The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 487

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Chapter 487: Fight Fire With Fire!

"This is so vile and shameless that no matter who did it, I will definitely crush them into a million pieces!"

On the beautiful face of Pu Qingqing, her bright eyes were furiously red, her gaze bloodshot, with overwhelming anger.

"Senior Pu Hao and Senior Pu Qingqing are angry now. It's better not to get too close."

Disciples of the Divine Sword School around them dared not approach, fearing that Senior Pu Hao and Senior Pu Qingqing would vent their anger on them.


At this moment, Su Yi and Situ Muyang, who were the initiators, began searching for their target once again.

Although many direct disciples received the news, there were always some who were left behind. As long as the numbers were not too many, Su Yi and Situ Muyang could take action.

There were still some direct disciples who had not received the news. Suddenly, they blacked out and fell unconscious after being hit.

Although the cultivation strength of the direct disciples was strong, overall, those who could enter the ranking of the Sword Tower had at least reached the peak of the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm in cultivation.

As for other direct disciples, they are all between the First Grade and the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm.

These cultivation strengths would have been extremely powerful to Su Yi in the past.

But now, for these average direct disciples, with the cultivation strengths of Su Yi and Situ Muyang, even if they ambush, they cannot escape once they are caught off guard.

Although many direct disciples were prepared and cautious, small teams with a small number of people still fell victim to the black bricks and were looted.

After another day and night in hiding, Su Yi and Situ Muyang counted the space bags. There were many more than yesterday, with over three hundred space bags piled up in front of them.

"Today we have twice as many as yesterday. It's a good result, but unfortunately, there are no opponents with particularly strong abilities."

Situ Muyang was very happy, but also a little regretful. He gained some experience and realized that only the direct disciples with extremely strong abilities had a chance to possess the Sword-patterned Stones.

There are many small teams, all of which are direct disciples, but the Sword-patterned Stones are mostly held by those direct disciples with the strongest abilities. Other direct disciples may not have any Sword-patterned Stones.

"There are quite a few more than yesterday."

All of these space bags belong to the direct disciples. Su Yi would not be picky about any space bag that belongs to a direct disciple.

Anyway, what Su Yi wants is not just the Sword-patterned Stones.

The two of them continued to rest, recover their strength, and then prepared to continue on the road.

And inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, it has already completely exploded at this moment.

"So bold, so shameless and so reckless, how could one be so unscrupulous!"

"Many people have fallen victim to the black hand and have been robbed!"

"It is said that it is definitely not just one person who did it, they must have a team in action, and each one of them is very powerful!"


Direct disciples gathered closely together, preparing for the possibility of encountering the person who attacked them with a brick, and standing ready for any situation!

"Whoever it is, they will definitely not be let off!"

"I must kill that guy, bastard!"


Those direct disciples who had been attacked, after waking up, were furious but completely unable to find the person responsible, which made them rage helplessly.

Many direct disciples who had been attacked consciously formed teams and searched for the mastermind behind the scenes.

In the early morning, Su Yi and Situ Muyang set off again with youthful vigor.

Although the direct disciples were prepared, and there were many inner and outer disciples in the surroundings keeping an eye out for them, Su Yi and Situ Muyang were both proficient in wind attribute and had superior speed, making it impossible for ordinary people to detect their presence.


Before long, screams could be heard from deep inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, where bricks suddenly appeared everywhere, catching people off guard.

Everyone had already arrived at the depths of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, where the area was not very large and many of the direct disciples had already fallen victim to the black bricks.

On that uneasy day, screams could be heard everywhere, attracting a large number of direct disciples who searched all around, but to no avail.

As night fell, the moonlight enveloped the ancient earth and mountains.

The forested valley was so peaceful that it seemed as if everything was asleep. Occasional roars of beasts and the swaying shadows of tree branches in the moonlight could create an illusion for someone.

With ancient trees standing tall amidst the towering peaks, the view was shrouded in darkness and obscured the moonlight. It appeared eerie and terrifying, with an air of mysteriousness and impenetrability.

This ancient land has always been isolated from the world, and it is filled with various dangers, such as demon beasts, swamps, and many others, which require one to be extremely cautious.

In the moonlight, the light within the deep forest became even darker and more obscure. The towering ancient trees blocked out the majority of the moonlight, and only the scattered moonbeams shone through the branches and leaves, adding a touch of mystery and eeriness.

In the dim and dense forest, the towering trees were vigorous and twisted, with elusive mist pervading through the air. The surrounding area was eerily quiet in an unusual way.

Beside a towering tree, there was a figure sitting cross-legged, enveloped in a radiant aura and exuding a powerful aura.

The figure appeared to be young, around 20 years old. Dressed in a green battle robe, with his black hair tied behind his head, he had a handsome face and his slightly closed eyes were radiating a blue light.

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

In the distance, on top of a towering tree, two young boys were crouching in the branches of the treetop, peering through the gaps in the leaves and observing the distant figure.

"This person is alone and seems to be unguarded."

Situ Muyang spoke, and in the forest on this moonlit night, some black-clad figures appeared even more hidden. Only a pair of clear eyes glimmered in the darkness.

"Something is not right." Su Yi's eyes moved with a profound gaze.

"What happened? It's just a lone person, so we'll stick to our regular procedure." Situ Muyang asked.

"That guy is a direct disciple, with a strong aura that isn't that of a weakling. However, it's strange that he's completely unguarded."

A smile quirked up at the corner of Su Yi's mouth. Within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, the faint aura emanating from the distant direct disciple suggested a considerable level of cultivation. But precisely because of this, Su Yi found it strange.

The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is filled with danger everywhere. No one dares to be careless, and there is no room for carelessness.

A direct disciple of considerable prowess could not be oblivious to this fact. If someone were to be so careless in such a place, there could only be one reason - that it was intentional.

"So you mean to say that that guy was intentionally careless? In that case..."

Situ Muyang saw through it in an instant. His gaze flickered with suspicion as he asked Su Yi, "Do you think this guy might be deliberately waiting for us?"


Su Yi smiled slightly and said, "That guy deliberately exposed himself, so he must be trying to attract something to come near him. It's very likely that he's trying to lure us."

"Hehe, that guy is all alone. Even if he is on guard against us, what can he do? After all, there are two of us!"

Situ Muyang saw the clues, but instead became even more indifferent.

After breaking through to the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm, Situ Muyang's confidence surged. Even if he encountered someone at the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm, he had absolute confidence in being able to protect himself.

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