The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 489

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Chapter 489: Do You Have a Cold and Fever?

"Yes, it's me!"

Zhang Diyun shrugged and said calmly, exuding confidence in his expression.

Although he knew that Su Yi was not to be underestimated, the black-robed youth in front of him was also very strong. However, being ranked ninth in the Sword Tower, he was not too nervous at the moment.

Thinking that everything about these two youths would soon fall on him, Zhang Diyun's heart couldn't help but surge with excitement.

I heard that Su Yi plundered tens of thousands of inner disciples and possesses all the Dark Spirit Fruits. Moreover, with so many direct disciples he has recently gained, his harvest is enormous.

"The Sword Tower ranked ninth..."

Upon hearing this, Su Yi's brow furrowed. It turned out that this guy ranked ninth in the Sword Tower, six places higher than Jian Shiyi. No wonder he had such strength and dared to purposely lure them here alone.

"I'll give you two options. Hand over half of your gains and I won't trouble you any further, or else I will have to take action myself!"

Seeing the change in expressions of Su Yi and Situ Muyang, Zhang Diyun thought that these two youths were wary of him. If he could win without fighting and take away half of their gains, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

After all, Su Yi is not to be underestimated. Perhaps a tough battle is needed to win. He might be able to take everything at the end, but in the end, he would also become a target for everyone's criticism and resentment.

Zhang Diyun is not foolish; he knows how to do what is most advantageous for himself!

"Do you have a cold and fever?"

Situ Muyang looked at Zhang Diyun and asked earnestly.


Zhang Diyun was slightly stunned; how could someone who cultivates martial arts have a cold and fever?

"If you're not running a fever, how can you say something like that? I thought maybe your fever made you delirious."

Situ Muyang cast a glance at Zhang Diyun and said, "What does it matter that you are ranked ninth in the Sword Tower? I am already at the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

"Boy, tell me which peak you're from!"

Zhang Diyun's face became gloomy and he stared at Situ Muyang with a cold gaze. This kid dared to play tricks on him. Among all the direct descendants of the Divine Sword School of his generation, no one had dared to be so arrogant in front of him before.


Suddenly, at that moment, Su Yi beside them moved. His figure was like lightning, leaving a trail of afterimages as he dashed toward Zhang Diyun. He thrust his fist out, and it was enveloped in blazing Yuan Qi.

"Sneak attack..."

Zhang Diyun was somewhat surprised. He never thought that Su Yi would launch a sneak attack. In his mind, although Su Yi was young, his cultivation was outstanding. It seemed that such a person would not resort to a sneak attack.

However, in an instant, Zhang Diyun made his move. His fist was covered in Yuan Qi and he met Su Yi's fist head-on, creating a collision between the two figures for a moment.


The Yuan Qi erupted with a muffled sound, spreading out and filling the surroundings.

As the Yuan Qi clashed, a strong aura of Yuan Qi swept across, shattering the dry branches and fallen leaves on the ground into powder, causing the ground to tremble.

"Remember, my name is Situ Muyang!"

Situ Muyang also made a move, his body was covered in Yuan Qi, and his attack was as powerful as a mountain pressing down, besieging Zhang Diyun.

Feeling the aura behind him, Zhang Diyun's expression changed. Immediately, his footwork changed as he stepped out with a mysterious pace, and his left arm rotated as he collided with a palm.


The aura of Yuan Qi swept over, causing Zhang Diyun's body to tremble slightly, and he retreated several steps backward.

"Deng deng!"

Situ Muyang staggered backward two steps, but as soon as his body was about to fall, his Yuan Qi transformed into the wind element. The Yuan Qi under his feet surged, and his body floated backward like a leaf in a gentle breeze, and after retreating two more steps, he was already able to stabilize his momentum.

"So strong, it's the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm!"

Situ Muyang looked at Zhang Diyun, his eyes secretly filled with shock. The latter's cultivation had definitely reached the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.


Su Yi arrived again and punched with great force.

A surge of fire-element Yuan Qi churned within him, and it seemed that bright flames were about to burst out from his palm prints. The scorching aura contaminated the surrounding air as if it was going to ignite, causing one's skin to feel scorched and hairs to stand on end.

Just as Zhang Diyun stabilized his retreating figure, he suddenly tipped his toes on the ground and leaped directly to avoid Su Yi's punch.

At the same time, Zhang Diyun quickly moved forward. With a shake of his green battle robe, his Wood-element Yuan Qi condensed in his handprints, forming a vortex-like spiral around his body. Many densely packed palm prints also appeared on his right hand. Finally, these palm prints silently enveloped Su Yi, appearing quite strange.

Su Yi was also somewhat surprised. This attack was really strange, and he had never seen such a bizarre martial skill before.

As his Yuan Qi surged, Su Yi made his move and his palm prints collided with the opponent's in an instant.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

Suddenly, dull thuds rang out, Yuan Qi and Gang winds burst out, and attribute light erupted.

Su Yi used his absolute Yuan Qi to completely block all of the dense palm prints.

However, the outburst of wooden attribute Yuan Qi seemed to be able to penetrate through Su Yi's defensive Yuan Qi light shield and affected him significantly.

If Su Yi didn't possess the Indestructible Vajra Body, the effect of the attack might have been much more severe.

Secretly surprised, Su Yi was even more aware now that Zhang Diyun, who was ranked ninth in the Sword Tower, was definitely a worthy opponent. If it weren't for his Indestructible Vajra Body, he would have been significantly affected by the attack.

Moreover, even though they had only exchanged a few moves, Su Yi had already realized that Zhang Diyun possessed the Wood attribute, and his attacks were swift and unpredictable, making him extremely difficult to deal with.


Situ Muyang appeared once again, suspended in mid-air amidst a radiant white glow. His dazzling brilliance covered his entire body, and he was clad in a sparkling and immaculate white armor, resembling that of a feathered robe.

The armor was glowing with an ancient aura, and a pair of white wings were flapping gracefully. The wings expanded, and the edges were as sharp as a sword, gleaming with a piercing cold light. He descended towards Zhang Diyun, causing an inexplicable force to surge out, and gusts of wind howled, enveloping Zhang Diyun.

"Yuan Spirit Realm Fourth Grade, Armor Treasure!" Zhang Diyun, who retreated after his stoush with Su Yi, felt the imposing aura descending behind him. He evaded it instantly and his expression changed. The ancient aura of the armor was suffused with overwhelming pressure, and at this moment, the aura emanating from Zhang Diyun had reached the Fourth Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. Coupled with the armor treasure, his power was awe-inspiring.


In that instant, Zhang Diyun held nothing back. His entire body was surging with vitality, like a torrential flood, and his cultivation was at its peak, emanating the aura of the Fifth Layer of the Yuan Spirit Realm. The impact shook the surroundings.


The wood attribute vitality erupted, interweaving with a brilliant green light, and collided with it.

Under the impact of the two powerful forces, the void trembled and sand and stones flew around.

Withered twigs and falling leaves turned into dust, gnarled branches were broken, destroying everything!

"The Fifth Layer of the Yuan Spirit Realm?! Do you think that I will be scared away?" Zhang Diyun's Fifth Layer of the Yuan Spirit Realm didn't come as a surprise to Situ Muyang, he had already sensed it.

Flying at low altitude, the Wind Battle Armor shone brilliantly, whistling with the wind as Situ Muyang repeatedly struck at Zhang Diyun.

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