The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 478

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Chapter 478: A Golden Egg!

In terms of comprehension, Su Yi was already not an ordinary person, otherwise he would not have been able to cultivate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

And at this moment, this contemplation was even more empowering for Su Yi who possessed the "Divine Demonic Ancient Verse" within him.

If he were to transform into that divine bird, spreading its wings to sweep across the sky, flying across the world and leaving behind a trail of crimson smoke in the heavens above.

Su Yi's emotions were surging, is this the power of a strong person?

Su Yi immersed himself in contemplation, completely isolating himself from everything, and gained tremendous insights.

This is a great opportunity, an unparalleled opportunity that is far more precious than obtaining any spiritual medicine, martial arts, or divine treasures. It's a chance that is rare to come by!

This drop of blood contains many mysteries, but ultimately it is only a drop of blood, and it's already a residual of a divine bird and it has an end.

At some unknown point, a muffled sound emanated from Su Yi's body, and his breath trembled. It was as if thunder was reverberating within him, and his aura broke through the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm without any hindrances, and it continued to rise.

This is the benefit brought by that drop of essence and blood. As for this benefit, only one in ten thousand can transform it into vitality, or even less.

The real benefit of this drop of essence and blood is that it contains the residual power of a divine bird and a strong remnant soul.

And this remnant soul inadvertently assisted Su Yi, enabling him to refine and cultivate his Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.


At a certain moment, everything on Su Yi's body gradually calmed down, the breath converged and dissipated into nothingness. His eyelashes trembled, and he opened his eyes.

Looking at his body and sensing everything inside, Su Yi's gaze changed.

All the injuries on his body had completely healed, and he had even broken through to the fifth stage of the Yuan Spirit Realm, taking another step forward.

And the benefits within his body were even more astonishing.

Su Yi clearly perceived that the energy contained in this drop of blood was too powerful. From within, it tempered his own flesh, cutting bone and washing marrow. Under the dual refinement of the Indestructible Vajra Body and the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, he felt as if he had undergone another rebirth.


Su Yi's eyes shone with a bright red light, and his face couldn't help but be filled with joy.

At this moment, within his mind, his soul had completely solidified and within it a small Sun Wheel was situated. It released a red light and emitted a misty aura of colorful clouds. Ripples followed one after another, bringing with it an overbearing and majestic air that seemed capable of suppressing the ancient times and overlooking the world!

However, this aura didn't leak out of his mind.

"Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, I have cultivated the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul!"

Su Yi couldn't help but feel his heart beating faster. This was the true success of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul. At this moment, his soul had completely transformed, imbued with a flawless radiance and an aura of majesty. There were even vague flashes of purple light appearing, like the chaotic aura of the beginning of the world. It contained countless mysteries and pressures, flowing within his mind.

All of this made Su Yi realize that he had successfully cultivated the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul. He had undergone a substantial transformation in his soul's power, and this benefit far surpassed any he had gained in his physical body in recent days.

Peering into his inner thoughts, Su Yi's mouth was always curved with a smile.

Su Yi knew he had gained more than just the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul. He had also received great benefits from comprehending the divine bird's teachings, which would lend him a helping hand should he ever face a strong enemy again.

"It was not in vain to make this trip. It's about time to go now, don't waste any more time outside."

Su Yi stood up, sighed, and murmured to himself.

The benefits Su Yi gained this time had already completely satisfied him. He knew that he had undergone an amazing transformation. The benefits he obtained from a single drop of the divine bird's blood were enough to multiply his combat power several times over.

Standing up, Su Yi stretched lazily. His joints and bones seemed to have been polished and tempered, becoming as tough as steel and making crackling sounds.

Su Yi was still wearing the same tattered gray robe, which was the attire of an outer disciple of the Divine Sword School. However, it could not hide the aura of his prideful and agile spirit. He exuded a kind of ethereal majesty that was beyond the ordinary and transcendent.

To be precise, the sixteen-year-old boy had only cultivated for a few years, yet he had already reached the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm. This was enough to shock anyone.

But what's truly terrifying about Su Yi is his combat power. Despite only being at the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm, he has already surpassed those of the same level in terms of fighting prowess. Killing opponents of higher levels is no longer a difficult task for him.

After obtaining this opportunity, his combat power surged again.

Such a powerful young man, if his reputation were to spread, would be enough to shock the world!

"This is just the foundation, but it's far from enough. I must become even stronger!"

Su Yi was happy, but not arrogant. He was well aware that all of this was just a foundation, and strictly speaking, he was still just a small fry in the Yuan Spirit Realm. Facing powerful beings like the Sacred Mountain, his cultivation level was like that of an ant in front of an elephant.

"Senior, thank you very much, but unfortunately I cannot perform the duty of burying you."

Observing the enormous divine bird skeleton in front of him, Su Yi respectfully performed a ceremony.

Everything was bestowed upon Su Yi by this senior monster of the divine bird tribe before his eyes, and he felt grateful in his heart. He wanted to bury the skeleton of this divine bird and let it rest in peace.

However, the enormous size of the skeleton was simply too big and there was no way to bury it.

"Crack, crack..."

As Su Yi finished speaking, a slight cracking sound suddenly came from the enormous skeleton.

Then, under the shocked gaze of Su Yi, the enormous skeleton loosened and two red lights seemed to surge out from the huge, deep eye sockets.

"Swooshing sound..."

Suddenly, a burst of hot breath exploded from that enormous skeleton, and hot flames spread out from the inside to the outside.

In Su Yi's visible range, the huge skeleton was enveloped in a sea of fire, burning and rolling. Within a few breaths, it disappeared into nothingness and vanished into thin air.

The enormous mountain-like skeleton, as huge as it was, disappeared in an instant.

Under the raging flames, Su Yi was forced back and then his vision returned to normal. Not even a speck of dust was left behind as if the avian skeleton never existed.

"Swooshing sound..."

Something rolled and fell at Su Yi's feet.

This is an egg.

An egg shaped like a goose egg in size.

However, the shell of this egg was a pale golden color.

"An egg..."

Su Yi was moved and filled with wonder at the appearance of an egg. This egg, which survived from the inferno that could have destroyed everything just now, is definitely not simple.

He picked up the egg, which was neither light nor heavy in weight. He looked at it carefully and, apart from the color, noticed little difference between it and a normal egg.

But Su Yi knew that this was definitely not an ordinary egg, so he picked it up and put it in the space bag.

Later, Su Yi summoned the mysterious space again.

When Su Yi's figure entered the mysterious space silently, he saw Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Wang Fan, and others who were cultivating breathing exercises.


A vast aura swept out, shaking everything around it.

Su Yi followed his gaze and saw a dazzling and brilliant wave of light, like a howling gale, where a figure was seated cross-legged amidst it all.

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