The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 475

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Chapter 475: Re-Enlightenment!

Therefore, Su Yi wants to use this drop of essence blood to condense his elemental energy form.

Su Yi doesn't have any knowledge of this divine bird and doesn't even know what type of divine bird it is.

Su Yi plans to start his enlightenment now, to condense his elemental energy form with this divine bird. This will greatly aid him in combat when facing enemies in the future.

Time passed slowly and this void space is also unknown.

Sitting cross-legged on Su Yi's body, the body that was unimaginably painful to look at with blood flowing continuously, had a mysterious power flowing through it, gradually healing the injuries.

The body became increasingly crystal clear, as divine radiance was sprinkled upon it.

Especially, the wound on Su Yi's shoulder was now completely healed, even leaving no scars.

Everything was still ongoing, as a mysterious flame began to spread from within Su Yi, emanating an intense heat.

As the radiance grew brighter, Su Yi's body began to emit bursts of thunder, with mysterious and continuous forces impacting his physical body.

Su Yi's body remained motionless, sitting cross-legged just like an old ascetic cultivator in meditation. His body was shining, and he absorbed the intense flames into himself. A divine radiance filled the surroundings, emanating ripples of power that seemed to transcend time and space, as if a mysterious force had descended from ancient times!

"Whoosh..." In Su Yi's mind, his spiritual aura began to surge and ripple, exuding a dominating and majestic presence that seemed capable of suppressing the ancient times and overlooking the entire universe!

A drop of blood, containing the remnants of a divine beast's soul.

The divine beast could not have expected that Su Yi could train the remnant soul to cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

At this moment, Su Yi was completely immersed in a peculiar state, as if isolated from the outside world. Only the radiant and dazzling aura permeating from his body and the gradually rising aura could be observed.

Despite this peculiar state, Su Yi's consciousness was not dormant. He stood on a sea of scorching flames while a phoenix-like divine beast flapped its wings before him, piercing through the clouds and shattering rocks with its deafening cries, as the flames raged on.

Su Yi's gaze became dull, as if petrified, immersed in a state of comprehension.


After an unknown period of time, the phoenix-like divine beast dissipated in the sea of flames, transforming into towering flames and radiance, rushing towards Su Yi.

The flames and radiance engulfed and submerged Su Yi, transforming into a shower of light. Afterwards, they condensed into the phantom of the phoenix-like divine beast, which passed through Su Yi's body.

In Su Yi's petrified gaze, only the phoenix-like divine beast undulated in the sea of flames, sinking down and flapping its wings to strike the heavens...


In this sea of flames, gradually, wind and thunder could be heard, mighty and unceasing, while mist and haze appeared, imbued with immense mysteries, endless and boundless.

In the end, the phantom of the phoenix-like divine beast danced around Su Yi, flapping its wings and soaring, while the sea of flames surged and churned around Su Yi, creating terrifying waves. Everything was extremely astonishing.

At this moment, it was as if Su Yi could transform into the phoenix-like divine beast at any time, being able to flap its wings to strike the heavens, creating terrifying waves, and incinerating the firmament.

However, Su Yi still had a human form, only being shrouded by the phantom, as if intending to merge with Su Yi and transform into a kind of Dao incarnation.

At this moment, a terrifying demonic aura was emanating from Su Yi's body, an aura of the supreme demon race, capable of suppressing billions of living beings!

No one saw any of this.

If a strong person were to witness this scene at this moment, they would undoubtedly be stunned.

Outside, Su Yi was radiant like the sun, his aura was terrifying, his whole body was shining, and there were many mysteries circulating within him.


The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.

This Grand Swordsmanship Competition is the most frustrating one for all the outer disciples, inner disciples and direct disciples of the Divine Sword School.

"Sword-patterned Stones, where on earth have the Sword-patterned Stones gone?!"

"In the stronghold of demon beasts at the level of the Demonic Spirit Realm, there should be Sword-patterned Stones, but why are they all gone? Has someone already taken them so quickly?!"

"Master said that there are many medicinal materials, even many spiritual medicines, in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. If we could obtain them, it would be beneficial for our cultivation. But why is there nothing here?!"

"I heard that Senior Brother Yun Lingfeng and Senior Brother Liu Yunchuan went to search for Dark Spirit Fruits, but they haven't even seen the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree!"

"Something's not right. So many demon beasts have gathered together, making it impossible to deal with them!"


Strictly speaking, the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is somewhat chaotic. Most of the direct disciples are also at a loss and very confused.

These direct disciples thought that by entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, they would be able to show off their skills. Even if they couldn't fight in the final battle at Spirit Sword Peak, they would at least be able to gain a lot of benefits.

But when they arrived at the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, they realized that there were no benefits to be found, not even a trace of medicinal plants.

All the inner and outer disciples obtained nothing, each and every one of them in a miserable state.

The mountain peak is bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun, with a hazy radiance spreading all around it.

A towering tree sways in the misty light, while a graceful figure stands alone. With black hair flowing loosely and wearing an orange robe, this person exudes an otherworldly and ethereal aura, as if standing there is a transcendent immortal.

This is a teenage girl with a youthful appearance of sixteen or seventeen. Her lips are delicate and rosy, her clear and sparkling eyes reflect the misty light. She has a graceful and slender figure under the orange-colored robe, which outlines her beautiful curves.


An Eight-winged Demon Python lurked like a dragon, shrouded in black light, emitting animalistic roars. Its fierce eyes radiated a faint gleam as it faced the young girl with a sense of caution.

"So, you're saying that several humans not only took away the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree but also severely injured your kind?"

The girl frowned, her chilling gaze fixed on the Eight-winged Demon Python. Her black hair was tied back, with a few strands flowing down from her forehead, adding to her wild and untamed aura.


The Eight-winged Demon Python roared, as if nodding and saying something. It seemed to have a hint of grievance in its expression, and the severe injuries on its back were still clearly visible.

How could the Eight-winged Demon Python have ever thought of hiding and healing itself, only to be brutalized by a seemingly small girl like this?

"Several humans, with the leader carrying a sword on his back..."

Suddenly, the girl's eyes lit up as a radiance flickered in them. An aura swept out from within her, and she murmured, "I want to see where you're going to run this time!"


The Divine Sword School.

As the day draws closer for the opening of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there is a growing sense of anticipation throughout the Divine Sword School.

Some elders were still waiting on their respective sword peaks, but the protectors were very busy as of late, arranging for disciples to manage the affairs of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

On Spirit Sword Peak, many disciples are busy at work.

"Inspect carefully, don't leave anything out!"

A protector spoke up and ordered the disciples to make arrangements.

The true competition of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition is actually taking place on Spirit Sword Peak.

Only sixty-eight disciples with Sword-patterned Stones are able to proceed and ultimately engage in the peak showdown on Spirit Sword Peak!

Only the top sixty-eight disciples with the most Sword-patterned Stones have the qualifications to engage in the final showdown on Spirit Sword Peak.

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