The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 479

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Chapter 479: Situ Muyang's Breakthrough!

That was Situ Muyang, and all around him was a surging energy, while his aura continued to rise.

This kind of movement also alarmed Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others who were cultivating breathing exercises. They withdrew their hand seals, restrained their breath, and opened their eyes.

"Boss Su Yi!"

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others were thrilled to see Su Yi and immediately rushed up to greet him.

Xu Jiahui's eyes flickered, her face clear, her skin shining like snow, and her slender figure, with attractive curves, all conveyed a certain aura that seemed to emanate from inside her. Her eyes were captivating, her temperament transformed, becoming more and more charming, with a kind of ethereal beauty.

Su Yi looked at the approaching group of people, his gaze swept over them, and a smile appeared on his lips. The Mysterious Space had many other uses for everyone, and although it had only been a few days, under its influence, these few people had each broken through another level. More importantly, they had undergone an intangible transformation.

"Boss Su Yi, this is..."

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others were excited and wanted to say something.

"We'll talk later, someone is having a breakthrough."

Su Yi interrupted Zhang Qing and Liu Ji and once again fixed his gaze on Situ Muyang.

Liu Ji and others followed Su Yi's gaze.


The breath shook the space, and the energy of heaven and earth fluctuated. A vast and powerful aura spread out from Situ Muyang's body.

The commotion didn't last long before the aura emanating from Situ Muyang's body once again ascended to a higher level. A Yuan Spirit Realm's fourth-level aura spread out.

The aura gradually subsided, the radiance on Situ Muyang's body dissipated, and everything returned to calm.


Opening his eyes, his clear gaze was as pure as if it contained no distracting thoughts or vulgarity. The radiance fluctuated as it gradually receded, then he stood up.

This young man, only thirteen or fourteen years old, was even younger than Xu Jiahui. The well-fitted black robe he wore was tattered at the moment, but it couldn't hide his graceful figure and bearing. He had sword-shaped eyebrows, phoenix-shaped eyes, a straight nose, and thin lips, making him quite handsome.

Watching this young man, Su Yi felt a little envious. At this age, he himself was still being driven to live an inhuman life in the Forest of Demons, barely surviving countless near-death experiences. On the other hand, this guy had already reached the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. In this vast continent, he was probably one of the pinnacle existences among his peers.

This was Su Yi's envy, but it was only a little bit. Having the support of a school like the Divine Sword School was a game changer.

However, Su Yi was very clear that Situ Muyang was definitely not an ordinary second-generation disciple. At such a young age, Situ Liuyun, the sect leader, had placed him in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords to hone his skills along with inner and outer disciples. Although being in such a place brought the same level of training to everyone, there was always the danger of losing one's life. Situ Muyang's achievements today were definitely not solely due to the backing of the Divine Sword School.

Situ Muyang saw Su Yi, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others. He looked at everyone before approaching Su Yi, fixing his eyes on him. With a slightly serious expression, he spoke in a mature tone with a slightly wrinkled face, "What you gave me is a treasure, a valuable treasure!"

At the moment, Situ Muyang was most clear about the benefits he had received. Breaking through from the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm to the fourth grade was just the least part of the benefits he had gained, even negligible. The real benefits of the Spiritual Essence were the cleansing of the soul and the removing of impurities from the bone marrow.

"You saved me."

With a faint smile, Su Yi thought that Situ Muyang had risked his life to rescue him. Although the Spiritual Essence was precious, it was worth it. Su Yi was also happy for Situ Muyang for being able to break through two grades consecutively.

Of course, the amount of Spiritual Essence that Su Yi gave to Situ Muyang was different from what he had given to Xu Jiahui and others. Situ Muyang's level of cultivation was much higher than that of Zhang Qing and others, so he deserved to receive more.

"Didn't we form an alliance?"

Situ Muyang smiled bitterly, thinking that the benefits he had gained were well worth it compared to just blocking for that guy. Moreover, even if he had not intervened, with the mystery of that guy, it may not have led to any major consequences.

Looking around, Situ Muyang's gaze swept over Xu Jiahui and others. He could feel that Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others had also made new breakthroughs. Everything in this space was mysterious, so he asked, "Where are we? What is this place?"

Hearing this, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others immediately looked at Su Yi, as it was what they had just wanted to know.

Su Yi looked at everyone and suddenly became serious, saying, "Due to helplessness, I had to bring you all here. This is a treasure that I possess that contains a space with many mysteries. However, I have to tell you all that this place is too important to me!"

Listening to Su Yi's words, everyone stared at him and could feel his seriousness. Even in his seriousness, there was a kind of majesty that made people tremble inexplicably.

"I know what you want to say. If it weren't for this place, we might have died. Everyone has secrets. Situ Muyang swears that he will never mention this treasure on your body to anyone, but I have a condition." Situ Muyang looked at Su Yi, who looked handsome and innocent, like a younger brother next door who was difficult to resist. However, the occasional light that flickered in his clear eyes made people not dare to underestimate him.

"What do you say?"

Su Yi asked Situ Muyang.

"Give me back my space bag. I need to change my clothes." Situ Muyang gave Su Yi a disdainful look.

"Hehe." Su Yi laughed and produced a space bag in his hand and handed it to Situ Muyang.

"Boss Su Yi, don't worry. I, Zhang Qing, swear that if I mention it to anyone else now, I will be struck by lightning." Zhang Qing swore that he would never reveal it. If it weren't for Su Yi, he wouldn't have what he had today, and he wouldn't have all the opportunities and fortunes that he has now.

Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and Qing Chao also swear that without Su Yi, they wouldn't be where they are now.

"Brother Su Yi, I..."

Xu Jiahui is also swearing, raising her delicate hand to take the oath.

"Alright, I trust you all."

Su Yi gently pats Xu Jiahui's pitch-black hair and smiles faintly. If he really didn't trust them, he wouldn't have brought them here. But he knows that people's hearts are unpredictable. At this moment, he can only rely on himself to see if he has misjudged them.

"Stop making noise, you're disturbing my meditation."

Suddenly, a voice echoes from the clusters of spiritual herbs, surrounded by a mist of rosy light, revealing themselves.

That is Blood Spiritual Ginseng, which has been cultivating hidden in the ground and now reveals itself.

"Is this... the Demonic Void Realm...?"

As Blood Spiritual Ginseng sensed the aura and fragrance, Zhang Qing and Xu Jiahui were startled. Though they didn't know what it was, they could feel it was definitely a treasure. What's more, it could even speak like a human. Could this really be the legendary Demonic Void Realm?

"Blood Spiritual Ginseng from the Demonic Void Realm!"

Situ Muyang recognized it and his heart trembled. This was actually the Blood Spiritual Ginseng from the Demonic Void Realm - such a treasure. And to think that guy, Su Yi, had it.

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