The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 480

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Chapter 480: The Dark Spirit Fruits Are Ripe!

"Granddaddy Seng," Su Yi spoke, feeling the increasingly potent aura emanating from the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. It was as if the fragrance was rising higher and higher every day.

"Find a place for me. I need about 48 hours. I am going to cross the tribulation!"

The radiance of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng fluctuated as it uttered these words before disappearing once again amid the patches of spiritual herbs.

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others were still in shock as they watched the disappearing Blood Spiritual Ginseng, and some were unable to recover their senses.

"About 48 hours, is it that accurate?" Su Yi raised an eyebrow slightly, but he was a bit excited in his heart. The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had finally reached the point where it could cross the tribulation again.

"Oh, it seems they have also received some benefits!"

Situ Muyang's gaze fell to one side, where two animal shadows were shrouded in light - the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

At this moment, these two demon beasts were surrounded by radiance, shining brightly. Their eyes were slightly closed, as if immersed in some kind of benefit.

Su Yi smiled slightly, knowing in his heart that this mysterious space had even greater benefits for demon beasts than for humans. He didn't expect that this time it would benefit both the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

"Wow, the Dark Spirit Fruits seem to have become different!"

Zhang Qing exclaimed in surprise. There was a spiritual aura permeating not far away, and on a fruit tree about three meters high and the size of a bowl, there were shining dark red lights and flowing radiance. There were about forty or fifty baby fist-sized fruits hanging on the tree, which were translucent and shrouded in a misty light.

Everyone's gaze was immediately drawn to Zhang Qing.

Su Yi also arrived under the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree and carefully inspected it. The Dark Spirit Fruit Tree seemed to have come to life, especially these Dark Spirit Fruits. Originally, they were mostly green with a hint of dark red. Now, they had turned completely green, translucent and shiny, like green jade.

"The Dark Spirit Fruits are ripe!" Situ Muyang's eyes lit up. These Dark Spirit Fruits have ripened.

"I feel like the Dark Spirit Fruits have become different."

Situ Muyang had a feeling that these Dark Spirit Fruits had become different from a few days ago. This difference didn't stem from them being ripe but was an intangible sensation.

Su Yi inspected with a smile on his face. Only he knew clearly what had happened to the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree and Dark Spirit Fruits. They were undergoing a transformation, benefiting from the mysterious space, and the medicinal effects would be far better than before.

"The Dark Spirit Fruits have already ripened."

Su Yi spoke and plucked a Dark Spirit Fruit, handing it over to Xu Jiahui. He then said, "As I've said before, we should share our blessings and help each other in difficulty. Everyone gets a portion of the Dark Spirit Fruits."

Xu Jiahui felt joyful yet somewhat dazed; she seemed unable to snap out of it as she blankly received the Dark Spirit Fruits from Su Yi's hand.

"Everyone can have some." Several Dark Spirit Fruits were carefully plucked by Su Yi and distributed to Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Qing Chao, Wang Fan, and Liu Ji, respectively.

Everyone received the Dark Spirit Fruits with great excitement. These were the Dark Spirit Fruits, a treasure that even many direct disciples couldn't obtain. Yet, at this moment, they were in their hands, obtained effortlessly. Once consumed, they would bring tremendous benefits.


Su Yi handed a Dark Spirit Fruit to Situ Muyang.

"Dark Spirit Fruits are treasures that need to be stored in jade containers in order to maintain their efficacy," Situ Muyang spoke up. He retrieved a jade box from the space bag Su Yi had just returned to him. The box seemed to be custom-made and he put the Dark Spirit Fruits inside it.

"Aren't you planning to take it now?" Su Yi was a bit surprised, and the jade box carried by Situ Muyang was obviously prepared well in advance. It seemed that Situ Muyang was determined to obtain the Dark Spirit Fruits before entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

"Although you can take the Dark Spirit Fruits now, to fully unleash its properties, you must consume it when breaking through the ninth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm to enter the Yuan True Realm. At that time, it will be most effective and can help break through to the Yuan True Realm in one fell swoop!" Situ Muyang informed Su Yi.

"I see," Su Yi didn't know about it and had actually wanted to taste the Dark Spirit Fruits. Upon hearing this, he immediately dismissed the thought.

"Young master Situ," Zhang Qing asked Situ Muyang, "Taking it beforehand, there won't be any major issues, right?"

"No major problems, the expected medicinal effects will all be present," Situ Muyang nodded.

"Do you all want to take the Dark Spirit Fruits now?" Su Yi asked Zhang Qing and the others.

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Qing Chao, Wang Fan, and Xu Jia hesitated for a moment before nodding. They had their own plans, and they didn't even know how long it would take to reach the ninth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. Having the benefits of the Dark Spirit Fruits on hand, if the news were to leak out later, they might cause trouble, and they might not be able to keep themselves safe. So, it was better to eat the fruits for the sake of safety.

"Okay, you can continue to cultivate in this place and feel free to consume Dark Spirit Fruits."

Su Yi nodded, understanding the concerns and thoughts of Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others. As outer disciples, their goal in coming here was to strengthen themselves, seek opportunities, and strive to perform well and become inner disciples after leaving. Therefore, it was most important now to seize every opportunity to enhance their strength.

"Did I lose something from my space bag?"

Situ Muyang put away the Dark Spirit Fruits and checked his space bag. Suddenly, he realized that he had lost a lot of things from it - the pills were gone, and most importantly, a set of mid-level Emperor Grade martial arts was missing.

Of course, Situ Muyang knew what he had lost. "Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm," a mid-level Emperor Grade martial arts technique with wind attributes!

"Hehe, I opened it out of curiosity," Su Yi chuckled sheepishly, not hiding anything.


Situ Muyang was stunned for a moment. This guy's guts were too big.

Then, Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi and felt helpless. This guy already had a bold personality, and he didn't even know where Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm came from.

However, Situ Muyang had some doubts. With this guy's level of cultivation, would he be able to open that martial arts technique? It seemed unlikely.

"I'm telling you, that martial art is even stronger than you imagine, and has a great origin. You better give it back to me, or it will cause big trouble." Said Situ Muyang.

"Give it back to you? I don't want it anymore."

Su Yi gave Situ Muyang a disdainful look and threw a scroll at him.

This is the martial arts scroll for Bound Dragon Skies Wind Realm, but it has already been opened by Su Yi.

"You have really opened it!"

Situ Muyang stared at Su Yi with a surprised and disbelieving look. This guy really opened the martial arts scroll, despite being told by his elders that he didn't have enough cultivation to do so.

"I was just curious, so I opened it." Su Yi smiled awkwardly, knowing that opening the martial arts scroll was not an easy feat.

After staring at Su Yi for a long time, Situ Muyang took a deep breath and said, "Since you have already opened it, there's no way around it. I want half of the Dark Spirit Fruits. You should know the value of this martial arts technique!"

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