The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 481

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Chapter 481: Borrowing Some Sword-Patterned Stones!

"I have returned your martial arts techniques to you!"

Su Yi also cast a glance at Situ Muyang, his eyes gesturing at the martial arts scroll in Situ Muyang's hand.

"But this has already been opened!"

Situ Muyang said, "This opened scroll is completely useless, it's just like a piece of waste paper. What's the use of returning it to me?"

"I just took a glance, and besides, I already returned it to you," Su Yi said nonchalantly, addressing the people around him. "Moreover, Dark Spirit Fruits are the kind of thing where only one is enough, there's no use in taking more than you need."

"Then why do you want so many?"

"I'll keep them, they'll come in handy someday."

"Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm has a history. If you cultivate without permission, you will get into big trouble!"

"It's alright, I won't cultivate it!"

"Well, you should at least compensate me for this!"

"Compensation? That's alright, I can take you out to look for Sword-patterned Stones."


"Swish, swish..."

Two figures flew out from the mysterious space, and they were Situ Muyang and Su Yi.

At this moment, the two teenagers have both changed into clean robes.

Situ Muyang is still wearing a black robe. Su Yi has also changed into the outer disciple attire of the Divine Sword School, but it cannot conceal the temperament radiating from his body.

After Situ Muyang and Su Yi came out of the mysterious space, they saw a flat ground that destroyed everything, but it was strange that the huge bones were disappeared.

"I don't really know what happened, but I don't think there is any danger," Su Yi told Situ Muyang.

"Where did the bones go? They were extraordinary things."

Situ Muyang was still thinking. Although he suspected that the disappearance of the bones might be related to Su Yi, the mysterious guy.

After all, under that terrible flaming storm, Su Yi actually had the ability to block it and saved everyone with the help of that treasure space.

However, Situ Muyang didn't believe that Su Yi could have hidden those huge bones, even the biggest space bag wouldn't be able to fit them.

However, those huge bones are mysterious in origin, and must have been incredibly powerful in life. Every part of the bone is a treasure, and if it can be given to the cultivators of the Divine Sword School to ponder, perhaps there will be many gains.

"I don't know either, everything here is very mysterious."

Su Yi shrugged. The huge bones spontaneously combusted and turned to ashes, which made Su Yi also feel a sense of mystery.

"Let's just think of a way to get out of this place. We estimate that we don't have many days left before we have to leave the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. We still need to find enough Sword-patterned Stones, or else we won't have a chance to fight on the Spirit Sword Peak even if we leave the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords!"

Situ Muyang didn't give it much thought and entered this remote ancient forest space. It has also taken up so much time, and considering the time spent refining the Spiritual Essence, there are only a few days left before everyone has to leave the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. However, the Sword-patterned Stones on them are far from enough.

"Let's go, it's time to look for some Sword-patterned Stones!"

With a smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes, Su Yi said, 'Those direct disciples should have also obtained a lot of Sword-patterned Stones.'

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

Suddenly, there was a sound of breaking wind in the distance, and a figure was coming towards this place from afar.

"Has anyone else come in...?"

Su Yi and Situ Muyang were suddenly moved, knowing that there were other people who had appeared here. It seemed that someone like them had also entered this place.


Soon, a young man appeared.

The young man was extraordinary, with a handsome face, dazzling eyes, a sense of ethereal charm. He was dressed in a battle robe and exuded a remarkable and otherworldly aura.

"How long have you been inside?!"

The young man was just over twenty years old, with a emblem of a direct disciple of the Divine Sword School on his battle robe. He scanned the spacious arena and then his gaze fell on Su Yi and Situ Muyang, causing a glimmer of light to flicker in his eyes.

"How did you get in? Are there any other people with you?"

Situ Muyang and Su Yi were also staring at the young man, looking at him curiously, wondering if there were any other people with him.

Meng Xuan was surprised, looking at the two young men who, despite being very young, were obviously from different levels of the school. One was clearly an outer disciple, while the other, even younger, was unlikely to be a direct disciple. Meng Xuan didn't know them, so they must both be outer disciples.

However, upon seeing him, these two outer disciples seemed different from the others - as if they didn't care about him at all. This made Meng Xuan feel a little surprised.

"I'll ask you again, how long have you been inside and have you found anything unusual?" Meng Xuan's expression turned slightly solemn.

"Why should I tell you if I'm being so difficult? What can you do to me anyway?" Situ Muyang was somewhat annoyed. The young man's attitude had left him feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"Do you think this guy has any Sword-patterned Stones on him?"

Su Yi glanced at Meng Xuan and didn't seem to care. He then turned to Situ Muyang with a mysterious smile and asked.

"Sword-patterned Stones? He should have them!"

Situ Muyang was slightly stunned, but soon realized what was going on. Su Yi had already said that he intended to forcefully snatch the Sword-patterned Stones from the direct disciple's hands.

At this point, with only a few days left, Situ Muyang knew he had no choice. Otherwise, he wouldn't have the chance to fight against the Spirit Sword Peak.

Furthermore, after spending some time with Su Yi recently, Situ Muyang also felt that forcefully snatching the Sword-patterned Stones from the direct disciple was indeed a good plan as he had heard it over and over again from Su Yi.

Anyway, this is the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, and there aren't too many rules.

"Do you have any Sword-patterned Stones on you, my friend? Could you lend me some Sword-patterned Stones?" Su Yi looked at Meng Xuan with a slight smile, showing hospitality.

"Could you repeat what you just said?"

Upon hearing Su Yi's words, Meng Xuan's complexion changed completely. He began to stir with energy and looked at the two boys before him, feeling disrespected as if they were completely ignoring him.

Why would he need to borrow Sword-patterned Stones? It's obvious that he wants to rob my Sword-patterned Stones.

"Why so loud? Isn't he just borrowing a few Sword-patterned Stones?" Situ Muyang raised an eyebrow and calmly looked at the young man in front of him.

He is a direct disciple, but Situ Muyang didn't pay much attention to it.

All along, Situ Muyang has been wanting to compete with a direct disciple of the Divine Sword School.

Moreover, he had just recently advanced to the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm after breaking through two levels consecutively, so Situ Muyang didn't even pay any attention to the young man before him.


Meng Xuan laughed, but his laughter was somewhat sinister. He looked at Su Yi and Situ Muyang, and said, "I'm not interested in knowing who you two are, but let me say it one last time: tell me everything you've seen here, or else you will definitely regret it!

Su Yi sighed softly, looked at Meng Xuan and said, "I'm not interested in knowing who you are either, but I'll say it very seriously: hand over the Sword-patterned Stones and the space bag on you, or else I guarantee you will regret it!

"Okay, okay, okay!"

Meng Xuan said 'okay' three times in a row, his eyes filled with anger as he spoke with contempt, "It seems like you outer disciples can't even tell your own place. So, I'll teach you all a lesson on behalf of the sect today!

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