The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: Dawn's Ambush!

However, Su Yi ultimately, albeit reluctantly, abandoned that prized sword. For disciples of the Divine Sword School, the sword is their lifeblood, and they cannot afford to be too drastic.

Gazing at the receding figures of those two youths, it took quite a while before Zhang Diyun could fully regain his composure.

He actually lost, and his defeat was so thorough.

Like the rest, he too had been completely stripped of everything he had...


Shortly after, figures started appearing around, with many disciples of the Divine Sword School arriving.

"It's Senior Brother Zhang Diyun!"

"What happened to Senior Brother Zhang Diyun? It seems like he has suffered a heavy blow!"

Upon seeing the disheveled and wretched state of Zhang Diyun, disciples from the Divine Sword School were visibly alarmed.

Considering Zhang Diyun's level of cultivation and strength, it is astonishing that he has suffered such a severe blow. It makes one wonder about the formidable level of his opponent's power and skill.


Numerous figures came soaring through, emanating powerful and mighty auras.

Soon, a dozen figures arrived, causing the disciples of the Divine Sword School in the vicinity to tremble inwardly at their aura.

"It's Senior Yun Lingfeng, he has arrived!"

As they looked at one of the incoming individuals, the disciples of the Divine Sword School in the surroundings underwent a drastic change in expression. Within their gazes, a mixture of awe, longing, and astonishment could be seen.

Amongst these dozen figures, a young man took the lead with lingering afterimages, and directly approached Zhang Diyun.

The young man appeared youthful, with a straight nose and lips tinted crimson. Clad in a white garment, it accentuated his slender and graceful figure. Although he seemed slim, his physique didn't exude fragility. With a delicate yet indifferent countenance, his dark eyes surveyed the surroundings for a while before finally resting upon Zhang Diyun. His voice was calm as he spoke, "It seems there are two individuals involved. Who exactly are they, even causing you to stumble!"

With his treasured sword inserted into the storefront, Zhang Diyun stood supported, blood staining the corners of his mouth, his hair in disarray. His gaze locked onto Yun Lingfeng. After a brief hesitation, he lifted his hand, rolled up his sleeves, and wiped away the traces of blood from his lips. He spoke, "Su Yi, and there's another one called Situ Muyang. It was them who robbed us!"


Upon hearing this, beneath Yun Lingfeng's long eyelashes, his dazzling black eyes radiated a solemn and fluctuating aura. His brows slightly furrowed as he waved his hand towards the accompanying group of young men and women. With a calm and detached voice, he uttered, "Pursue!" "Whoosh, whoosh..."

As soon as the words fell, Yun Lingfeng's figure departed ahead, with a surge of energy emanating from the dozen figures behind him, swiftly following suit!

"Su Yi, the person smashing the black bricks is Su Yi!"

"I knew it was that little scoundrel, there couldn't be anyone else!"

"Who is that Situ Muyang? I haven't heard of him before!"

"Su Yi, has that guy become so strong? He actually defeated senior brother Zhang Diyun, this is truly terrifying!"

"Their cooperation is merely a joint effort. In a solitary confrontation, they would certainly not be a match for senior brother Zhang Diyun!"

"Senior brother Yun Lingfeng has intervened, now that Su Yi is in for a major setback!"


The entire venue was shaken and filled with excitement, and this news spread immediately.

The person who attacked them was Su Yi, among the disciples of the Divine Sword School, it seems that not many were surprised. However, the plundering of Zhang Diyun shocked everyone.

Su Yi defeated Zhang Diyun, although in collaboration with someone else, it was enough to leave people astounded.


In a concealed location, rocks are scattered all around, with a pervasive mist in the air.

"There are many direct disciples around us, probably thinking that we would flee, but we deliberately choose not to leave, letting them search slowly."

Su Yi leaned against a massive boulder, one hand resting behind his head, while the other casually swung a few space bags, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

These space bags were obtained from none other than Zhang Diyun, the ninth-ranked disciple of the Sword Tower. Su Yi speculated in his heart that there must be quite a few valuable items within those space bags.

"The more dangerous a place, the safer it is, hehe."

Situ Muyang smiled lightly, his face pale. He put away the Wind Battle Armor, revealing a slightly disheveled appearance. In the battle against Zhang Diyun, he hadn't gained any advantage.

"Let's rest for a while and wait until those people leave before we depart," Su Yi said as he stood up, crossed his legs, and tucked the space bags he held into his embrace.

Situ Muyang put a healing pill into his mouth, sat cross-legged on the spot, then looked at Su Yi with a faint hint of disappointment in his eyes. He said, "With your strength, you should have already defeated Zhang Diyun long ago. Why bother exerting so much effort?"

Situ Muyang probably knew about Su Yi's strength and felt that Su Yi had significantly enhanced his cultivation since their last battle. Dealing with Zhang Diyun was definitely not a problem for Su Yi, but he had been holding back for some reason.

"Prematurely revealing our true abilities will allow those with ill intentions to prepare in advance, which is detrimental to our interests," Su Yi chuckled. "Prematurely exposing one's true strength is definitely not a wise move."

Situ Muyang felt helpless. Su Yi, on the other hand, seemed to be constantly scheming against others, every single moment.

Situ Muyang was quite heavily injured and his energy was also depleted to a considerable extent. He ignored Su Yi and began cultivating internal cultivation, refining medicinal pills, and cultivating breathing exercises.

This time, when Situ Muyang clashed with Zhang Diyun, he couldn't help but feel a sense of emotion. Within the Divine Sword School, there were indeed some formidable individuals. If it weren't for recently consuming that spiritual medicine, which caused his cultivation to skyrocket by two levels, the outcome would not have been like this if he had encountered Zhang Diyun.


"It really is that Su Yi!"

"Those two individuals, Su Yi and Situ Muyang, are the ones who attacked and robbed us. They are utterly detestable!"

"Senior Brother Zhang Diyun was also defeated. Have Su Yi and Situ Muyang become so formidable?"

"I heard that Senior Brother Zhang Diyun has already reached the fifth stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm!"


The news of Zhang Diyun being defeated and plundered has spread, stunning everyone.

Amidst the moonlight shimmering like refined silk, in a secluded place between massive stones, Su Yi and Situ Muyang engage in deep meditation and harmonious breath control.

Su Yi is fine, just a little bit depleted, without any actual injuries.

However, Situ Muyang suffered considerable injuries in the confrontation with Zhang Diyun, failing to gain any advantage.

After several hours, as the dawn approached, Situ Muyang was still engaged in deep meditation and breath control.

Situ Muyang suffered significant injuries, and even after several hours, the healing elixir he took didn't bring about much recovery. However, a faint blush had returned to his pallid complexion, restoring a hint of vitality. This is evident of the remarkable cultivation method he cultivates.

Before dawn, the sky is dark, and all is silent in the stillness of the night.


A beastly figure silently emerges from the void, descending upon Su Yi without a trace of sound. Its sharp claws extend, gleaming with a frigid light, as a formidable tempest of power erupts in this fleeting moment.

In this very moment, Su Yi, whose eyes were tightly shut, suddenly opened them wide. Simultaneously, a surge of scorching vitality surged forth from within his body, pouring out like a torrential flood. He swiftly propelled himself forward, enveloping his fist with the essence of his energy, and charged ahead with determination.


A muffled sound reverberates abruptly in the darkness before dawn, as vitality surged and radiance shone brilliantly.

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