The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 469

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Chapter 469: The Mysterious and Fiery Aura!

"You should pay attention to your safety, stay not too close, and immediately retreat as soon as you sense danger!"

Su Yi felt grave in his heart and warned Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others.

Xu Jiahui and others have weak strength and cultivation level. Once there is danger ahead, Su Yi knows that he will be too busy to take care of himself, let alone others.

But Xu Jiahui and others are also afraid of danger staying here, so they can only follow along.

"Understood, we will take care of ourselves."

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others nodded, realizing that they had relied on Su Yi's protection throughout the journey. As time went on, their desire for strength has also grown stronger.

In the past, their desire to become strong, to become inner disciples, was mostly for their family, to provide a better life for their loved ones and to bring honor to their family.

However, over time, they have become increasingly aware that they must truly become stronger.

Only by becoming stronger themselves can they truly be strong.

Only now do they realize how small their previous goals were.

Immediately, without any hesitation, several people leaped forward, their energy surging as they rushed towards the direction from which the demon beasts had mysteriously advanced on them from all sides.

"Swooshing sounds..."

The sound of breaking wind resonated as Su Yi and Situ Muyang led in the front.

Su Yi also specifically instructed the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats to guard the rear, with both being extremely cautious.

"There is indeed a very peculiar aura present."

After crossing several mountain peaks, Su Yi finally sensed a unique aura - a hot atmosphere imbued with a sense of pressure - permeating throughout the ancient forest.

Encountering more and more demon beasts around them, they all slowly advanced towards the same direction, much like the appearances of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats at the beginning.

These demon beasts sensed Su Yi's aura and didn't attack, but instead, avoided him and continued moving forward.

"It's strange, these demon beasts all seem to be of a relatively higher level."

Situ Muyang noticed something, that among the demon beasts that they encountered, there were more demon beasts of the Demonic True Realm, while there were fewer demon beasts of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

As for the demon beasts of the Yao Xuan Realm, there were almost none.

According to common sense, if there really is something controlling these demon beasts and affecting them, then it should be the demon beasts with lower levels of cultivation that should be more affected.

However, Situ Muyang felt it strange that there were no low-level demon beasts around in the area.

Without stopping, Su Yi carefully observed the surroundings, pondering to himself. Suddenly, he said, 'Perhaps it's the higher-level demon beasts who are more affected.'

"Could it be like this...?"

Situ Muyang remained skeptical, but he didn't feel anything was wrong either. It was already mysterious and strange inside this ancient forest, and nothing was impossible.

In the ancient forest, the sound of breaking winds echoed as Su Yi and the other affected ancient mutated beasts moved forward together.

"It is getting hotter and hotter..."

Quickly, Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others were soon sweating profusely.

A blazing heat spread throughout the void, as if suddenly breaking into scorching sunlight.

This kind of heat cannot be blocked even by one's vitality.

This blazing aura could make the vitality inside one's body start to boil and become scorching.

All the towering trees around them and the gnarled vines had turned a reddish hue, as if they had been affected and mutated by the passage of time.

"It's too hot!"

The deeper they went, the more terrifying the blazing aura became, and Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui and others could no longer endure it.

"It's very hot!"

Even Situ Muyang, who has the fire attribute, was starting to struggle. This blazing aura is not ordinary, and it carries a kind of pressure.

Su Yi also felt it. Even with his Indestructible Vajra Body, he realized that this blazing aura was not to be taken lightly.

Feeling helpless himself, Su Yi could only remind Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others to be careful. If they couldn't withstand it anymore, they shouldn't continue to move forward.

"Su Yi, it seems like they have been affected again!"

Xu Jiahui's voice came again. Unknowingly, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon at the back and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats seemed to have been affected once more.

A level of crimson surged quietly in the eyes of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, losing consciousness and marching forward without caring about Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others.

"Wake up!"

Su Yi paused and let out a loud shout with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

"What a frightening aura."

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats trembled in their gaze, their bodies shook, and when they came back to their senses, there was still some lingering fear in their eyes.

Unconsciously, they have been affected again.

"You come closer to me, be careful."

After pondering for a while, Su Yi realized that the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique could awaken the two beasts. If the aura of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique were to envelop them, then perhaps these two beasts wouldn't be affected.

The group continued to move forward, but at a much slower pace, as the heat ahead intensified with each step.

Finally, after about half an hour, Su Yi leapt into the air, forming a vortex of primal energy in his foot, summoning a huge force that propelled him up several meters. Utilizing this momentum, he landed effortlessly on a towering, crimson tree.

As Su Yi landed, not a single branch on the tree trembled.

Upon seeing all of this, Situ Muyang couldn't help but secretly praise it in his heart.

His main attribute is wind, and he has put a lot of effort into mastering it since he was young.

Although Su Yi's technique seemed ordinary, Situ Muyang knew full well that this level of mastery over primal energy and understanding of the wind attribute could not have been achieved without exceptional skill and knowledge.

At the very least, he was unable to do this step.

You see, the elders who have been guiding him since childhood are not ordinary people.

If that elder found out that an outer disciple of the Divine Sword School had surpassed him in mastery over primal energy and the wind attribute, the elder would have been furious and would certainly have given him a severe beating.

Impressed by the sight, Situ Muyang also felt a surge of primal energy in his feet.

Situ Muyang wanted to secretly compete with Su Yi, so he soared into the air and landed quietly beside him.


The tree branch underfoot trembled slightly as Situ Muyang felt a hint of helplessness in his eyes. It was obvious that, even with his deliberate effort, he was still somewhat inferior.

"That's the place..."

Su Yi's voice reached Situ Muyang's ears.

Following Su Yi's gaze, Situ Muyang put away his wandering thoughts and looked ahead.

It seems that the front has already walked out of this ancient forest, or rather, the front is already the center of this ancient forest.

A vast expanse of flat ground appeared, with a massive mountain surrounded in the middle.

This mountain is immensely huge, with a pervasive red glow.

The scorching breath throughout the ancient forest seems to emanate from that vast area.

The scorching breath ahead is even more palpable, giving people a sensation of skin burning from afar.

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