The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 482

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Chapter 482: Who Are You?

In Meng Xuan's mind, both Su Yi and Situ Muyang were regarded as outer disciples. He was someone who had left his name in the Sword Tower, and he usually wouldn't pay any attention to these outer disciples within the sect.


As soon as he finished speaking, Meng Xuan had already rushed towards Su Yi. He tapped on the ground with his foot and descended while slapping a palm print that quickly struck towards Su Yi.

"I'll take care of this guy!"

Before Su Yi could even make a move, Situ Muyang couldn't bear it any longer. He quickly stepped forward and raised his hand to slap, directly smashing a palm towards Meng Xuan.


Two palm prints collided directly, and there was a muffled sound.

Amidst the surprised look in Meng Xuan's pupils, his palms went numb and his body was immediately shaken back several steps.

Situ Muyang took a step back and stabilized himself after a few steps. A smile appeared on his face, seemingly satisfied with the result.

Just now, Situ Muyang was only testing casually, but after breaking through two levels, his strength had indeed improved by leaps and bounds.

Compared to Situ Muyang's satisfaction, Meng Xuan's feelings at the moment were completely opposite. He was shocked that a seemingly young teenager had come to this point.

"So you do have some skills!"

Meng Xuan's expression had completely changed. He knew he had misjudged him. Such a young man might not be just an outer disciple.

"It's not just some skills. Come and take a hit!"

Situ Muyang leaped up and took the initiative to get involved. He had just broken through and wanted to test his abilities.

Meng Xuan had nowhere to retreat and had no intention of withdrawing. He couldn't believe that he couldn't even beat a young boy.

"Bang, bang, bang..."

In an instant, two figures fiercely collided with each other, and a muffled sound was heard as they made contact. Energy was surging and vitality was soaring.

Su Yi was watching the battle from the side, not worried about Situ Muyang at all, but rather curious about the direct disciple. He carefully observed every move and technique he used.

But soon, Su Yi was able to make a judgment.

This direct disciple was indeed very strong, not ordinary at all. If it was Situ Muyang before this breakthrough, it would have been quite difficult to contend with him.

But now, as Situ Muyang's cultivation has greatly improved, the outcome is already predetermined.


Meng Xuan became more and more anxious as the battle went on, and finally, he unabashedly released his cultivation of the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Radiant light, surging vitality. Meng Xuan's eyes were lightning-fast as he moved his hands, causing ripples in the air. He displayed his martial arts, shrouding Situ Muyang in it.

"Yuan Spirit Realm fourth level? It's a pity that I am also at this level!"

Situ Muyang remained calm, and his cultivation of the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm was fully unleashed. His aura boomed as he continuously used various martial arts techniques to attack Meng Xuan.

"How could he be so strong!"

Meng Xuan's face had become completely solemn at some point. He knew he had completely misjudged the situation. This young man had turned out to be such a formidable opponent.

This young man has actually reached the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm at such a young age. His combat power is terrifying, and he is even able to continuously suppress him.


With a roar, elemental energy took shape and Meng Xuan's water attribute elemental energy erupted. He condensed a water-based giant python-like strange beast under his feet. Its whole body was covered in dragon-like scales, with sharp claws on its belly and it was burning fiercely. It pounced towards Situ Muyang.


A fierce bird cry came from under Situ Muyang's feet and a black eagle's shadow spread its wings and took to the sky.

The black eagle's shadow was also burning fiercely, with a wingspan of several meters. Black light filled the air and its fierce eyes were like a small bloody moon. It exuded a ferocious and intimidating aura.

When such a black eagle's shadow appeared, the aura of the beast pervaded, which clearly had an impact on the previous giant python strange beast, as if it was suppressed by it.

"It is the Dark Phantom Falcon...!"

Meng Xuan recognized it. The beast form condensed by the qi of this young man is actually the Dark Phantom Falcon, a true demon beast of the demon race. Its bloodline level is much stronger than the demon beast he has condensed, by many times.


Warlike intent filled Situ Muyang's eyes, as his gaze shone brightly. His hair flew about as he ascended into the air on the Dark Phantom Falcon's shadow. Black light surged and he constantly suppressed the opponent by diving down upon them.


At this moment, Situ Muyang's combat power had greatly increased. His every move caused sand and rocks to fly about, as energy swept over the area, making the surrounding void tremble with movement.

Such a Dark Phantom Falcon, complementing Situ Muyang, was like adding wings to a tiger.

Meng Xuan, although strong, encountered a somewhat abnormal little guy like Situ Muyang. Even after unleashing a powerful trump card at the end, he was still suppressed and suffered injuries.


Meng Xuan vomited blood, his face turned pale. The python-like monster, which was condensed from his life essence, was directly shattered by the Dark Phantom Falcon's grab.


As his figure retreated, Meng Xuan unexpectedly, in that instant, quickly leveraged the force of his retreat.

Meng Xuan was already aware that he was in a losing position and could not compete with this young man. Although he couldn't accept it, and was deeply shocked, he still retained his sanity and promptly retreated in panic.

Regardless of whether he wanted to reserve his strength or was afraid that the Sword-patterned Stones in his Space Bag would be taken away, Meng Xuan knew that he could not continue to entangle himself with this young man.

"Trying to escape? It's a bit too late for that!"

But just as Meng Xuan was about to take advantage of his retreat, a voice suddenly echoed in his ears, and a figure quietly appeared behind him.

Meng Xuan suddenly shuddered, a bad premonition surged up in his heart, and a scorching breath fell on his back.


A surge of scorching wind, carrying levels of continuous huge force, shattered Meng Xuan's qi defense, and his body stumbled back under the impact of the huge force, then suddenly fell down headfirst.


Meng Xuan spurted blood again, with an extremely painful expression, pale face, and shocked eyes.

It turned out that not only was that black-clothed young man formidable, the young man dressed as an outer disciple, Meng Xuan originally thought was really an outer disciple.

But at this moment, it seems that this young man appears to be even more formidable than the black-clothed young man.

He urgently tried to get up and retreat. None of them were his match, let alone there were two other young men. Meng Xuan regretted it and wanted to leave quickly.


A claw mark fell on Meng Xuan's shoulder, and a huge force crushed down.

Meng Xuan was lifted directly and the shoulder clamped by the claw mark contracted painfully, bleeding. He could not move his whole body.

"I warned you that you would regret it!"

Su Yi didn't show any mercy, and detained Meng Xuan. He casually took out three space bags and put them into his arms before throwing Meng Xuan back to the ground.

"Pfft... Who are you guys?"

Meng Xuan didn't know if he was seriously injured or vomiting blood again due to the stimulation of Su Yi and Situ Muyang.

As a direct disciple of the Sword Tower and someone who has made a name for himself, he recently achieved the cultivation of the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. However, he was unexpectedly defeated by these two young boys. This was hard for Meng Xuan to accept.

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