The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: Abused

Situ Muyang himself didn't expect that he would actually encounter the rumored protector of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, and furthermore, it was a formidable demon beast of the Demonic Void Realm level!

Su Yi's gaze flickered, although he was surprised, it didn't strike him as strange in his heart.

The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is highly significant, and without the presence of the Divine Sword School's cultivators within, the Divine Sword School's cultivators have thus subjugated a formidable demon beast to secretly guard it, which is also reasonable.

"You have the audacity to destroy the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree, seize all the Dark Spirit Fruits, manipulate the beast horde, and disturb the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords; you shall be duly punished!"

The deer gazed upon Su Yi and Situ Muyang, graceful and elegant, its multicolored eyes shimmering with radiance, seemingly curious in its own way. It was astonished that these two youths possessed such abilities. Since its protectorship over the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, such an event had never occurred before.

"Esteemed senior, he is none other than the son of the sect leader of the Divine Sword School."

Upon hearing these words, Su Yi furrowed his brow, understanding that the deer was undoubtedly the protector of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. Since it was the protector of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, it should be under the command of the Divine Sword School. Hopefully, Situ Muyang's identity would prove effective.

"What does the fact that he is the sect leader's son of the Divine Sword School have to do with me? Regardless of who disrupts the order of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, they shall face punishment!"

The deer spoke, with shimmering light rippling, completely ignoring Su Yi, and uttered human words, saying, "Regarding that mysterious place you opened, it seems you were the first to venture in. What kind of opportunities have you obtained?"

Focused and concentrated, Su Yi realized that this deer seemed to disregard Situ Muyang's identity. It should have also entered the opened ancient forest, and even knew that both he and Situ Muyang were the first to venture into that opened ancient forest, gaining opportunities within.

"What exactly do you want? This is the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, where rules hold little meaning. Even if one obtains fortuitous opportunities, it is precisely our purpose for coming here. As the protector of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, you surely cannot interfere!"

Situ Muyang was fuming with anger as he realized that the deer completely disregarded him, which greatly displeased him.

However, Situ Muyang was also quite apprehensive, as this deer was at the level of the Demonic Void Realm, not to be taken lightly. If it were to truly engage in combat, he would simply be no match for it.

"I am in charge of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, so naturally, I have my own discretion. Hand over all the Dark Spirit Fruits and the opportunities gained within the opened area. By losing your qualification in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, I will hand you over to the representatives of the Divine Sword School!"

The deer spoke with a calm and emotionless expression.

"You shouldn't be too excessive."

Situ Muyang immediately exclaimed, no matter what, he was determined to continue his journey till the end of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.


The voice of the deer became sharper, and its graceful figure suddenly swooped toward Situ Muyang.


The seemingly slender and agile deer, in this moment, burst with radiant brilliance, its aura engulfing everything, inundating the surroundings with colorful light, immense and grand in its formidable power.

Situ Muyang and Su Yi simultaneously changed their expressions, this deer is truly formidable, the Demonic Void Realm is indeed terrifying, their cultivation far surpasses them by a great margin.

Su Yi and Situ Muyang didn't even have time to hesitate. Under the overwhelming and majestic aura, it was not something that could be easily avoided; it had already enveloped the surroundings.

"Overlord's Fist!"

In an instant, Su Yi exerted all his might, unleashing the unreserved cultivation aura of the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. The Overlord's Fist was executed simultaneously, pushing forward forcefully!


From beneath Situ Muyang's feet, a shadowy silhouette of a black giant peng spread its wings and soared into the sky, emanating a dark light that illuminated the vast expanse. With a fierce cry, it pierced through the clouds and shattered the stones.

"Violent Gale Stomp!" Simultaneously, Situ Muyang, donning the Wind Battle Armor, soared into the air with flapping wings. The sound of roaring winds accompanied the brilliant radiance akin to the rising sun, as he stomped his foot.

This powerful and fierce stomp caused the void to boil and a violent storm to sweep through, as if intending to shatter the empty space!

Su Yi and Situ Muyang unleashed their full power, exuding a destructive pressure that was exceedingly fierce. Radiance and storms converged, resounding with a resolute and ear-splitting clang, instilling a trembling fear in the hearts of onlookers!

The deer shrouded in rosy radiance, sensing such an aura, seemed to be moved as well.

However, the deer's reaction was merely a fleeting moment. Its body descended swiftly, erupting with rosy radiance. Suddenly, the earth below cracked open, and the aura became overwhelmingly intense.

The resplendent rosy radiance surged like waves, directly blocking the assault of Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

The surrounding area was filled with flying sand and rolling stones, massive rocks fracturing, dust swirling, and stone fragments turning into powder!

The phantom of the Dark Phantom Falcon was gradually erased by the rosy radiance, as Situ Muyang's body was sent flying backwards. Blood gushed from his mouth, utterly unable to contend with the situation.


In the midst of the tempest, Su Yi spewed blood and stumbled back.

Su Yi's heart trembled, acutely aware of the terrifying nature of this deer. The sheer force of its charge left him completely defenseless.

Spitting blood as he retreated, simultaneously, a burst of crimson light erupted behind Su Yi. The Hundred Transformations Step condensed his vital energy into twin wings, and with several taps of his feet against the ground, he soared backwards, defying gravity and reclaiming stability from his retreat!

"A very extraordinary human, quite interesting!"

Within the opening and closing of the colorful eyes of the Radiant Light Deer, a radiant brilliance emanated. There seemed to be a hint of astonishment in its gaze as it once again leaped into the air.

The void trembled all around, as the Radiant Light Deer passed by, painting the morning emptiness with vibrant hues, resembling undulating waves that crashed upon Su Yi.

Su Yi's expression grew solemn, his eyes flickering with crimson light. The wings condensed by the Hundred Transformations Step on his back trembled, radiating a crimson glow. His hand seals solidified as a brilliant light emanated from beneath his feet, exuding unmatched splendor.

"Boom!" In an instant, qi filled and enveloped his legs. At that moment, Su Yi's eyes gleamed like dazzling lightning, sharp and intimidating. His overall demeanor resembled that of a resurrected divine being, with his robes fluttering and his jet-black hair billowing backwards. It appeared as if mysterious ancient patterns flowed on top of his feet, and unfamiliar runes emerged with a hint of rawness, exuding a mighty aura that swept through.


With each kick, the footprints shimmered and moved as swiftly as lightning, as if an infinite number of footprints were unleashed in an instant.

In this moment, Su Yi's aura, without reason, seemed to carry the fury of thunder, immense and terrifying!

"Roarrrr......" Such a breath made the surrounding demon beasts inclined to prostrate, their gaze filled with terror.

The collision of footprints erupted with radiant brilliance, instantly bursting forth like a small sun.

"Bang, bang, bang..." The void reverberated with a thunderous roar, as if even the space itself was covertly distorting. Vibrant streams of energetic light surged, causing the ground below to crumble.


The void trembles, giant rocks shatter, and the mountains echo with thunderous roars as the earth quakes and fissures.

"Roarrrr..." Such a formidable aura, below, the demon beasts were trembling with ferocious souls, unleashing incessant roaring.

"Poof..." However, Su Yi's figure continued to spiral downwards from mid-air, crashing and landing in a straight line. Blood spilled from his mouth, resonating with the trembling ground and forming a web of cracks.

In the heavens above, even the Radiant Light Deer's gaze underwent a transformation.

The aura emanating from that young man suppressed it as well. Only it knew the extent to which that aura had restrained it. The young man was too mysterious.

Su Yi stood up, with a large sword in his hand, plunged into the ground, supporting him upright. The crimson light on the wings of his vitality behind him had dimmed considerably.

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