The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 490

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Chapter 490: Crushing Together!


Zhang Diyun, who has reached the Fifth Layer of the Yuan Spirit Realm, is definitely not easy to deal with. He tightly held an extraordinary treasured sword, with a lively and ancient style, the sword pattern flowed and the brilliance shone brilliantly, absolutely reaching an extraordinary level.

The sword light was pervasive, cutting through the ripples in the air, sharp and unfathomable.

With the assistance of the Wind Battle Armor, Situ Muyang's speed was like a tiger with added wings, similar to a hunting eagle, constantly swooping and attacking.

Su Yi's eyes flickered as he roughly estimated Zhang Diyun's strength.

Therefore, Su Yi couldn't help feeling emotional. Zhang Diyun was estimated to be only twenty or twenty-one years old, but he had already reached the Fifth Layer of the Yuan Spirit Realm in his cultivation.

In terms of cultivation level, Su Yi remembered that when he was in the Forest of Demons, those mercenaries and disciples of the Black Fiend School who were able to reach this level of cultivation were almost middle-aged, at least close to forty years old.

Even those disciples of the Yuan Spirit Realm brought by Wang Quande from the Sacred Mountain, even they are young and above the age of twenty-eight or twenty-nine. It is estimated that those disciples are not the core disciples of the Sacred Mountain. However, this also proves that with Zhang Diyun's talent, he is definitely at a genius level.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The golden halberd rang as the Yuan Qi and Gang Wind erupted. Zhang Diyun and Situ Muyang kept clashing, and the muffled sound of Yuan Qi explosions continued to reverberate.

However, it seemed that neither of them could gain any real advantage over the other. Situ Muyang had an astonishing speed and ferocious attacking style, while Zhang Diyun's clothes fluttered and hair was disheveled by the shaking of the fight.

The sword light of Zhang Diyun cut through the air with a "buzzing" sound of breaking wind. The sword's edge was strange and sharp, which made Situ Muyang feel a cold sensation on his skin even through the protection of the Wind Battle Armor.


Su Yi joined the battle and drew his large sword from his back.

The sword radiated light like lightning as it swung continuously.

Situ Muyang didn't use any weaponry, but relied solely on the Wind Battle Armor. Covered in his elemental energy, it was as if he was surrounded by a violent wind. His movements were swift and agile, like a spinning tornado, delivering a visually stunning impact to anyone watching.

Zhang Diyun's swordsmanship is very sharp, with a mixture of strangeness and agility, flowing continuously and making it difficult to deal with.

Su Yi could feel that Zhang Diyun was very powerful, with a cultivation realm of the fifth level in the Yuan Spirit Realm. His combat strength was outstanding, and his elemental energy surged continuously from his body.

The more Su Yi fought, the more at ease he felt.

Of course, Su Yi didn't truly use his full strength.

Having already revealed his identity, if Su Yi were to reveal his full strength in front of all the disciples of the Divine Sword School in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, he knew it would be extremely disadvantageous for him.

Su Yi didn't want to linger for too long as the commotion would be too great and would alert the nearby direct disciples of the Divine Sword School.

Now, all the disciples of the Divine Sword School in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords are searching for themselves.

The three-way fight quickly became heated and intense.

If there were anyone present, they would surely marvel at these three individuals, for they were all outstanding.

Zhang Diyun was increasingly surprised as he was forced to use his full strength, but found it increasingly difficult. His body was covered in more and more injuries, and his condition became more critical.

After a quarter of an hour, although Zhang Diyun was powerful and had strong combat skills, Su Yi had thoroughly figured out his true strength.

"It's almost time!"

Su Yi murmured to himself that the time was almost up, and it was time to bring everything to an end.


A sound of a golden halberd resounded as Su Yi activated his sword technique. In an instant, the sword emitted a faint dragon roar and thunderous sound, shining brilliantly with its radiance. With unparalleled ferocity, the sword was slashed downward.

The sword is like a wild dragon, and its momentum is like a fierce tiger!

This is the first sword of Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon - Raging Dragon Slash!

Zhang Diyun was surprised as the sword light swept out and his body was filled with surging vitality.

"Swoosh..." "Crack..." the swords clashed against each other. The golden halberd erupted, and sparks scattered everywhere. Along with the sound of cracking, flames spread on Su Yi's sword, and it soon cracked open.

But the big sword didn't shatter, only a gap appeared.

It is quite obvious that Zhang Diyun's precious sword had many more advantages and its quality far exceeded the big sword in Su Yi's hand.

However, Su Yi was endowed with mighty vitality, and the advantage was not fully in Zhang Diyun's favor, as his sword thundered like the wind and tumultuously rang out. Even so, he staggered and was shaken back by Su Yi's powerful strike.

"Swoosh..." With a flash of red light in his eyes, Su Yi's feet surged with vitality, and his figure was like a bolt of lightning, instantly appearing in front of the shaken Zhang Diyun. He then struck out with a palm attack.

"Boom!" A fiery vitality surged out from Su Yi's palm, and before his palm print, flames burst out and the scorching heat made the surrounding air seem to ignite.

"How suddenly much stronger!"

Zhang Diyun looked surprised as Su Yi's aura seemed to suddenly grow stronger. Perhaps the other party had been enduring and waiting for a sudden outburst all this time.

"Boom!" In an instant, Zhang Diyun's wood attribute vitality burst out, forming a halo of vitality light that enveloped his whole body. In a hurry, he shook his left arm and a palm with a green shimmering light emerged to meet Su Yi's attack.

Everything was within Su Yi's expectations, and a faint smile appeared on his lips. As his palms touched, he murmured, "Explode!" "Boom!" The collision of the two palms caused an explosion of energy, but in an instant, another muffled sound exploded between his palms.

From his palm, it was as if a tremendous hot stream was compressed within, then it expanded and exploded like a bomb.

"Boom..." The explosion was like thunder, and an aura similar to an erupting volcano burst out. The air flow caused a small tornado-like storm.

"Deng Deng..." Zhang Diyun's body immediately shook back in a straight line, and his vitality halo was also shattered. The ground under his feet cracked and his throat made a muffled sound. He couldn't help but cough up a mouthful of blood.


Situ Muyang made a move and took advantage of Zhang Diyun's setback. He rushed forward and a finger seal like electricity, cunning and clever, swiftly flashed to the latter's back.

Zhang Diyun felt the attack from behind, but it was too late to avoid it. He swiftly dodged, and the finger seal also slipped out from his shoulder, revealing a bloody hole and spewing blood.

In such a battle, it only took a moment to determine the outcome, not to mention that Su Yi was suppressing in secret.

Su Yi made another move. His foot moved with vitality, his figure was like a ghost, his fist was tightly clenched, and he didn't use any martial arts, but his simple punch with majestic vitality hit Zhang Diyun hard with a force that came from the condensed power.

The vitality contained in Su Yi's punch dissipated the air ripples, and with the sound of disturbing air that followed, it hit Zhang Diyun heavily, who had no way to avoid it.



With a dull thud, Zhang Diyun spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his body flew backwards like a kite with a broken line.

Zhang Diyun crashed onto the ground, causing the earth to tremble. His face turned as pale as ashes and the precious sword in his hand slipped away.


Zhang Diyun struggled, his eyes widened in terror. Suddenly, a powerful force crushed down, suppressing him completely.

The end result is predictable, with Zhang Diyun dumbfounded and in a daze, everything on his body was thoroughly searched and taken away.

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