The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 470

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Chapter 470: Massive Mountain!

Gazing ahead at the massive mountain, enveloped in blazing red light, its true appearance indiscernible. However, amidst the scorching and immensely pressurizing breath seeping out from it, Su Yi could clearly feel it.

Su Yi's gaze solidified on the massive mountain, a gratifying expression immediately appearing on his face, impossible to conceal.

Intuition told Su Yi that the opportunity he was seeking within this ancient forest must lie within the mountain ahead, where there must be precious treasures hidden within.

"Will there be any treasures inside?"

Situ Muyang's forehead was sweating from the heat, gasping for breath, and he also felt that ahead was extraordinary, perhaps containing treasures and opportunities.

"There should be!"

Su Yi smiled faintly, a smile lifting at the corners of his mouth.

Judging from this scene and posture, there must be opportunities or treasures inside, and they are not ordinary ones.

"Be careful. Where there are opportunities, there are usually also dangers," Situ Muyang cautioned, proceeding with utmost caution.


As Situ Muyang's words had not yet fully faded away, there came roars from all around, and one by one demon beasts emerged from the ancient forest, heading towards the massive mountain in front of them.

Su Yi and Situ Muyang watched carefully from a high vantage point above.

The demon beasts had red eyes, misty bodies and shimmering lights. It was as if they were evaporating water under the scorching air, gradually entering the massive mountain and disappearing into the radiance.

Some exotic birds and beasts took flight, flapping their wings and heading towards the mountain.

Each and every demon beast in this ancient forest was an exotic creature with not a low level of cultivation. Most of them had reached the Demonic True Realm, and they walked resolutely towards the mountain without any hesitation.

"Very strange indeed."

Seeing all that, although there might be opportunities and treasures ahead, Situ Muyang also felt an inexplicable sense of hair-raising discomfort.

All of this was very strange, filled with unknown fears.


Suddenly, beastly roars came from below, and both the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats growled deeply.

At some point, the two beasts were once again affected, their eyes once again glowing red as they flew towards the mountains.

"Oh no!"

Su Yi frowned, and the vital energy behind his back expanded into a pair of wings, radiating red light. He rushed out and quickly blocked in front of the two beasts.

"Step back!"

With a loud shout, the breath of Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique was contained as it roared out from Su Yi's mouth.


The two beasts recovered again, trembling all over.

"The pressure there is too great, with an extraordinary aura of demonic clans!"

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and Dark Golden Demon Falcon both informed Su Yi that within the mountains ahead, there was an extraordinary aura of demonic clans.

The aura of the demonic clans made them both revere and fear, trembling and palpitating with fear!

"That aura seems to have the greatest impact on demon beasts."

Su Yi frowned, no wonder the demon beasts were always the ones most affected, while Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others were not affected by that.

But Su Yi also felt that kind of demonic aura, imposing and overwhelming. However, he had the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and could resist that kind of aura.

Within that obscure and looming aura of oppression, Su Yi even had a feeling that there was something calling him.

"You all step back, I will go take a look."

Gazing at the mountains ahead shrouded in a red glow and filled with scorching heat, Su Yi didn't hesitate much.

Since it has come to this point, there is really no reason to turn back.

Any opportunity or fate also contains danger. Cultivating martial arts is a path seeking a glimpse of hope in peril, which is a price for transcending normalcy.

"I'll go too!"

Situ Muyang's figure came across the horizon, already activating the Wind Battle Armor.

He didn't want to retreat either, since he had come this far, he naturally couldn't miss this opportunity.

Moreover, Situ Muyang came to the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords not only to hone his skills, but also to seek opportunities within it.

Su Yi nodded. This was the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords belonging to the Divine Sword School. Situ Muyang, the son of the sect leader of the Divine Sword School, couldn't be denied the right to search for treasures on their own territory.

As for danger, he still couldn't be sure; it would all depend on fate.

Seeing Su Yi nod, Situ Muyang's lips curved slightly. His youthful and handsome face still retained a hint of childishness and had no arrogance. With the wings on his back slightly flapping, he landed on the ground and stepped forward, slowly heading towards the front.

Everything ahead was unknown, and even the things within the bright red light were unclear. It would be safer to proceed on the ground.

Seeing this, Su Yi retracted his elemental wings at his back and also landed on the ground. He then dashed towards the mountain in front.

As for Dark Golden Demon Falcon, the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui and others, they could only wait from afar.

That terrifying aura was not something they could approach.

Just the scorching aura alone made Xu Jiahui and others' hair stand on end and caused their skin to feel scorched and painful, making it difficult for them to hold on any longer.

The plain was now painted red, with the ground cracked and powdered flying up with every step.

It seemed that everything around the vicinity had been destroyed into ashes by the scorching aura.

The aura that was pervading in front of them was becoming increasingly terrifying.

The pressure contained within the scorching aura was becoming increasingly apparent.

Various flying beasts and demon beasts emerged from the surroundings, all of which were at the levels of Demonic True Realm and Demonic Spirit Realm.

However, those demon beasts paid no attention to Su Yi and Situ Muyang. They only instinctively avoided some when they sensed the aura emanating from Su Yi's body.

"The aura is too terrifying..."

Sweat drops, the size of soybeans, dripped down from inside the helmet of Situ Muyang's Wind Battle Armor.

The scorching aura was inescapable, causing the Wind Battle Armor on Situ Muyang's body to feel as though it were about to catch fire.

Su Yi also felt the scorching heat, and his Indestructible Vajra Body was somewhat struggling.

Fortunately, when cultivating the first level of the Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body, the Indestructible Vajra Body, the physical body is tempered by the fire of the earth's core, which made Su Yi much more comfortable at this moment.

Furthermore, Su Yi kept running the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, which invisibly had a kind of hindering effect on the scorching aura.

Therefore, at this moment, Su Yi is much more relaxed than Situ Muyang.

"How can you look fine, you're really abnormal!"

However, all of this fell into Situ Muyang's eyes and secretly shook him. He increasingly felt Su Yi's terror, it was simply abnormal.

You should know that under this scorching aura, even with the Wind Battle Armor activated, it was difficult for him to withstand it.

The two of them walked slowly and finally entered that crimson light.

Dazzling light filled the air, the radiance was like flames, emitting visible waves.

"Be careful!"

Su Yi reminded Situ Muyang, feeling that the pressure within the crimson light was stronger and the demonic aura more intense.


As they heard a clicking sound beneath their feet, the two of them looked closer and found that it was actually a beast bone.

The beast bone was completely dried out as if it had been roasted, and as they stepped on it, it immediately crumbled to dust.

"So many animal bones!"

Situ Muyang carefully looked around, and could see that there were not many visible lines of sight within the crimson light, but densely packed animal bones were scattered throughout.

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