The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 485

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Chapter 485: Brother and Sister

These two young men, one handsome and elegant, the other delicate and dust-free!

One is handsome, resolute, unconventional and transcendent!

"How should we proceed, openly or secretly?"

"Whoever we encounter, we'll deal with them accordingly. It's better to do it in secret, as it will increase our chances of success!"

"Those direct disciples, some of them are also very strong, and not necessarily easy to deal with."

"Attacking in secret, it's best to strike with one blow, we should always conserve our strength and not engage in direct confrontation!"


The beautiful sunshine, the lovely morning, and these two exceptional young people seem to be discussing something important.


Throughout the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, almost everyone is searching for Su Yi.

He looted tens of thousands of inner disciples, behind whom were all direct disciples. Coupled with his possession of all the Dark Spirit Fruits and estimated abundance of Sword-patterned Stones, Su Yi became the target of everyone's attention.

Unfortunately, nobody has seen Su Yi, as if he has disappeared.

"This guy must have received wind of it and went into hiding!"

"Cowardly turtle, he's probably too scared to show his face!"

Several young men and women passed by, full of complaints and curses. They were all gnashing their teeth in disappointment, having searched for so long and yet they hadn't even caught a glimpse of Su Yi.

The group went farther and farther, gradually disappearing from sight.

"They said you're a cowardly turtle, you know."

On top of the towering tree, amidst the thick foliage, Situ Muyang looked down at Su Yi with a mocking expression.

"I don't want to bother with these guys. They have nothing. We just need to find those direct disciples."

Su Yi didn't mind. Both the inner and outer disciples had nothing worth caring about. Now he was searching for those direct disciples.

"Let's go," Situ Muyang said with great enthusiasm and anticipation.

Two figures silently landed, moving like phantoms as they swiftly disappeared without a trace.

In a grove of mountains, a group of extraordinary young men and women stood together, totaling over thirty people. They all possessed remarkable auras and wore emblems indicating they were direct disciples of the Divine Sword School.

"I don't believe that Su Yi can still escape!"

"Although Su Yi defeated Jian Shiyi, I don't believe he is a match for us with so many people!"

"It's better to be careful. They say that Su Yi can tame demon beasts!"


A group of direct disciples whispered among themselves, searching for Su Yi.

"Let the inner and outer disciples search for Su Yi. We don't have much time left. We must quickly find more Sword-patterned Stones!"

"Su Yi should have a lot of Sword-patterned Stones on him!"

"We can't just rely on Su Yi. If he doesn't appear or someone else finds them first, we won't have enough Sword-patterned Stones!"

"Many people have already gone to search for Sword-patterned Stones. Once we have news of Su Yi, we'll work together to deal with it!"


"You go look for Su Yi first, and let me know as soon as you have any news!"

Among the crowd, there was an extraordinary young man with an imposing manner, and a powerful aura emanated from his body. As soon as he finished speaking, he swiftly swept away.


Next to the young man, there was a similarly aged young woman who remained silent. She only released her martial energy through her feet and followed the young man as he left.

"Senior Brother Pu Hao and Senior Sister Pu Qingqing have left!"

"Among our group, the siblings are the strongest, both ranked within the top fifty strong levels of The Sword Tower. Their combined strength is even more formidable, they were supposed to be the main force to deal with Su Yi."

"Don't worry, Senior Brother Pu Hao and Senior Sister Pu Qingqing have gone to look for Sword-patterned Stones alone. Once they receive any information about Su Yi, they will immediately come and join forces with us."

A bunch of direct disciples muttered among themselves. Although there were many people, they were all very wary of Su Yi.

As the saying goes, a person's name is represented by a tree, and now Su Yi's reputation is widespread, coupled with his fierce and vicious behavior, it is inevitable that they are wary of him.

"To deal with this group, should we still go after those two who got separated?"

At the far corner, two teenagers were sneaking around, hiding without leaving any traces, and discussing how to take action.

"Those two who got separated should have the strongest strength and more Sword-patterned Stones on them. Although that group of direct disciples is weaker in comparison, they have greater numbers. Once we take action, we may be exposed quickly. Therefore, let's deal with those two first!" Su Yi thought.

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

Soon, two teenagers quietly followed Pu Hao and his sister as they left.

Pu Hao and Pu Qingqing, two siblings who are not twins but only a year apart, possess exceptional proficiency in their cultivation and martial arts skills among their peers. Their rankings in the Sword Tower are among the top fifty, and they have an excellent reputation throughout the Divine Sword School.

Plus, once these two siblings collaborate, they are like a tiger with wings added. It makes people even more wary.

These two siblings are indeed very strong. They rushed along at electric speed and, after two hours, found a Demonic Spirit Realm triple peak demon beast to battle with. They even killed dozens of small demon beasts. In the end, they severely injured the Demonic Spirit Realm triple peak demon beast and obtained several Sword-patterned Stones and two spirit herbs.

The two siblings were cautious, even though one of them had just been lightly injured and had expended a lot of energy. They consumed medicinal pills to heal and recover, with one cultivating breathing exercises while the other acted as a protector.

"Very clever and cautious. Otherwise, why not just take action directly?"

Situ Muyang gazed far ahead at the two direct disciples who were being very cautious. He lowered his voice and almost used sign language to speak.

"No, there are many people near here. If we act, we'll expose ourselves. Let's hold back for now," Su Yi shook his head, unwilling to act.

Pu Hao siblings only rested and meditated for a short while before they continued on the road.

Throughout the journey, the siblings have been searching for Sword-patterned Stones and also seeking encounters with powerful demon beasts.

According to their experience, the powerful demon beasts they encounter usually have Sword-patterned Stones on their bodies.

After about two hours, the siblings encountered another powerful demon beast.

A four-fold Demonic Spirit Realm demon beast with a powerful aura was particularly difficult to handle.

The siblings made their move with a surging offensive style, the sound was as loud as thunder, and the resulting tremors created waves.



This was a fiercely intense battle, with the siblings joining forces to exert their full power, repeatedly resorting to their secret weapons.

That demon beast was also very formidable, possessing both fire and wood attributes, with strange and ferocious attacks.

Finally, Pu Hao and Pu Qingqing launched a full-blown attack together, unleashing their full power, and were able to kill the demon beast.

However, the siblings also suffered numerous injuries and were heavily wounded, with considerable expenditure of their energy.

The demon beast was opened up by the siblings and several Sword-patterned Stones unexpectedly appeared from its belly.

The materials on this demon beast's body were also treasures, which the siblings cut off and stored in their space bag.

"Swoosh swoosh..."

Many figures appeared around, and this intense fight attracted a lot of people nearby.

"What, does anyone want to try and lay a finger on me? Come and give it a try!"

Pu Hao snorted lightly, looked around with sharp eyes, and exuded a powerful and sharp momentum.

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