The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 484

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Chapter 484: There's a Little Devil Inside My Heart!

Situ Muyang kept his gaze fixed on Su Yi. His throat rolled for a moment but his expression soon calmed down. He let out a long breath and said to Su Yi, "I understand now. You purposely approached me for an alliance, didn't you?"


Su Yi's expression remained unchanged as he said, "Of course, with your strength and our cooperation, those direct disciples won't be able to do anything to us."

"You ask me to form an alliance with you because you fear the news will be exposed, which could lead to big troubles. The elders of the Divine Sword School, Dharma Protectors, and even my father may not let you go unpunished."

Situ Muyang suddenly fixed his gaze upon Su Yi with an old-fashioned, yet youthful face, and proclaimed, "But I am Situ Liuyun's son. If you seek an alliance with me, you are seeking a scapegoat. Even if my father or the elders and Dharma Protectors of the Divine Sword School were to punish you, with me as your ally, you will find it much easier."


Su Yi was stunned. Situ Muyang was really a cunning person.

Forming an alliance with Situ Muyang was indeed what Su Yi had in mind.

If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it yourself. Everything Su Yi did was related to the Divine Sword School, so he had to plan an exit strategy.

After encountering Situ Muyang, Su Yi suddenly had a brainwave that if he could get the sect leader's son of the Divine Sword School on board, he would feel much more at ease.

"Hehe, I won't hide it from you, that's exactly how it is."

With an awkward smile, Su Yi then looked at Situ Muyang seriously and said, "Since we have formed an alliance, I won't treat you unfairly either. You'll receive benefits from me, and if you're afraid, you can withdraw now. Anyway, you've already obtained the Dark Spirit Fruits, so you won't lose out."

"Why should I be afraid?"

Situ Muyang glanced and lifted his gaze, then said to Su Yi, "I won't withdraw. If you want me to take the blame for you, I will also demand a share of the benefits. However, I have one condition!"

"What condition?" Su Yi asked.

"The great plundering was not done by you alone, I also have a share, and it was originally something we did together!" said Situ Muyang.

"Why...?" Su Yi was somewhat puzzled.

"Actually, it's nothing, heheh..."

With a smirk, Situ Muyang said to Su Yi, "My dad has never really believed in me. He gave me countless warnings when I entered the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. I just want to show him that I'm not inferior to the direct disciples of the Divine Sword School. This way, it will be much easier for me to do what I want in the future!"

"I see..."

Although Su Yi wasn't sure if what Situ Muyang said was completely true, it should at least not be too false. This guy seemed harmless, but there was a little demon hidden in his heart.

"However, this is not a major plunder. We are just taking care of the space bags for those disciples," Su Yi said to Situ Muyang.

"Taking care of the space bags..."

Upon hearing this, Situ Muyang immediately understood and couldn't help but laugh. "Yes, that's right, we know how to take care of their space bags for them."

"However, those space bags are all set up with measures. It's not easy to open them, you know?"

Situ Muyang curiously asked if everyone's space bag had such a setup that made it difficult to open. If forced to open, everything inside the space bag would be destroyed.

"I have some tricks up my sleeve that can unlock space bags", Su Yi said.

"I see."

Situ Muyang didn't ask any further, knowing that Su Yi was very mysterious and he accepted that he had such means.

Later, the two had to discuss what to do next. They both wanted to make the final battle of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition on Spirit Sword Peak. For that, they required enough Sword-patterned Stones.

Moreover, now the outside direct disciples are all looking for Su Yi. Some direct disciples have also formed alliances, not only being prepared but also taking the initiative to attack. Fearful that Su Yi will be recognized by someone the moment he appears, he would be besieged.

Leaving aside how many direct disciples of the Divine Sword School Su Yi has offended, even the Dark Spirit Fruits on Su Yi's body would be enough to cause all the direct disciples to dig him out.

The consequences can be easily imagined if someone sees Su Yi.

Su Yi is well aware of this fact. No matter how strong he is, it's difficult to fight against many direct disciples all alone. If they all unite, he won't be able to cope with them.

If they really get control of the demon beast army, this matter will completely escalate.

"Do you have any plans?" Su Yi asked Situ Muyang.

"They want to deal with you, but now we are in the dark and they are in the light. If we fight alone, we have nothing to fear!"

After pondering for a while, Situ Muyang gave Su Yi a mysterious smile.

"What do you mean?" Su Yi asked.

"Anyway, we were originally going to borrow some Sword-patterned Stones from the direct disciple. Instead of searching elsewhere, let's just continue with that plan and borrow from the direct disciple who is more likely to lend to us. This way, we will have enough Sword-patterned Stones for the final showdown on Spirit Sword Peak!"

Situ Muyang's lips curved into a smile. The final showdown on Spirit Sword Peak during the Grand Swordsmanship Competition has always been his goal, especially now that he has increased his cultivation level by two levels. This has greatly boosted his confidence.

"Rest well tonight. Tomorrow morning, let's go borrow the Sword-patterned Stones!"

Su Yi looked at Situ Muyang, smiling slightly. There is indeed a little devil living in this guy's heart.

After a moment, the two of them regulated their breath and maintained their peak state, preparing to borrow the Sword-patterned Stones tomorrow.

The night is cool as water, with the bright moon hanging overhead.

Moonlight pours down, illuminating the mountains and valleys, shining upon any place in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords with a glorious light.

"Search, keep searching. The Dark Spirit Fruits are in Su Yi's hands, we must find them!"

"Can you believe that one person took all the Dark Spirit Fruits? That guy's appetite is really big!"


Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, people are searching for Su Yi everywhere.

"Su Yi, everything is about Su Yi. We must find that guy!"

All the inner disciples are even more angry now. It turns out that the demon beasts were controlled by Su Yi, who looted them completely. This enmity must be avenged. As long as they find that kid, the direct disciples will take action against him.


The mountain peaks rise high into the clouds, and the moonlight is like a silk, shining brilliantly.

A white deer, half a person's height, stands gracefully on a rock. Its body is elegant and its entire body radiates a sheen, covered by the moonlight and emitting a rosy glow.

"Find that young man for me!"

The deer spoke, its voice clear and articulate, as if it were a human speaking.


Suddenly, the flapping of wings of birds and the thunderous roar of beasts filled the air from all around, transmitting to the far distance. This continued one after another, for a long time without subsiding.


On the next day, as the sun rose from the east, golden morning light scattered over and enveloped the ancient battlefield in the sunshine.

The air is imbued with freshness and the energy of heaven and earth is abundant.

"Let's go borrow some Sword-patterned Stones!"

On the steep cliff, two teenagers stood up and stretched lazily, then each employed their own technique to spread their wings and descend.

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