The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 471

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Chapter 471: Terrifying Pressure!

"That is...!"

Su Yi's gaze froze. As his eyes swept over, the flying bird that had just flown into the red light froze in the void. Its gaze was filled with awe and subservience, as if everything had ceased to move. Then, from within its body, a subtle flame spread outward and finally turned into a beast bone.

"Splashing sound..."

On top of these animal bones, all flesh and energy were burned into red mist, which merged with the surrounding light and the bones fell downward.

On the ground, each and every demon beast was the same.

Those demon beasts that entered into the red light were frozen in silence. In the gaze of each one full of awe and subservience, flames spread from within the beasts' bodies, burning their flesh, energy and blood. In the end, all that remained were their bones.

These animal bones were gradually burned into dryness within the scorching breath.

At this moment, Su Yi and Situ Muyang finally saw it clearly.

The gigantic mountain in front of them was not a real mountain, but a massive pile of animal bones towering over the ancient forest.

The dense animal bones piled up into a mountain!

What a huge number of demon beasts that have died!

These demon beasts seem to have come to destroy themselves, with a look of awe and submission, without any resistance, willingly burning their flesh and bones.

"Hoo hoo..."

Su Yi and Situ Muyang could not help looking at each other, and gasped with a strong sense of shock, feeling the urge to retch.

All of this made Shang Yu and Situ Muyang's hair stand on end for no reason, giving them goosebumps all over their bodies!

Su Yi finally understood. No wonder this ancient forest, with its rich energy and numerous spirit medicines, had become a world of its own. Furthermore, with the existence of the ancient demon beast's descendants, over time, it would definitely give rise to terrifyingly powerful demon clan cultivators.

However, the terrifying bone mountains appeared here, specifically to attract those demon beasts and make them sacrifice themselves by burning their flesh and bones with reckless abandon.

A demon beast from the Demonic True Realm or the Demonic Spirit Realm would never escape, let alone continue to grow. No wonder there were all the necessary conditions in this ancient forest, yet there were no demon clan cultivators here.

"It's too strange. There seems to be a mysterious power controlling these demon beasts and using their flesh, bones, and blood as fertilizer."

Situ Muyang had good eyesight and could see some clues.

There was a mysterious power specifically aimed at controlling demon beasts, making them burn their flesh, bones, and blood as if using them as fertilizer.

Upon hearing this, Su Yi nodded slightly, feeling the same way. He had to continue to be even more careful.

This place is really eerie and terrifying. If you're not careful, there's a chance that you could accidentally end up staying here and become some kind of fertilizer.

"Be careful!"

Situ Muyang exclaimed in shock. Suddenly, a crimson light fell like thunder right above Su Yi's head.

Everything happened too fast, silently and suddenly, without even Su Yi noticing.


A storm swept out, followed by a dazzling white light. However, this light was covered by the crimson radiance and blocked, standing in front of Su Yi.


A low muffled sound was heard above Su Yi's head.


Blood spurted out as a bright white figure was sent flying like a broken kite, piercing through the crimson radiance and landing far behind on the ground.


Powder scattered in the air, raising a sandstorm.

Situ Muyang took the blow for Su Yi and was sent flying, devastated by its impact.

At the same time, on the mountain where the bones of beasts were piled up, there were explosions of light, as streams of crimson radiance burst forth from within the massive mountain, erupting outwards like lightning.

The one that just sent Situ Muyang flying was just one of the surging rays of light.

"Boom, boom, boom..."

The entire mountain of beast bones began to shake and tremble, as crimson divine light burst forth, gradually giving rise to tens of thousands of dancing rays of light.

A myriad of radiance surged skyward, engulfing everything in its vicinity, and dispersing the surrounding crimson glow that had previously shrouded the area.

A level upon level of beast bones slid down from the mountain, disintegrating into powder as they tumbled and scattered, filling the sky and swirling amidst the brilliant radiance, resembling a colossal sandstorm that covered the earth, or a crimson tidal wave that surged forth from the depths of the ocean.

Su Yi's eyes went blank, and his body seemed to freeze at this moment, staring fixedly at the shaking mountain of beast bones where a pervasive pressure was emanating.

The level of pressure was so great that even Su Yi, who was currently using the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, could feel the obstruction of his elemental qi within his body, which was beginning to surge with heat and boil up.

"What a frightening pressure!"

Su Yi felt a chill in his heart and couldn't help but shudder, causing his hair to stand on end.


And it was just a moment, the huge mountain collapsed completely and rapidly.

The dazzling crimson lights were like thunderbolts, spreading through the cracks and causing a world-shattering event. Waves of shock were produced, causing the entire ancient forest to tremble!

"Oh my god!"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and the others who were far away and only visible from a distance were stunned, horrified, and speechless.

The entire mountain made of animal bones was splitting apart, shattering into countless fragments.

All the animal bones were smashed into a vast and overwhelming amount of powder, causing a sandstorm to sweep across all directions.

Brilliant radiance, with flames surrounding and illuminating the ancient earth, accompanied by a rosy glow.


There were sounds of wind and thunder echoing in the void, producing a resounding and rhythmic sound.


At this moment, there was a whistling sound that could pierce through the clouds and rocks, as if a divine bird had surpassed the ancient times, with its deafening yet mysterious and awe-inspiring noise that made people's hearts tremble with excitement!


Brilliant crimson flames rushed out one after another, surging and striking towards Su Yi, enveloping him, leaving him with no escape!


Su Yi condensed his Qi energy into a light shield, then shook his arm and launched the Overlord's Fist, which collided with a thunderous burst of flames ahead.


With this punch, Su Yi's fists crackled and sparks flew everywhere, leaving him with intense pain and flames engulfing his surroundings.

At the same time, another crimson light resembling thunder appeared on Su Yi's shoulder, leaving a deep visible wound on it.

In an instant, Su Yi's wound exposed his bones and blood flowed out incessantly.

Within that thunderous light, there seemed to be a terrifying aura that sought to incinerate Su Yi's flesh and bones to ashes, devouring his vitality.


As Su Yi spat out a mouthful of blood, his face turned pale with shock as the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique within his body reached its peak.

A tyrannical and destructive aura burst out from Su Yi, surrounded by a red glow. Only then did he break free from the mysterious power that bound him.

However, in doing so, Su Yi was also shaken off by that tremendous force, spitting out blood as he crashed to the ground, flying out for more than ten meters and raising a cloud of dust when he landed.

Su Yi struggled to stand up immediately, staggering on his feet. A bloody hole penetrated through his shoulder, and blood flowed out continuously.

Su Yi got up with Situ Muyang behind him, with the Wind Battle Armor on him, shattered. Despite his weightiness, he was covered in blood and his body was shaky.

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