The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: Making a Deal

At this moment, Su Yi's lips were dripping with fresh blood, his body covered in numerous wounds, presenting a disheveled appearance. He gazed at the Radiant Light Deer, inserting the elixir into his mouth, his expression filled with solemnity.

The Radiant Light Deer gazed in astonishment at the young man who, despite possessing only a cultivation level of the fifth stage in the Yuan Spirit Realm, managed to stand upright.

Although it had just been greatly affected, even an ordinary human with a cultivation level of the first stage in the Yuan True Realm would find it difficult to stand up against such an attack.

"You are alright, right? This fellow is too difficult to deal with."

Situ Muyang, who was also covered in numerous wounds, arrived by Su Yi's side, clearly in a more severe condition than Su Yi.

"It's quite troublesome."

Su Yi smiled wryly, realizing that he had indeed encountered a formidable opponent.

"If all else fails, let's hand over the Dark Spirit Fruits and think of another solution."

Contemplating, Situ Muyang realized that this demon beast is the protector within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, which means it must obey the commands of the Divine Sword School.

Situ Muyang sensed that the elk had been holding back from delivering a fatal blow. If he were to surrender the Dark Spirit Fruits, perhaps there would still be a chance to come up with a solution.

"Surrender the Dark Spirit Fruits and the fortuitous opportunity you have obtained, or else, I shall not show any kindness towards you!"

The Radiant Light Deer spoke once again, its colorful gaze captivating, its seemingly slender figure exuding a formidable aura that enveloped it like an imposing mountain.

"What fortuitous opportunity? I have no knowledge of it. It's merely a level within the Demonic Void Realm. Don't think for a moment that I fear you. If need be, we can both suffer defeat!"

As Su Yi spoke these words, he took a deep breath inwardly. Unsheathing the broken sword from his back, he tightly gripped it with one hand. The remaining Yuan Qi in his body surged, and the oppressive aura of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique enveloped him. Crimson light filled his eyes.

What are these Dark Spirit Fruits?" Su Yi knows very well, especially since at this moment, the Dark Spirit Fruits have already been enhanced with medicinal potency within the mysterious space.

Su Yi's character has never been inclined towards relinquishing a treasure already acquired.

Although the powerful demon beasts of the Demonic Void Realm are formidable, Su Yi has indeed had encounters with them.

In the past, within the Forest of Demons, the elder of the Black Fiend School was also in the Yuan Void Realm, and yet Su Yi still managed to defeat him, albeit with the assistance of the mysterious power within the broken sword.

Although Su Yi knows that the broken sword may not necessarily unleash its power again at this moment, if he were to truly engage in battle, there might still be a chance to escape. After all, he still possesses the treasures within this mysterious space specifically designed to deal with demon beasts.

"This guy is too arrogant!"

Situ Muyang initially intended to strategize, but little did he anticipate that Su Yi seemed to have the intention of engaging in a direct confrontation with this majestic Radiant Light Deer.

This is the formidable demon beast from the Demonic Void Realm, challenging the Demonic Void Realm with only the strength of the Yuan Spirit Realm. This is not just arrogance, but sheer masochism.

"Human youth, you are too arrogant. You may have some extraordinary qualities, but with your meager strength, I'm afraid it is far from enough!"

Listening to Su Yi's words, the Radiant Light Deer also appeared greatly astonished, as its colorful gaze fixated intensely upon Su Yi, emitting a mesmerizing radiance.

"You'll find out once you give it a try, I assure you that you won't gain much advantage and will pay a price."

Su Yi clenched his teeth, grasping the broken sword, and wiped the blood stains from the corner of his mouth with a sweep of his sleeve. He fixed his gaze upon the Radiant Light Deer and softly uttered, "Within this realm, there are indeed a considerable number of direct disciples from the Divine Sword School, equipped with formidable strength. It is estimated that our current situation may have already alarmed many who came before us. In the worst-case scenario, both of us may end up injured, and when those direct disciples catch sight of you, they are unlikely to show any mercy."

"Are you threatening me?"

The Radiant Light Deer was somewhat astonished, as it seemed that this young human was actually threatening it. Its voice clear and crisp, it declared, "Do you really think that you, a foolish dreamer, can make me succumb to mutual destruction? Not to mention those direct disciples, do you honestly believe I would regard them? Furthermore, from what I know, all the disciples of the Divine Sword School are currently searching for you!"

Su Yi's heart stirred in secret, as it seemed that this deer knew things beyond the ordinary.

"If you don't believe it, try it out and you'll see!"

Su Yi spoke, and the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique in his body surged to its fullest extent. A crimson aura of elemental energy enveloped him, while a mighty and destructive aura spread out with awe-inspiring power.

Gazing at Su Yi, the irises of the Radiant Light Deer shimmered with ripples, as if sensing a certain aura, its gaze subtly stirred.

The aura emanating from this human youth does indeed make it wary, it truly cannot afford to be careless.

In the heart of the deer, this young man is so mysterious and exceptional that, for a moment, it becomes somewhat uncertain.

"Elder, how about we make a deal?"

Suddenly, Su Yi's gaze locked onto the marvelous figure of the Radiant Light Deer, causing his eyes to flicker in astonishment.

"What kind of deal?"

The Radiant Light Deer was secretly taken aback, as it was the first time encountering such a young human being.

Ever since it began guarding the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, it has encountered numerous exceptional young disciples from the Divine Sword School. However, this kind of youth was witnessed for the first time.

"Indeed, I do possess the Dark Spirit Fruits, but considering the senior's power, obtaining the Dark Spirit Fruits would be of little use. How about I offer a generous gift to the senior, and in return, the senior spares us?" Su Yi said, gazing at the deer surrounded by ethereal light.

"Are you offering me a generous gift obtained from within that secret realm you mentioned?" the eyes of the deer shimmered with brilliance upon hearing these words.

"We did indeed enter that place, to be honest. We did acquire a considerable number of spiritual herbs, but as for anything else, we obtained nothing. As for whether anyone else has received any fortuitous opportunities, we don't know. It is likely that you have already ventured inside. You can investigate to find out."

Su Yi's expression remained unchanged; he naturally couldn't disclose the information obtained from the divine bird.

Such fortuitous opportunities hold significant allure for demon beasts as well.

This deer guards the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, obeying the commands of the Divine Sword School. Perhaps it also desires to partake in the fortuitous opportunities, but that remains uncertain.

The deer's gaze flickered with a hint of contemplation.

It had been to that place, where something remarkable and tumultuous must have occurred, yet it remained oblivious to any details.

Many disciples of the Divine Sword School have entered, making it difficult to investigate. Therefore, at this moment, the deer is also unaware of the veracity of Su Yi's words.

"Senior, please take a look at this item first. If you find it satisfactory, then we can proceed further."

Su Yi clenched his teeth and threw a jade bottle from his hand.


With a gentle lift and a subtle curve of the forehoof, the radiance of dawn shone upon it. A halo of rosy light enveloped the jade bottle, confining it gracefully. A surge of invisible energy rippled through, loosening the stopper of the bottle.

Suddenly, the gaze of Radiant Light Deer abruptly altered, causing an involuntary shudder, followed by an instantaneous closure of the proverbial floodgates.

When the deer with its colorful eyes looked back at Su Yi, the expression in its eyes fluctuated, and even its voice underwent a transformation as it inquired, "Where did you obtain this object? Is there any more?"

"We stumbled upon it unintentionally, and that's all there is to it. Senior, you should be well aware of its benefits, which are likely far more valuable than Dark Spirit Fruits. If you let us go in exchange, consider it as if you've never laid eyes on us. That would be a favorable deal!"

Su Yi has been observing the changing countenance of the Radiant Light Deer, indicating that the Spiritual Essence within the enigmatic realm, as anticipated, possesses an irresistible allure for any demon beast.

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