The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 477

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Chapter 477: Fanning the Flames!

"You guys..."

Dharma Protector Hou Changming looked at Guardian Wang Tianbao and Guardian Zhu Changgao with disdain and his expression became unpleasant.

"Could it be that Dharma Protector Hou suddenly lost confidence in his own disciples? A top-grade intermediate-level pill, worth only ten high-grade intermediate-level pills. Yet you are not daring enough to bet on it?" Wang Tianbao chuckled in a provocative manner.

Although normally speaking, one mid-grade star-ranked elixir couldn't even begin to compare with ten high-grade dragon-ranked elixirs, let alone one hundred or one thousand.

However, Guardian Wang Tianbao was confident and wanted to strike Dharma Protector Hou Changming's proud appearance.

If the disciples that Hou Changming receives can ultimately climb up to Spirit Sword Peak and rank among the sixty-eight, it'll be nothing short of a miracle.

You must know that even with so many direct disciples, only the sixty-eight have the opportunity in the end.

For an outer disciple to ascend, there has never been such a precedent within the Divine Sword School!

"Come, ten pills of middle-grade celestial pill, I bet you ten high-grade celestial pills, do you dare to gamble with me, Dharma Protector Hou?"

Dharma Protector Zhu Changgao was more straightforward and directly took out several medicine bottles, dangling them in front of Dharma Protector Hou Changming with a smile on his face.

"Zhu Changgao, you...!"

Dharma Protector Hou Changming glared at Dharma Protector Zhu Changgao.

"How about it, scared? It seems that the disciple Dharma Protector Hou accepts isn't very impressive either. Hehe." Dharma Protector Zhuchanggao laughed.

"Okay, let's bet then!"

Dharma Protector Hou Changming gritted his teeth, stamped his foot, and snatched the medicine bottle from Dharma Protector Zhu Changgao's hand. It was an act of excessive aggression, even though he knew that his own disciple was not particularly outstanding... but he had already accepted that disciple, and even if he wasn't great, he was still Hou Changming's disciple. As a master, he had to stand up for him.

Dharma Protector wished to grow taller and was a little stunned, not having recovered from the shock, as Hou Changming actually dared to gamble.

But soon enough, Dharma Protector Zhu Changgao snapped out of it and a smile appeared on his face. Ten middle-grade star-evaluated elixirs were already a valuable commodity to him, worth most of his assets. And yet, the thought that Dharma Protector Hou Changming couldn't possibly win made him feel like he would be getting these ten high-grade dragon-evaluated elixirs for free, which made him quite happy.

"So it turns out that Dharma Protector Hou only gambles when he sees elixirs. Well, I happen to have ten mid-grade star elixirs right here, so I'll bet them against ten high-grade celestial elixirs."

Dharma Protector Wang Tianbao smiled and immediately took out several medicine bottles, as he didn't want to miss the opportunity of picking up ten high-tiered dragon-grade elixirs.

"Alright, let's bet today!"

Dharma Protector Hou Changming gritted his teeth and took the medicine bottles from Dharma Protector Wang Tianbao's hand.

"All you Dharma Protectors, don't you want to take a gamble? Dharma Protector Hou has great confidence in his disciples!"

"Haha, let's all bet together, it seems like Dharma Protector Hou has absolute confidence in his disciples!"

Wang Tianbao and Zhu Changgao, the two Dharma Protectors, immediately cheered.


"I will also place a bet. This is precisely a Star-grade Middle Tier Pill!"

"Dharma Protector Hou, I also lend my support and offer ten pills of high-grade intermediate-level elixir in aid."


Such a bet may seem like Dharma Protector Hou Changming will gain a great advantage. However, everyone knows very well that he has no chance of winning at all.

How could they be willing to miss out on the opportunity of picking up ten dragon-grade High Tier Pills for free?

For a moment, the protectors were very enthusiastic and eager, vying with each other to present the ten Star-grade Middle Tier Pills to Dharma Protector Hou Changming.

Some Dharma Protectors don't have as many intermediate-level elixirs with high-grade stars. They immediately ask other Dharma Protectors for a few to make up for it.

This kind of opportunity to pick up Dragon-grade High Tier Pills for free is so rare, if you miss it, it would be a regretful loss for oneself.

Dharma Protector Hou Changming was stunned, his face twitching...

"What's the matter, is Dharma Protector Hou afraid to accept?"

"Is it possible that Dharma Protector Hou looks down upon other Dharma Protectors?"

Wang Tianbao and Zhu Changgao, two Dharma Protectors, incited and fanned the flames. Let's see how Hou Changming will handle this and if he will remain stubborn despite the outcome.

"Hmph, just accept it then."

With gritted teeth and in a fit of anger, Dharma Protector Hou Changming collected all the medicines.

Although Dharma Protector Hou Changming knew in his heart that unless a miracle happened, it was impossible for his disciple to finally make it into the top 68 and enter Spirit Sword Peak.

But the Heavenly Stairs themselves are a miracle. Who can say for sure that another miracle will not happen again?


Therefore, other Dharma Protectors smiled inwardly, rejoicing greatly.

Ten high-grade pills are like picking them up for free. With Dharma Protector Hou Changming's temper, he's bound to suffer.


Inside the mysterious space, the energy of heaven and earth was rich. Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Wang Fan and others were dazzled.

As time passed and Su Yi didn't return, the crowd could only sit cross-legged and cultivate breathing exercises.

Only when Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others absorbed the energy of heaven and earth in this space did they realize what a precious place it was.

The energy of heaven and earth inside here is so rich that it has never been seen before. It also has the effect of cleansing the soul and the physical body.


Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others were all enveloped in radiance, shining brightly and emanating an intangible, ancient aura.

If given enough time, it is likely that everyone will undergo another transformation.

Feeling the benefits, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others couldn't afford to miss out on it and devoted themselves to cultivation.

Situ Muyang has also taken the Spiritual Essence to heal his injuries and refine his breathing.

As the Spiritual Essence spread through his body like a warm current, Situ Muyang realized its true value and the benefits it had brought him.


In the ancient forest, the vast expanse was surrounded by silence.

In front of the huge divine bird skeleton, a figure sat cross-legged, with a red light pervading his body and a flame-like glow enveloping him.

At this moment, the bare skin of this figure was crystal clear, with a faint red light shimmering and constantly rippling.

In Su Yi's consciousness, he sensed the divine expression and his entire being was fully immersed in it.

At this moment, Su Yi seemed to have traversed through time and returned to ancient times, transformed into a divine bird, spreading his wings and soaring into the skies.

In that drop of essence blood, there was immense richness and it contained many mysteries that constantly circulated.

"Heavenly Demon Figure is the figure of the heavenly demon, which is also the figure of all beasts and the figure of creation. The figure of creation represents heaven, earth and human... The great simplicity lies in the profound, and the five elements transform into all things... The innate energy is formless and intangible... All beasts are present yet illusory, with existence yet non-existence. Real Yin and Yang are the true existence, whereas the illusory and non-existent are... the inner and outer paths merge, as heaven, earth and humans join, and the demon figure manifests from the void. Heavenly Demon Figure shakes the heavens and earth and moves ghosts and gods..." Su Yi was contemplating that drop of essence blood, deciphering...

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