The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 483

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Chapter 483: Identity Exposed!

At least Meng Xuan can be sure that these two boys are definitely not real outer disciples, and it's impossible for inner disciples to have such strength.

Meng Xuan finds it strange that if these two boys are direct disciples, then as a direct disciple of the Divine Sword School himself, he should know them.

It doesn't matter who we are," Su Yi said with a smile. "Tell me about the situation outside.

"Yes, tell me how you got in?"

Situ Muyang's eyes were clear, and his face still had a touch of youthfulness.

Both of these young boys are very young and appear completely harmless.

"You... I got it, you must be Su Yi..."

Suddenly, Meng Xuan remembered that these two young boys, one of whom carried a striking broken sword, looked exactly like the rumored Su Yi.

"Am I that famous?"

Su Yi raised an eyebrow, it seemed that he was quite famous.

Situ Muyang helplessly looked at Su Yi. With his boldness, it's probably difficult for him not to become famous.

Meng Xuan was stunned. It seemed that his guess was correct. If he had known it was this guy, how could he not have been prepared? He had unexpectedly encountered this guy.

"Let's cut to the chase, how did you get in here? What's been happening outside lately?"

Su Yi asked, there was no way to avoid his fame, he wanted to know the recent situation outside.

Meng Xuan didn't want to say much, after all, he was a direct disciple of the Divine Sword School, a renowned direct disciple on the Sword Tower.

Among the entire generation of the Divine Sword School, Meng Xuan was also a renowned and well-known figure. He is a well-respected cauldron in the school.

Already severely injured and having stolen the space bag added insult to injury, it was already shameful enough once word spread.

If he is still threatened, then once this is spread, he will be even more ashamed and unable to hold his head up high in the future.

Meng Xuan originally intended to grit his teeth and hold on, but he wondered what these two guys could do to him.

But in the end, Meng Xuan had no choice and begrudgingly told Su Yi and Situ Muyang everything they wanted to know, under the watchful and wary eyes of these two.

Because Su Yi threatened him, saying that he would strip him naked and throw him somewhere, so that all the disciples of the Divine Sword School could see him.

From Meng Xuan's mouth, Su Yi and Situ Muyang learned that it was not only Meng Xuan who entered this place alone, but that the ancient forest inexplicably opened up and was revealed.

Many people have now entered here one after another, and Meng Xuan was just the first one to come, hoping to find opportunities and fortune.

And during this time, some things also happened within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

Strictly speaking, some things happened after the direct disciples came in.

There are also many direct disciples, whose cultivation base is also outstanding.

The first thing these direct disciples did after entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords was to look for Dark Spirit Fruits and Sword-patterned Stones.

As a result, nobody has seen any trace of Dark Spirit Fruits.

Those direct disciples also learned about some things that happened to the inner disciples.

"Some people say that you alone took away the Dark Spirit Fruits, while others say that you controlled those demon beasts and looted all the inner disciples' space bags, taking away many Sword-patterned Stones, causing a great plunder!"

Meng Xuan's heart trembled slightly as she gazed at Su Yi.

Such a young boy, who didn't look very old, actually plundered tens of thousands of inner disciples within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. He alone took away all of the Dark Spirit Fruits and had many Sword-patterned Stones on him. This is truly shocking!


Su Yi looked surprised at hearing this. The news had actually spread, but as far as he knew, no one should have known about it.

In an instant, Su Yi's mind was contemplating.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing knew the most about it, but they had always kept close to him. If this news were to be spread, it would be even more detrimental to them, so it naturally couldn't have been spread by Xu Jiahui or Zhang Qing.

Situ Muyang didn't know much about it. He only knew that the Dark Spirit Fruits were on his person and had always stayed close to him, so it was unlikely that he spread the news.

Su Yi really couldn't think of a reason, unless someone else also knew the language of beasts or he had accidentally revealed some clues that were guessed by others.

"It was you who did it..."

Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi, his gaze somewhat astonished.

As someone who had been inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords all along, he naturally knew what had happened during the previous period of time. Demon beasts had gathered and formed a Beast Tide, plundering all the inner disciples. He had also been guessing the reason behind it.

Hearing this news at the moment, Situ Muyang thought about everything again. If Su Yi could subdue the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, he will be able to subdue other demon beast leaders of different sizes as well.

Based on Situ Muyang's understanding of Su Yi during this period of time, he was absolutely capable of doing such a thing, so this news was a hundred percent true.

The great plundering within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords was secretly controlled by this guy, looting tens of thousands of inner disciples.

"Looking back, we are on the same side."

Su Yi grinned at Situ Muyang, and immediately wanted to know from this young man's mouth who had spread the news.

Unfortunately, Meng Xuan also didn't know who first spread the news.

"All the direct disciples, including Yun Lingfeng, Gu Chenyou, Gong Qi, and Liu Yunchuan, are searching for you. Many others have also formed an alliance and are searching for you everywhere."

Meng Xuan spoke up, thinking that this young man wouldn't be able to escape. He had taken all of the Dark Spirit Fruits, so people like Liu Yunchuan wouldn't let him go. There was simply no way to escape within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

"This news is somewhat useful."

Su Yi pondered and realized that he pretty much had all the information he wanted to know.

With the ancient forest fully opened, Su Yi suspected that it was related to that divine bird's bones. News of him taking the Dark Spirit Fruits and snatching all the space bags had already spread. It was not suitable to stay here for long as they could be in big trouble if discovered.

Su Yi was not afraid of ordinary disciples from the Divine Sword School, but it was said that there were a few direct disciples within the Divine Sword School who were extremely formidable. They were all rare talents.

Su Yi was not intimidated by such direct disciples of the Divine Sword School. After all, there were many of them, and now was not the time for a fight. His goal was the great rewards offered by the Divine Sword School in the end.

With the ancient forest completely exposed, there was no need to search for an exit anymore.

"Let's go..."

Su Yi signaled Situ Muyang and left with great strides.

At dusk, the sky was covered with the glow of the setting sun, as it descended towards the western mountains.

The steep cliffs and rugged trees in the mountains provided a hiding place that was difficult for anything but birds to reach, and was therefore quite secluded.

Both Su Yi and Situ Muyang had their own means, rising into the air and preparing to spend the night.

"You really plundered all the inner disciples?"

Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi, and although he knew that Su Yi was definitely capable of this, he couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy. After all, it was tens of thousands of inner disciples who had been affected.

"Of course, but since we have formed an alliance, you will definitely get your share of benefits." Su Yi didn't deny it, his eyes flickering with a gleam of excitement.

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