The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 492

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Chapter 492: The Guardian of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!


With a miserable cry, the massive body of the flying beast suddenly falls backwards like a bird with broken wings, crashing heavily onto a pile of boulders several meters away. The impact shatters numerous rocks, turning them into fragments, causing a cloud of dust to fill the air.


A demon beast quietly emerges not far away, with a relatively small stature, standing at only about half a zhang high. It resembles a humanoid creature, with a wolf-like and simian-like animal head. Its entire body is covered in a black scale armor, as if forged from dark iron, emitting a faint and profound glow.

With the emergence of such a demon beast, a formidable aura akin to towering mountains permeates the surroundings. Its imposing presence, roaring like thunder, charges forward, and from its depths, humanoid-like claws resembling palm-shaped hands lunge towards Su Yi.

Su Yi's gaze deepens as he observes the demon beast. Its cultivation aura is not low, reaching the formidable level of the fifth stage of the Demonic Spirit Realm. It is already quite powerful.

"Despicable creature!"

Su Yi, not advancing but retreating, unleashes another punch, simple and direct. It collides head-on with that large claw, directly resisting the impact.



With a muffled sound, accompanied by a miserable scream, the ferocious demon beast spews out blood from its mouth. Its body is violently shaken and sent flying, blood flowing from its sharp claws. It crashes down onto the ground, shattering boulders, turning them into rubble.


Instantly, from all around, there arose a multitude of roars from the demon beasts, resonating one after another.


Above the sky, under the dim dawn light, one can see numerous fierce birds soaring in the void, densely filling the half-empty space.

"Oh no, there are numerous demon beasts!"

Situ Muyang had long been awakened and immediately stood ready, leaping to Su Yi's side.

"Be cautious, for we have encountered some troubles!"

Su Yi's gaze darkened as he had already sensed the approach of numerous demon beasts from all around, causing the mountains and forests to tremble, and the ground to quake.


Swiftly, massive rocks emerged all around, accompanied by pairs of blood-red menacing pupils, flickering with a vicious glow, relentlessly roaring and deafening the ears.

In the sky above, the ferocious bird flapped its wings, swooping and circling, emanating a fierce aura.

A dense legion of demon beasts has formed, creating an impenetrable barrier, preventing any escape. Among them, many emit incredibly formidable and intense fluctuations of power.

Sharp fragments of stones shoot in all directions, raising clouds of dust, as waves of force sweep through, akin to a raging tempest.

A colossal wolf raised its head and howls, its entire body snow-white, emanating an aura that reached the pinnacle of the Demonic True Realm.

A ferocious bird, merely a few zhang in size, with feathers as sharp as the edge of a sword, claws honed to a piercing point, exuding the aura of the Demonic True Realm. Countless fierce avian creatures lurked in the surroundings as well.

In the low airspace and on the ground, there are also numerous Demonic Spirit Realm demon beasts, all possessing fierce auras and ferocious, glimmering eyes, instilling fear in people!

"How come there are so many demon beasts? This is going to be a huge trouble!"

Situ Muyang's expression turned solemn as he sensed the formidable aura emanating from the vast demon beast army surrounding him, realizing that the trouble had escalated to an unprecedented level.


The bird, hovering in mid-air, had feathers as sharp as the edge of a sword, its ferocious eyes radiating a chilling light. As it flapped its wings, a resounding clang echoed, and rays of light shot forth, directly pouncing towards Su Yi and Situ Muyang, carrying with it the overwhelming aura of the Demonic True Realm, stirring up a storm.


That snow-white giant wolf, unwilling to be outdone, unleashed a terrifying momentum, shaking the surrounding void, and directly pounced towards Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

"Let's go all out, seize the opportunity!"

Situ Muyang shouted loudly, immediately activating the Wind Battle Armor on his body, swiftly deploying it to defend against the attack.

Su Yi's expression changed drastically, without any hesitation, he directly activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, and an aura of destructive majesty instantly surged forth. The large sword on his back was unsheathed, its brilliance dazzling, and the third sword of the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, the Roaring Dragon Emperor Slash, was unleashed.

A beam of sword light shot out, dragging along a long streak of crimson thunder, as a wave of fiery red aura swept through, overwhelming everything in its path.

"Roar..." Within the radiance of the sword, there seemed to be a faint crimson dragon shadow, causing the ground around to crack inch by inch, fissures bursting open, and boulders turning into dust, accompanied by a terrifying shockwave.

In that moment, the snow-white giant wolf, for some unknown reason, seemed to sense the most dreaded aura, instantly filled with terror in its fierce eyes, its own aura greatly impacted.


The sword light collided, the snow-white giant wolf and Su Yi clashed swords, claws sweeping across.

Su Yi's body was shaken back, and the snow-white giant wolf staggered back as well, faint bloodstains marking its claws, while its eyes filled with a dismayed expression.

"Thud, thud!"

Su Yi continued to retreat backwards, with surging blood and qi within his body, a hint of sweetness accompanying the fluctuations of blood in his throat.

A mouthful of fresh blood was forcibly swallowed by Su Yi, his expression instantly growing solemn. This Demonic True Realm snow-white giant wolf possessed formidable strength.


At the same time, Situ Muyang and the ferocious bird collided with each other, accompanied by howling winds that swept across all directions.


Situ Muyang fell to the ground, sliding backwards along the surface, spitting out fresh blood from his mouth.

Su Yi stomped the ground, with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique surging through his body, unleashing an aura of majesty and destruction!


At this moment, the surrounding area and the lower sky were densely packed with roaring demon beasts, shaking the heavens and causing the ground to tremble in prostration.

The two most powerful, snow-white giant wolves, along with the ferocious bird, were also greatly astonished, fear evident in their fierce eyes as they stared fixedly at Su Yi, unwilling to approach.


At this moment, above the void, there came a shimmering radiance, descending from the realm of nothingness. A mysterious aura immediately emanated and spread.

This aura seems to have the ability to resist to some extent the current Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique emanating from Su Yi's body within a certain range, thereby easing the pressure on some demon beasts.

The presence of such aura caught Su Yi's attention immediately, causing him to gaze intently in that direction.

From above the void, a radiant glow illuminated the surroundings.

In Su Yi's astonished gaze, a graceful, white deer, standing at half his height, descended slowly, stepping on the rocks. Its elegant figure was enveloped in a radiant sheen, shimmering with waves of ethereal light.

"What an intriguing human, clearly a human in appearance, but the aura emanating from you seems to be closely intertwined with that of the demon race!" The deer spoke, its voice clear and crisp, both spirited and proud, its eyes filled with iridescent brilliance.

"Demonic Void Realm!"

When this deer spoke in human language, Su Yi and the struggling Situ Muyang couldn't help but feel a tremor in their hearts. Speaking human words, this was a demon beast that had reached the level of Demonic Void Realm.

Su Yi's expression truly became solemn, and the aura of his Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique on his body seemed to have little effect in suppressing the demon beast of the Demonic Void Realm.

Within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there unexpectedly exists a demon beast of the Demonic Void Realm level.

"I understand, this should be the protector of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords," Situ Muyang whispered, speaking beside Su Yi.

"Does the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords have a protector?"

Su Yi narrowed his eyes, but no one had ever mentioned this to him before. Within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there was actually a protector, and what's more, it was a demon beast of the Demonic Void Realm level.

"I have also heard that without the presence of the Divine Sword School's cultivators, the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is vulnerable. However, this is an important place for the Divine Sword School. During each Grand Swordsmanship Competition, the direct disciples enter it. To prevent any major incidents, the Divine Sword School's cultivators have subjugated the demon beasts within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, turning them into protectors to ensure the normal operation of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. As long as nothing major occurs, the protectors will not intervene in the affairs of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords."

Situ Muyang informed Su Yi that he had stumbled upon all of this information unintentionally.

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