The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: The Ninth on the Sword Tower - Zhang Diyun!

Moreover, Situ Muyang knew that there was also Su Yi, this terrifying guy, by his side. He was a real freak.

"We need to be careful too, lest this is a game within a game."

Pouting, Su Yi observed the surroundings and his soul power searched the area. He was not afraid of deliberately exposing any lone guy but was afraid that it might be a game within a game and that there were more hidden powerful people around.

"What should we do? That guy is probably very strong and must have Sword-patterned Stones on him."

Situ Muyang was a bit eager to try. He could feel the aura emanating from the youth in front, who seemed to be the strongest direct disciple he had encountered in these past few days.

Surely, a direct disciple like this must have Sword-patterned Stones on them.

"The chance of a game within a game is not high. We can take a risk and give it a try!"

A glint flashed in Su Yi's eyes. Any direct disciple who could pose a threat to him should be at the level of Jian Shiyi.

But those who can reach the level of Jian Shiyi, each of those direct disciples must have extraordinary talents and individual personalities, so the possibility of them joining hands together is not very high.

As for other direct disciples joining forces, the worst that can happen is that they expose themselves, but there won't be much danger.

"Heh heh, that guy seems to be prepared. How should we make our move?"

With a smile in his eyes, Situ Muyang was learning very quickly under the guidance of Su Yi in these two days. He made all the preparations and was ready to take action, aiming for a hit.

"He's on guard, then we'll go with the second plan. Let's play it by ear!" said Su Yi.

The towering tree stood tall and vigorous with its rugged twists and turns.

Zhang Diyun, dressed in a blue battle robe, sat cross-legged. Besides the wave of breath surging from him, everything around was quiet, and the atmosphere inexplicably felt a little suppressed.

Suddenly, the young man with closed eyes suddenly opened his eyes and glanced ahead without any trace of expression.

There was a powerful breath which had already appeared within his range of spiritual perception.

"Finally, it has arrived."

Muttering to himself inwardly, Zhang Diyun once again closed his eyes and stood motionless, as if completely unguarded.

After a moment, there was a nearly imperceptible wave of breath coming from the dense forest not far away.

Immediately, a black figure flashed out, and a burst of light erupted with a strong breath, shooting towards the forehead of Zhang Diyun, who was meditating with crossed legs, like an arrow.

The speed was too fast, and an object came like an arrow, arriving in an instant.


At the same time, as the object swooped in, a strong surge of green aura suddenly gushed out from Zhang Diyun's body, transforming into an aura shielding his body and surrounding him. At the same time, his figure leaped out and he punched explosively.


With a muffled bang, something exploded in front of Zhang Diyun, and a square stone was reduced to powder.


At this moment, a shadowy figure appeared beside Zhang Diyun, and with a black brick in hand, he or she smacked it directly.

"There's one more!"

Zhang Diyun was astonished that he had been caught off guard by the second person without any signal or awareness. His gaze darkened, but his hand didn't stop moving. He swiftly retreated while his internal vital energy circulated and burst into his meridians, flowing like a rushing flood. A finger imprint shot out, colliding with the quivering green light in a flash.


The finger imprint collided with the black brick, causing a burst of light. The black brick shattered and cracked, and finally, the finger imprint collided with the flesh palm.

In that moment, a strand of crimson light covered the palm of that flesh hand, and the vital energy, carrying a burning breath, flowed instantly along with it, colliding with the finger imprint.

With a touch, the two figures staggered and retreated at the same time.

Su Yi's figure retreated, and it took him several steps to stabilize his body. His gaze was a bit astonished. This person was a lot stronger than he had imagined.

Zhang Diyun stumbled back two steps more than Su Yi did. In an instant, his expression changed greatly. The attacker who came in a sneak attack was also stronger than he had imagined.


Situ Liuyun's figure appeared, and he stood opposite Su Yi, one on the left and one on the right. On his childish face, there was a stern expression that made him seem much older than he actually was.

Situ Muyang recognized the strength of this young man in the green robe and didn't let his guard down at all.

"You are that Su Yi!"

Zhang Diyun looked at the two young men, Su Yi and Situ Muyang, and seemed quite surprised. But when he saw Su Yi's appearance, his expression suddenly changed. It was unclear whether he was excited or shocked, hopeful or astonished.

"I will not change my name or surname. I am Su Yi."

Su Yi shrugged his shoulders, guessing that his attire was too easy to recognize. But he had no choice, as carrying the heavy sword on his back was a form of tempering that would lead to greater effectiveness through persistence.

At the moment, Su Yi was also sizing up the young man in front of him, a direct disciple of the Divine Sword School. He exuded a strong aura, had a graceful manner, and a remarkable temperament. Su Yi couldn't help but sigh in amazement that the Divine Sword School truly deserved its reputation as a first-class power, with its disciples being exceptionally talented and outstanding.

"It's like finding something without having to make an effort after searching everywhere in vain."

Zhang Diyun smiled, revealing a handsome face, as he looked at Su Yi and Situ Muyang up and down. He said, "The Dark Spirit Fruits are on you, and you should have collected quite a few pieces of Dark Spirit Fruits."

"What are you talking about, I have no idea," Su Yi shook his head, naturally, he wouldn't admit to anything.

"Intentionally exposing yourself here is to trick us, but unfortunately your strength seems to be somewhat lacking!"

Situ Muyang spoke and looked at Zhang Diyun without any carelessness or fear, but with confidence.

"Don't admit it? That's okay, you will know in a while!"

Zhang Diyun looked at Su Yi, then turned to Situ Muyang and said, "I have to admit, you guys do have some strength and ability, which is why you are a bit arrogant. But I hope that you can still be so arrogant later."

As for Zhang Diyun, he naturally believed that the Dark Spirit Fruits were on Su Yi.

Zhang Diyun looked at the two teenagers in front of him, who were young in age. As for Su Yi, defeating Jian Shiyi had already proved his strength.

Also, the age of this black-clothed teenager seemed even younger, and from the strength of his sneak attack just now, his cultivation strength was also impressive.

After hearing about everything these two people had done in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Zhang Diyun was convinced that these two teenagers had real skills.

This made Zhang Diyun not underestimate Su Yi and Situ Muyang at the moment.

"Quite arrogant, state your name!"

Hearing the tone of Zhang Diyun, Situ Muyang was very unhappy. It seemed that this guy was quite arrogant.

"Remember, Zhang Diyun, everything you do in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition will be stopped by me!"

Zhang Diyun spoke, his eyes gleaming with light, once he defeated Su Yi, everything these two teenagers gained would fall into his hands, which would be a great achievement.

"Zhang Diyun, the one ranked ninth in the Sword Tower?"

Situ Muyang's eyes narrowed slightly. He had heard of Zhang Diyun's name before, apparently, as one of the top ranked ninth in both the Divine Sword School and the Sword Tower.

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