The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 495

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Chapter 495: Extraordinary Individuals!

The deer gazes at Su Yi, its aura fluctuating, and slowly says, "Aren't you afraid that after dealing with all of you, I will strip away the benefits from your bodies? Perhaps there are other advantages within you, young man?"

"I am currently in the Yuan Spirit Realm, solely interested in acquiring Dark Spirit Fruits. As for other benefits, there are none. If I can hand over that treasure to the senior, I have no fear of the senior taking action. Although my cultivation is insufficient, I possess the power to protect myself. I am prepared for the worst," Su Yi said, with his aura never relaxing for a moment.

With a direct gaze fixed upon Su Yi, the deer seemed to be considering and weighing something, its colorful eyes flickering incessantly.

"I can let you off the hook and consider it as a form of good fortune. You may leave. Two days later, approximately four hundred miles southeast, the exit will open. Many people have already arrived by now, so take care of yourselves."

After a moment, the deer spoke up. As its words fell, it glanced at Su Yi and then swiftly leapt into the air, its agile figure departing directly.

"Has it really left...?"

Although Situ Muyang was aware of what Su Yi had handed over to the deer, the precious Spiritual Essence, he was still quite surprised that the deer had actually let them off the hook. As he gazed into Su Yi's eyes, a sense of admiration emerged involuntarily. This fellow had actually managed to negotiate terms with a formidable demon beast of the Demonic Void Realm level.

"We should hurry and leave, someone is coming."

There's no time to waste. With such a commotion, Su Yi estimated that it must have already alerted numerous direct disciples who are likely on their way here. Given his current injuries, he wouldn't be able to escape from the hands of those direct disciples anymore.


"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh..."

In the early morning, an astonishing commotion aroused the nearby disciples of the Divine Sword School, prompting them to rush hastily to the scene.


"So many demon beasts, what's going on?!"

"The army of demon beasts, it must be the doing of that Su Yi!"

"It seems that Su Yi has the ability to control demon beasts, he must be in there!"


Surrounded by a dense army of demon beasts, there is no doubt that it is the work of Su Yi. Rumor has it that Su Yi has the ability to control demon beasts, and it is precisely because of this that he has plundered countless inner disciples.

"Charge in, we must find that Su Yi!"

With the direct disciple taking action, although these demon beast armies are numerous, the number of disciples from the Divine Sword School who rushed to the scene is increasing, and they are not at a disadvantage.


"Swoosh swoosh......"

"Bang bang bang......"

At that moment, the imminent battle was about to commence. Roars like thunder resounded, sword light surged violently, and various elemental auras erupted in brilliant radiance. The muffled sounds were reminiscent of thunder echoing, causing the earth to tremble and shatter in every direction.

Within the crowd, a white-clad young man stood tall, his dark eyes shimmering with a dazzling radiance. Wherever his figure passed, demon beasts were sent flying, unstoppable.

Not far away, a slender figure moved with elusive footwork, the Qi surging beneath their footsteps as they weaved through the beast herd. Adorned in a pale purple robe, intricately embroidered with patterns of indigo silk flowers.

This figure appears to be fairly young, around twenty or so. They have a well-defined jawline, clear and bright gaze, arched eyebrows, and a handsome countenance. In their hand, a sword releases flashes of light, and as the sword moves, sprays of demon beast blood are thrown into the air.


Within the beast herd, there was a man with a straight physique. His sharp, piercing eyes resembled gleaming sword rays. Despite his elegant and handsome countenance, his sword emitted lightning-like brilliance. Before him, the lifeless bodies of demon beasts lay in pools of blood, an unstoppable force.

From the side, another youth leaped into view, with a benchmark-like slender figure. His eyebrows were as sharp as a sword, and his thin lips were tightly pressed together. A pair of pitch-black eyes flickered with a crimson hue. At around the age of twenty, he exuded an aura of oppressive pressure. The sword light carried flames, sweeping across all directions.


A thunderous beast roar echoed as within the beast herd, a graceful figure emerged. Qi surged from her feet as she leaped and spun in the air, surrounded by radiant light. Her robe unfolded like mist, adorned with patterns resembling a blossoming lotus. In her hand, the sword light ravaged with fury.

Behind this woman, there was another enchanting figure, with Qi surging through her footsteps as her body moved gracefully along with her flowing black hair. Enhanced by the radiant green light of her water attribute, she exuded an alluring charm. Her phoenix-like eyes shimmered with a green brilliance, her lips curved with a faint smile. With her cherished sword in hand, every move and technique resembled that of a dancer, adorned with a mesmerizing elegance.


The sword light shone like a rainbow, and this woman's sword movements resembled a dance, exquisitely beautiful and captivating. However, as the sword light passed through, the beast herd splattered with fresh blood, the ground cracked, and sand and stones flew in the air.

"Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng, Senior Brother Nan Liran, Senior Brother Oulo, Senior Brother Gu Chenyou, Senior Sister Ying Qian, Senior Sister Gong Qi..."

"They all came, and to my surprise, they appeared at the same time!"

"This group of extraordinary individuals has all shown themselves!"

"Su Yi must be inside, we absolutely cannot let him escape again!"


The disciples of the Divine Sword School were in an uproar, and the top-ranked cultivators from the Sword Tower have all arrived. This time, that Su Yi will undoubtedly find it impossible to escape.


On one side of the animal herd, a graceful and exquisite figure appeared, delicately ethereal. Draped in an orange attire, her black hair was adorned with a ponytail secured at the back of her head, emitting an aura untainted by earthly clutter. She possessed an otherworldly elegance, as if she were a celestial being descended from a divine realm.

The figure appeared to be around sixteen or seventeen years old, with tender red lips and a pair of clear, water-like eyes. Beneath the orange attire, her body exhibited a graceful and slender posture, tracing mesmerizing curves, and emanating a peculiar aura that permeated the surroundings.


Strangely enough, as they sensed the aura emanating from the young girl, the surrounding demon beasts inexplicably trembled and dared not approach. Their fierce eyes filled with a sense of fear.

"Get out of my way!"

The young girl spoke up, her figure darting forward. A few strands of her long flowing hair moved, adding a touch of wildness to her demeanor, as she silently maneuvered within the animal herd.


On this side, an astonishing battle ensued, yet both Su Yi and Situ Muyang had already distanced themselves.

When it comes to searching for a place to hide, Su Yi is already experienced.

Otherwise, during the three years in the Forest of Demons, Su Yi wouldn't have been able to endure it.

On the precipice, it is difficult for monkeys to climb over.

In the concealed mountain cave, Su Yi and Situ Muyang sat cross-legged, each consuming medicinal pills to heal their injuries.

This time, both of them suffered greatly, enduring heavy injuries. In the face of a formidable demon beast from the Demonic Void Realm, neither of them stood a chance against it.

Situ Muyang is in an even worse condition, with his old wounds not yet healed, and at this moment, he has also acquired new injuries.

Although the speed of healing in the mysterious space is much faster, at this moment, knowing that there are protectors within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi dares not casually utilize the mysterious space.

There is no shortage of healing pills on Su Yi's person. He is not stingy when it comes to himself, as he takes out a healing pill from his stash, consumes it, and activates the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to swiftly regenerate and cultivate his injuries.

They are about to reach the exit any moment now, and they may encounter those direct disciples. The news of having Dark Spirit Fruits on them has already spread, and on top of that, they have plundered countless space bags from inner disciples. Su Yi knows that if he is discovered, it will spell big trouble. He must always maintain his peak state.

The injuries sustained by both Su Yi and Situ Muyang this time were quite severe, taking nearly a day and night for Su Yi to finally open his eyes.

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