The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 474

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Chapter 474: Another Chance!

The voice was ancient and heavy, echoing from the illusory figure of the divine bird, with thundering sound waves that caused the sea of flames to surge and fluctuate.


Su Yi was astonished, is this phoenix-like divine bird still alive?

"Don't interrupt me. I have no more strength to answer any questions. It depends on you how much benefit you can get. Also, I will give you another chance. The fruit of one's good deeds will be remembered for a thousand years. Remember, someday if you can achieve that step, you should protect my clan!"

The ancient and heavy voice faded away gradually, and the huge illusory figure of the divine bird became lighter and lighter, until it disappeared into the sea of flames.


At that moment, a brilliant light flew out from the direction where the huge illusory figure disappeared in the sea of flames.

The light was extremely small, but dazzling. In an instant, it arrived in front of Su Yi and the area reflected in his eyes became larger and larger.

Only then did Su Yi see clearly that it was a drop of bright red blood, the size of a little finger, but shining brilliantly. Within it, there seemed to be the body of a phoenix, screaming and flapping its wings, with a terrifying aura.

This drop of blood was extremely strange, faint and sacred, and then it shot straight into the center of Su Yi's brow.


As the drop of blood disappeared, the sea of flames before Su Yi also vanished, and he fell into an empty void.


With a screech that could pierce clouds and crack stones, within the vast and profound void, a brilliant and dazzling light shone. A huge phoenix spread its wings and soared, with flames that covered the sky, its eyes shining brightly. It flapped and beat its wings, striking against the heavens.


In Su Yi's mind, a sharp pain also rang out.

And thus a terrible energy rushed into Su Yi's mind in an instant, causing flames to spread outward from within his body.

Under the sharp pain, Su Yi's face changed greatly.

"Boom!" Suddenly, at that moment, a terrible aura also spread out from Su Yi's mind.

Unseen by any person, at this moment the faint red soul in Su Yi's mind was stirred by some kind of force, causing it to surge. A terrible aura was spreading from within the soul.


A shrunken phantom of a divine bird appeared in Su Yi's mind, its flames surging as it released its aura. The fierce eyes exhibited fluctuations, staring intently at the faint red soul power within Su Yi's mind.

In an instant, a faint red light in Su Yi's mind began to fluctuate, causing the surroundings to quake. The red radiance surged and rose like a small sun awakening and taking shape, shining brightly and dazzlingly.

As the sphere of light, resembling a mini-sun, condensed, in an instant, the radiance was brilliant and a gust of wind and thunder was heard, as if echoing from the distant and ancient era.

"Roarrrr..." Within the sun-like sphere of light, dreadful phantom beasts faintly emerged in Su Yi's mind. Some looked like dragons, while others resembled phoenixes. Some were huge and towering, while others spread their wings to blot out the sky...

Each pair of twin eyes within the phantoms were bright as the sun, some clear and pure as the moon. They roared like thunder, resounding and ear-piercing, as if they could shake the ancient times.

These dreadful phantom beasts flashed through Su Yi's mind, appearing within the radiance of the mini-sun, emanating a dazzling glow, but vanished instantly.

However, the dreadful aura caused an inexplicable chill and heart palpitations, leaving one's nerves shaken and fearful.


The divine bird in Su Yi's mind let out a cry, and his twin eyes stared fixedly at the mini-sun, becoming increasingly reverent. Shortly afterwards, his body disintegrated and turned into a crimson radiance.

These crimson radiance were strands of red flames, but they shimmered and sparkled like a river of stars, condensing towards the mini-sun until finally being absorbed.

At this moment, Su Yi felt an ache in his mind, yet he was also astounded by the clear sensation that his soul's power was growing stronger.

This strengthening even seemed to contain a special power, causing Su Yi's soul to awaken and gravitate towards a certain direction.

"Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul!" Su Yi sensed it, his heart pounding with shock - this was the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

The first level of the Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body is the Indestructible Vajra Body, and the second level is the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

The first level of the Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body tempers the physical body into an Indestructible Vajra Body.

The second level, Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, requires absorption of all sorts of souls, refining and strengthening them through the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul gathers the souls of all living beings and strengthens one's own soul!

"That drop of blood, from that divine bird, contains a soul!"

Su Yi thought that the drop of blood from the divine bird contained the remaining soul of the divine bird, and the illusion he saw in his mind was the remnant soul of the body.

The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, carrying the souls of all living beings, strengthens one's own soul. At this moment, the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul is reaping the benefits.


The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul was absorbing the crimson radiance, its breath gradually heating up, as if wanting to incinerate the soul.

However, this kind of heat brought Su Yi's soul and mind an extremely comfortable and satisfying feeling. It was permeated with an overbearing and majestic aura, slowly spreading out, as if it could suppress the ancient times and overlook the heavens and earth!


Invisibly, Su Yi felt something flowing into his body, a similar heat, surging into his organs, bones and muscles.

"It's all because of that drop of blood!"

Su Yi could sense that everything came from that drop of blood, the one that came from the enormous divine bird.

Su Yi had no choice and didn't know where he was. He immediately sat cross-legged, at this moment, the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique was already able to operate, and he activated it fully to refine everything.

In the void space, Su Yi was enveloped in a dazzling light, as if he was wrapped in flames. The light was intertwined, shining as brilliantly as the sun.

"Buzzing..." A divine light emanated from Su Yi's body, causing the surrounding space to tremble. It emitted waves of fluctuations, like a mysterious power that transcended space and time, descending from the ancient epoch.

"No, it's not just any drop of blood, it's a drop of essence blood, it's from a divine bird!"

Suddenly, the closed eyes opened wide, and the pupils sparkled with red light, shining brightly like lightning.

Su Yi seemed to have figured something out and his expression became delighted.

"Fortune favors the righteous!"

Excited and thrilled, Su Yi's eyes closed tightly again, with a faint smile on his lips.

At the moment, Su Yi thought of something: He had been in Yuan Spirit Realm all this time, yet he had been struggling to condense his elemental energy into form.

Su Yi has long fulfilled the other requirements for condensing elemental energy, but all this time he has been wanting to solidify into a decent shape of a beast.

To solidify the elemental energy and condense it into shape in Yuan Spirit Realm, one must have sufficient knowledge of the demon beast and, more importantly, a drop of its blood!

Ordinary demon beast blood, even the likes of Wolf-Headed Demon Bat's blood, Su Yi has plenty. But his vision has greatly improved and he no longer settles for such mediocre things.

Therefore, Su Yi has been delaying his pursuit of becoming a martial practitioner with a solid elemental energy form, a characteristic of the warriors in Yuan Spirit Realm.

However, at this moment, Su Yi suddenly obtained a drop of essence blood from a divine bird, the kind that he has been dreaming of. Compared to Situ Muyang's Dark Phantom Falcon with an elemental energy form, it is undoubtedly several levels stronger and more superior.

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