The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 473

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Chapter 473: The Last Remainder!

The rich and compelling spiritual energy around was dense and misty, exuding radiance, as if isolating the space.

Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, and others were horrified and at a loss for what to do. When they saw the sudden changes and looked around, they were shocked and stunned. Their eyes became dull and they were petrified like statues.


In an instant, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats fell to the ground, even more terrified than when they encountered the terrifying pressure from the divine bird just now.

The terrifying flames burned everything, stirring up a daunting wave like a sea of fire, and the enormous divine bird, like a phoenix, spread its wings and appeared, covering the sky.

As the flames swept through and gradually dissipated, a splendid glow emerged, like the arrival of a bright moon, with a gentle radiance that neither increased nor decreased.

The divine bird's phantom spread its wings, as the flames surged and its two eyes, like two seas of fire, stared fixedly at the splendid glow, mesmerized.

Immediately, the phantom of the divine bird flapped its wings, vivid and lifelike as if it were a living creature. It unexpectedly lowered its wings in reverence towards the mysterious space, its eyes overflowing with a sense of awe.


With a deafening cry that could split the skies and shatter rocks, the enormous phantom of the divine bird vanished, taking with it the surrounding flames and dreadful aura, as if it had never appeared in the first place.

The entire open space was left with nothing but the massive skeleton of the divine bird.

If it weren't for the all-encompassing redness and the lingering heat in the air, it would have seemed like everything that just happened was merely an illusion.

The land returned to tranquility, and the dreadful aura from before was no more.

Time had lost its meaning in this place.

All that remained was the massive skeleton of the divine bird, which lay lonely and sprawling in this ancient place.

Inside the mysterious space, Su Yi's face became extremely solemn. His body continuously circulated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, refining the medicine and recuperating from his injuries. He released his mind and soul, intending to perceive any movement from outside.

Although Su Yi was unable to spy on the outside world's commotion through the mystical space, at the very least, he could sense some movements.

"Where are we? How did we end up here?"

"What a rich aura of heaven and earth! Where on earth are we?"

"Oh my god, so many spirit medicines!"

"These are Dark Spirit Fruits! It means there must be a Dark Spirit Fruit Tree nearby. But how could a Dark Spirit Fruit Tree be here!"


Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Wang Fan, and Qing Chao were all still in shock and had not recovered yet. Their faces were frozen with disbelief.

"You must not act recklessly while you are here. Remember, take this Spiritual Essence to help you heal, if necessary!"

Su Yi didn't have time to explain things to Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, and the others.

As the words fell, Su Yi tossed a jade bottle to Situ Muyang, urging him to use the contents to heal his injuries. And then Su Yi vanished into thin air.

"Where is the person...?"

Watching Su Yi suddenly disappear, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Situ Muyang, and the others were once again stunned.


When Su Yi's figure reappeared, the mystical space vanished without a trace.

Feeling the calm energy outside, Su Yi cautiously emerged to investigate the situation, sensing that a strange peace had been restored.

When he sensed that everything had truly returned to normal, Su Yi retracted the mystical space.

Faced with the terrifying destructive force, Su Yi had no choice but to enter the mystical space, as it was the only way and his last resort.

The mysterious ball of light in his mind was enigmatic indeed, and Su Yi had to put all his hope into it. It was fortunate for him that he had made the right bet.

With a pale and haggard face, Su Yi's eyes scanned his surroundings.

The scorching heat in the air dissipated, leaving behind an eerie calmness, with only the massive remains of the divine bird.

"What kind of divine bird is this?!"

Su Yi looked off into the distance at the colossal skeleton, like a massive hill that loomed before him. Standing in front of the remains, he felt acutely aware of his own insignificance.

Daring not to approach too closely, Su Yi merely observed from afar.

From within the bones emanated an invisible aura of oppression which suffused the area. The longer Su Yi gazed upon it, the more his heart quivered with an inexplicable trepidation.

Within the hollow eye sockets of the massive bones lay an unfathomable depth, like two black holes that seemed to beckon Su Yi closer and deeper in. It was as if something was summoning him from within.

Gritting his teeth, Su Yi cautiously stepped forward, ready at any moment to slip into the mysterious space ahead.

The closer he approached the massive bones, the terrifying aura of oppression that he felt before vanished into thin air.

As Su Yi stood at the foot of the colossal divine bird's bones, he raised his gaze as if confronting a towering mountain.

The bones were tinted with a deep, antiquated sheen of crimson, radiating a subtle brilliance that could easily go unnoticed if not for a closer observation.

"This must be a treasure!"

Su Yi could determine that this divine bird's bones were undoubtedly a treasure - a valuable and precious artifact that he had ever seen until this moment.

This kind of bones held an inexplicable allure, tempting Su Yi to reach out and touch them.


Suddenly, when Su Yi's palm touched the enormous bones, two dazzling crimson glow burst forth from the hollow eye sockets, enveloping Su Yi with a frightening speed.

Su Yi was greatly alarmed and was unable to escape into the mysterious space in time.

As the light enveloped him, Su Yi's vision turned crimson and he was suddenly overwhelmed by a scorching heat and terrifying pressure.

Under the glaring light, Su Yi was dazzled and his vision was instantly filled with rolling flames, causing him to squint involuntarily.

The next moment, Su Yi's surroundings changed and he found himself above a sea of fire, with rolling flames and scorching heat, vast and boundless, with an overwhelming pressure.

But at this moment, this scorching heat and pressure were completely different.

This scorching heat and pressure didn't oppress Su Yi in any way, but instead brought him a divine feeling, as if he was bathing in a refreshing spring breeze.

"Splish splash..."

The sea of fire surged with radiance, and the red light fluctuated, finally arranging itself in waves that undulated and rippled against a faintly clanging sound.

Finally, to Su Yi's surprise, within this boundless and vast sea of fire, a divine bird phantom coalesced, identical to the one before but immense in size, blocking out the sky and sun.

This phantom, though intangible, seemed to be alive, with fluttering wings and sun-like eyes that oppressed all living things and looked disdainfully upon the world, exuding an overwhelming pressure.

"What's going on?!"

Su Yi was horrified and wanted to be fully alert, but suddenly realized that his vital energy had stopped working without him noticing, even Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique had no response.

You're a human, but you possess our clan's treasure, with an extraordinary background. Since you have such good fortune, I'll give you a chance. Unfortunately, during the long years of being sealed here, my remaining power has become increasingly scarce and unsustainable. This is also the reason why you are able to enter this place.

Anyway, my final remaining power depends on what you can obtain. It's up to you.

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