The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: Bricks Flying Everywhere!

"It's Pu Hao and Pu Qingqing, these two individuals are not easy to deal with!"

There were also many direct disciples who were attracted nearby, but when they saw that it was Pu Hao and Pu Qingqing, they hesitated briefly before immediately leaving.

Pu Hao and Pu Qingqing, the two siblings, have a great reputation among their peers in the Divine Sword School, which makes others envious and fearful.

Watching the figures leaving around them, the two siblings glanced at each other. This is not a place to stay for long so they quickly left without lingering.

A moment later, in a remote location.

The two siblings were seriously injured and exhausted, and there was no one to protect them, so they urgently needed to heal and recover.

After checking the safety of their surroundings, the two siblings each took a pill and began to meditate and breath to heal their injuries with their eyes closed.

"One person for one, let's get started!"

After a quarter of an hour, two boys quietly appeared not far from Pu Hao and the two siblings. They each held a square stone that looked like a large brick and, without warning, smashed it fiercely toward the two siblings.

The two siblings, who were sitting cross-legged, seemed to perceive something at that moment. Suddenly, their vitality surged out and gathered into a protective shield around them.

However, the injuries of the two siblings were too severe and they were exhausted, thus they had limited strength. Moreover, considering the strength of Su Yi and Situ Muyang, who attacked them by surprise, it's not difficult to guess the result.

"Bang, bang!"

The two bricks broke through the protective shield of the two siblings in an instant, hitting their occiput solidly and causing blood to gush out immediately.


The two siblings let out a scream of misery. Before they could even recover, their vision went black, their minds went blank, and they fainted directly.

Two teenagers carefully walked out and checked the breathing of the two siblings.

"I hope we didn't kill them. We mustn't injure their lives."

Muttering to himself, Situ Muyang felt nervous, but also excited and a little thrilled about doing this kind of thing for the first time.

"Don't worry, they just fainted. They won't die!"

After checking the condition of the two siblings, Su Yi quickly and skillfully took the space bag from their arms and put it directly into his own.

"Hurry, let's go."

Then, the two boys quickly departed without staying for even a second.

"I'm so nervous, yet so excited. After they wake up, they will probably go crazy, hahaha..."

Situ Muyang couldn't help feeling excited on the way, thinking that the siblings would wake up and find out that everything they had worked so hard for was gone, and couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Continue, this is just the beginning. There are many direct disciples, so we need to make good use of our time!"

Su Yi was rather calm, having done this sort of thing countless times during the three years he spent in the Forest of Demons.

Soon, another direct disciple fell into the sights of the two of them.

A young man who was alone and was peeing facing a large tree, when suddenly he felt a sharp pain at the back of his head. He felt dizzy before collapsing on the ground.

After an hour, as the night sky descended, a small team of a dozen or so direct disciples worked together to fight a small nest of demon beasts. Though they gained some rewards, they were all left injured and had to take time to recuperate.

"Bang bang bang bang..."

Bricks flew all over the sky, but the targets were accurate and landed with extreme precision on the good heads of these direct disciples.

One direct disciple had a quick reaction and rapidly retreated, managing to dodge a brick.

"Get down!"

A voice suddenly sounded next to this direct disciple's ear, and a ghostly figure appeared behind him. With a brick in hand, the figure directly slammed down.


Upon hearing a scream, the direct disciple turned around and only saw a blurry figure behind him. Then, he saw stars before his eyes and fainted.

At night, the moon was dim while the stars were bright, and the jungle was mysterious and quiet.


From the depths of the surrounding mountains, the sound of beastly roars could be heard, as if an unknown wild animal was near.


The sounds of miserable screams could be heard from all directions, as if they were surrounding the area and coming from all sides.

At dawn, the gentle light of the morning brought renewed life to all things.

In the concealed mountain cave, Su Yi and Situ Muyang were crouched on the ground with a pile of miscellaneous items and a space bag in front of them.

"Altogether, there were 86. We have quite a harvest."

Situ Muyang was a little excited. This was the harvest from one day and night, 86 space bags in total.

"There are many direct disciples. We knocked out more than fifty people in one day and night. The task is arduous. We must work harder today."

However, Su Yi was somewhat dissatisfied. With so many direct disciples, at this speed, who knows when they will finish knocking them out.

Situ Muyang gave Su Yi a white-eyed look. This fellow was really greedy enough. Then he laughed and said, "Don't you have a way to open these space bags? Let's see what the harvest is inside, and how many Sword-patterned Stones we have."

"Opening the space bags takes time. Not every direct disciple has Sword-patterned Stones on them, and it's not likely that there will be many. We still need to work hard," Su Yi said.

"In the entire Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, it is said that there are only a few hundred Sword-patterned Stones. However, even if they are scattered, we should each at least take twenty Sword-patterned Stones to have absolute assurance."

Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi and said, "In any case, the more Sword-patterned Stones we have, the greater our assurance."

"Like this..."

With a slight smile, Su Yi calculated that the number of Sword-patterned Stones he had on him right now should be enough. However, just to be safe, it would be better to have as many Sword-patterned Stones as possible.

For Su Yi, Sword-patterned Stones were only one of his true goals. It was likely that the space bags of those direct disciples held the real treasures.

"Rest for a while and let's continue our journey!"

Immediately, Su Yi spoke and said that they needed to rest for a while to continue their journey, even if it meant taking a day and night break.


"Did you hear? Many direct disciples were knocked unconscious and their space bags are missing!"

"I also heard that Pu Hao and Pu Qingqing siblings were also targeted. They were knocked unconscious and when they woke up, their space bags were missing!"

"Many others have also been targeted!"


News of people being targeted and having their space bags stolen has also spread like a storm.

All the targets are aimed at direct disciples, which makes every direct disciple feel insecure. Those who have heard the news won't dare to take action alone.

"Who could it be that's so daring to ambush the direct disciples everywhere?"

"This person must be very powerful, otherwise how would they dare to target the direct disciples!"

"I heard it's possible that there are several people involved, it doesn't seem like the work of just one person!"


As everyone talked about it, both the inner and outer disciples suddenly felt inexplicably happy.

They were robbed by that Su Yi. But from the looks of it, those direct disciples have also suffered a heavy blow this time inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

If this gets out, they won't be too embarrassed in the future.

"If I find out who did it, I, Pu Hao, won't let them get away with it!"

On the hill, Pu Hao's aura was fierce. He had gauze wrapped around the back of his head, his black hair standing on end, showing his extreme anger.

The Sword-patterned Stones and spiritual medicines that he worked hard to find were actually robbed during an ambush.

The guy who made the move was despicable, hitting him on the head with a brick while no one was watching. How could he not be angry?

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