benefits it had gained this time.

"You have taken quite a long time. There is still a considerable distance to the exit. We must hurry and make our way there."

Situ Muyang said, Su Yi had been inside for nearly three hours. It was already midday, and the exit would open tomorrow. There was still a considerable distance between this place and the exit.

"No rush, we have plenty of time!"

Su Yi smiled faintly, walked out of the cave, and stretched his body lazily. With the accomplished leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats by his side, there was ample time and an added sense of security.


After a moment, the rising sun illuminated the sky as the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats flapped its wings and soared into the air, carrying Su Yi and Situ Muyang on its back, departing towards the southeast direction.

On the back of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, the robes worn by the two young men were in tatters, and their hair was disheveled, bearing a striking resemblance to beggars.

However, the two of them were in good spirits, particularly Su Yi. This journey inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords can be described as a fruitful one.

"The direct disciples, even those ranked at the forefront, cannot do anything to us in the Demonic Spirit Realm at the sixth level."

Situ Muyang was leisurely and content, while the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats had already reached the sixth level of cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm. With its speed, even the direct disciples ranked at the forefront would be unable to do anything to it.

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