The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: Divine Bird!


"Boss Su Yi!"

Looking ahead from afar, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and the Dark Golden Demon Falcon all bit their teeth, rushing out without any hesitation when they saw Su Yi and Situ Muyang being shaken and thrown away like that.

"Quickly take the pill!"

At the first moment, Su Yi threw a pill to Situ Muyang and also stuffed a pill into his own mouth.

Su Yi was somewhat surprised. Situ Muyang had acted decisively without any hesitation just now. Otherwise, things would have been very bad for Su Yi.

After taking the pill, Su Yi circulated his energy. Fresh blood was still gushing out from his shoulders, but soon a few rays of red light burst from the wound, shining brightly.

The fresh blood in Su Yi's wound began to stop flowing, and the wound began to heal slowly at an almost imperceptible rate.

This was the power of the Indestructible Vajra Body. Su Yi was quickly healing his injuries.

On the other hand, Situ Muyang didn't have the abnormal physical body that Su Yi possessed.

Situ Muyang took the pill, but it was not effective immediately.

His body swayed, the injuries on Situ Muyang were too severe. The Wind Battle Armor on his body cracked, lost its radiance, and his wings were also damaged.

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others rushed over. However, before they could reach Su Yi and the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, their eyes suddenly widened in shock, and they came to a halt.

Su Yi and Situ Muyang also sensed it and suddenly looked ahead.

Only then did they see that within the dazzling light, the cracked bones of the mountains completely opened up, and an enormous creature seemed to awaken.

As the bones turned into powder, within the intense red light, the outline of an enormous beast-shaped skeleton appeared.

This was an enormous bird skeleton, several hundred meters in size or even larger, as it spread its wings and expanded, it seemed to stir the surrounding ancient forest.

This was only the area covered by the skeleton, if it were a real monster, it would be so huge that it would be astonishing and terrifying beyond imagination.


An endless burst of red light erupted and red flames rained down from the void, almost submerging half of the sky.

The earth cracked open around, gullies spread everywhere, rocks collapsed, and the scene was terrifying!


At this moment, above the sky of this ancient forest, the radiance was dazzling, the divine light was dense, covering the dome, and the brilliance was brilliant. The sound of wind and thunder was unceasing and resounding, as if the gods were born, sending out waves of worship sounds.

The entire ancient forest was boiling, with an ancient and simple aura surging, and everything suddenly seemed to have returned to the ancient times.


From above the firmament, within the brilliant radiance, there emerged enormous and gigantic animal shadows.

Those were all ancient ferocious beasts, flashing by and appearing from the void, only to dissipate shortly after.

Su Yi, Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui and others, all looked dumbfounded.

Everyone was stunned, this was too shocking!


The enormous beast bones were completely revealed, radiating with a brilliant golden light, shining brightly like a cloud. It gave off a deafening roar that shattered the sky and earth and stunned everything around it.

At the same time, suddenly, as if alive, the beast bones twisted and moved, bursting with light, causing the sky to shake.

Mists rose up around, with dazzling bursts of light, as if the sky and earth were reopening, affecting the universe!

Suddenly, on the beast bones, the mist and light blended together, ultimately forming an enormously huge beast shadow that enveloped the beast bones.

The two seemed to fit seamlessly together, as if the beast bones had truly come alive, truly awakened.


Such a sound made the sky solemn, it resembled a phoenix-like divine bird that spread its wings and rose up, surrounded by a crimson blaze, looking down upon the world, shrouded in mist and chaos, its terrifying aura shocking beyond measure!

This beast shadow was so massive that it seemed like a phoenix deity that had come from the ancient times, grand and boundless, connecting the heavens and earth, spreading its wings to cover the entire sky.

The beast shadow was lifelike, its red pupils containing two seas of flames, and two fiery suns were rising within them, staring at Su Yi and the others.

Such a gigantic creature, like a phoenix deity, crouched in the void of the heavens and earth. The illusory shadows of ancient behemoths around it drowned and disappeared in a flash.

Everything was extremely shocking!

All gazes were fixed in place, the pupils of Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others were staring intently.

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats were already trembling on the ground for some unknown reason.

Su Yi didn't recognize such a giant creature, which seemed like the legendary phoenix deity, but also seemed unlikely.

The legendary and supreme phoenix deity, the king of birds, has long ceased to exist in the world, buried in the distant and even ancient times!

This huge creature, like a phoenix, had a tremendous aura, overseeing the heavens and the earth, and subduing billions of living beings.

This terrifying aura made Su Yi feel that even though he had never seen the phoenix deity, the status of this divine bird would probably not be much lower than that of the legendary phoenix!

"Oh my god, is this a phoenix? Does the true phoenix really still exist in this world!"

Situ Muyang exclaimed, as the divine bird overlooked all things and looked down upon the heavens and the earth. Its appearance in this ancient forest made him tremble all over and unable to help but kneel down.

"Phoenix, is this really a Phoenix?"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others trembled with fear; they had only heard of the Phoenix from legends.

The Phoenix, the divine bird, had already been buried in the ancient times, even the primordial times. It no longer existed in the world and had disappeared into the river of time.

The appearance of a divine bird like the Phoenix at this moment shook Su Yi, Situ Muyang, and everyone else.


As the virtual image of that divine bird appeared as if it were alive, the whole vast sky and earth became extremely hot. As it stretched out its wings, a torrent of flames suddenly swept in all directions with an overwhelming killing intent, destroying everything in its path.

"Clang clang..."

In an instant, the flames swept across with an imposing pressure, rushing in all directions and destroying everything along the way. It was enough to burn all living things to ashes!

The demon beasts that were rushing in without regard for their safety around them were completely unstoppable and were reduced to ashes in an instant.

As that scorching aura fluctuated, Su Yi's Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul in his mind also sensed the excitement and felt the danger in the depths of his soul, causing his heart and soul to tremble!

"Come in, quickly!"

With no time to hesitate, everything was decided in an instant. Su Yi had no choice but to rapidly change his hand seal and immediately activate the mysterious space within his mind.

At this moment, Su Yi himself felt a palpitation in his heart.

Those demon beasts at the Demonic True Realm level were burned into mist without even being affected by the shockwave. Su Yi was not confident that he could control them and could only rely on the mysterious space for hope.

As for Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others, the situation was even worse. Once they were swept away by this terrifying flame, they would be instantly reduced to ashes.

Radiant light diffused and exuded divine brilliance, instantly enveloping Su Yi, as well as Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, and others.

Gushing flames, accompanied by awe-inspiring pressure, also immediately swept in and submerged the radiant divine brilliance.

"Swoosh swoosh..."

When the figures of Su Yi, Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, and others reappeared, they were already inside the mysterious space.

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