The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 468

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Chapter 468: Summoning!

Some medicinal herbs are still growing, and picking them ahead of schedule will not be very effective.

But Su Yi didn't let this opportunity slip. His intention was to transplant all of these medicinal herbs into the mysterious space, so he could bring them out and sell them when they ripen.

Thinking of how these piles of medicinal herbs will mature and even transform into spiritual medicines, Su Yi cannot help but be thrilled. Indeed, fortune favors the daring.

Although it seems like no one has ever set foot in this ancient forest and everywhere you look there are medicinal herbs, Su Yi and his companions are not careless. They have been cautious and careful the whole time.

This ancient forest is also very large, but it is impossible to ride the Dark Golden Demon Falcon inside.

Because above the high altitude, there is a dense fog that can't be seen through. It blocks the view, so one can only navigate through the forest.

The forest air is fresh and filled with the fragrance of medicine. Occasionally, some low-level demon beasts will also roam through. When they saw Su Yi and the others, they fled like startled rabbits and didn't dare to linger.

"Be careful, it seems that there are demon beasts around here."

Using his Soul Power, Su Yi also sensed some demon beast auras. The aura was not ordinary, very strong, and alerted everyone to be extra careful.

This ancient forest hasn't been explored by humans, and has become an independent world with living creatures. Under the abundant energy of this world, Su Yi surmised that there must be some strong beings present.


On top of a towering tree, Su Yi's figure darted up and landed on the treetop. His gaze swept over the area, wanting to know just how big this place was.

"The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is already mysterious. This place, located within the Battlefield, is even more special, as even cultivators from the Divine Sword School seem to have not discovered it. Be careful."

Situ Muyang also flew up to the treetop and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Su Yi, scanning the surroundings and reminding Su Yi to be careful.

"Okay," Su Yi nodded.

No one knows how vast this ancient forest is. Although Su Yi and the others cannot fly on the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, they are cultivators after all and can use their vital energy. Even Liu Ji and the others are not too slow in terms of speed.


Half an hour later, in front of a brilliant radiance of spiritual medicine, everyone finally encountered a demon beast.

This is a strange and unique beast that even Situ Muyang doesn't recognize. However, its cultivation has almost reached the Demonic True Realm.

Fortunately, Su Yi displayed the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and under the dominance of destructive pressure, that demon beast dared not approach and retreated.

But this also made Su Yi, Situ Muyang, and others suck in a cold breath. The demon beast, which was close to the Demonic True Realm, would be unbeatable once it started attacking.

After encountering the demon beast, Su Yi and others had to become even more cautious.

Within two hours, everyone discovered numerous spiritual medicine again, but also encountered an increasing number of demon beasts.

Some of the demon beasts were obviously at the Demonic Spirit Realm level, but they all feared Su Yi's aura. They stared from a distance without approaching.

"Have you noticed that there are increasingly more demon beasts with stronger auras, and they are all approaching us!"

Xu Jiahui spoke, looked around, and her eyes showed a slight surprise as she discovered some peculiarities.

Su Yi and Situ Muyang carefully looked around upon hearing this.

There were demon beasts in the surroundings that dared not approach, but those demon beasts were not staying too far away at the moment. Moreover, they were all heading towards a common direction.

Xu Jiahui discovered the peculiarity. After all, women are more delicate in certain aspects, which has nothing to do with strength.

"Very strange."

Su Yi stopped and furrowed his eyebrows. Coincidentally, the direction in which he and his companions were moving was the same as the direction of the demon beasts nearby, which is why Xu Jiahui noticed the unusual aspect of it.

"What happened to them?!"

As Situ Muyang spoke and warily surveyed the surroundings, he suddenly discovered that the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats had already walked ahead and showed no intention of stopping.

"What happened to you?"

Su Yi exclaimed in surprise and spoke loudly.

However, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats showed no signs of stopping, as if they hadn't heard Su Yi's words at all.

"Something's wrong!"

Su Yi's expression changed, and he surged his elemental energy underfoot. His figure flickered and he went straight to the front of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats looked calm as they saw Su Yi, but they directly avoided him and continued to move forward, keeping in perfect harmony with the strangely coordinated pace of the demon beasts encountered around them.

"It seems like they have been influenced by something."

Situ Muyang arrived beside Su Yi and looked at the two demon beasts, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, which had just brushed past them. His expression became serious.

"Wake up!"

Su Yi looked solemnly as he urged the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, mixed with his elemental energy. He then let out a loud shout towards the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.


The breath shook the surrounding area, causing the void to tremble and the waves of Qi to fluctuate. The sound echoed within this ancient forest.



The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and the Dark Golden Demon Falcon's eyes trembled as they turned around. The barely perceptible red light in their eyes dissipated, and suddenly they regained their senses. They appeared shocked, and their bodies trembled slightly.

"What's going on?" Su Yi asked.

"I don't know, but it seems like something is calling out to me."

"It's a strange feeling, like something is calling me from ahead."

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and Dark Golden Demon Falcon replied, still feeling a bit shaken. It was as if they had no idea what just happened, except that they remembered something calling out to them from ahead.

"Have you been under control?"

Su Yi asked, feeling like all the other demon beasts they encountered on the way were just controlled by something in secret, just like how Dark Golden Demon Falcon and the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats were apparently controlled.

"It's not quite like being controlled, it's more like being summoned with a kind of pressure and a very frightening aura!"

"It's like the summon of the demon emperor, it cannot be resisted!"

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and Dark Golden Demon Falcon expressed their feelings from just now, they didn't have any idea what happened but that feeling was not complete control.

Situ Muyang and Xu Jiahui don't understand the language of beasts. Su Yi informed everyone about what the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and Dark Golden Demon Falcon said, so that everyone could be careful and guard against being affected.

"Very strange, something must have happened ahead!" Situ Muyang's gaze intensified.

"It's likely to be very dangerous ahead."

Zhang Qing spoke with lingering fear. The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats has reached the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm, and even they were unconsciously affected and almost controlled. They are afraid that things will only get worse.

"Something must have happened ahead, I'll go take a look. Everyone be careful!"

Su Yi pondered for a moment and thought that since he was already here, there was no reason not to take a look.

"Go ahead, I also want to see what else is inside."

Situ Muyang spoke with a slightly eager tone, and his young face, although somewhat inexperienced, showed a hint of self-important confidence, his eyes gleaming with a certain radiance.

"This guy has also become emboldened!"

Upon gazing at Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others couldn't help but feel somewhat helpless.

After this period of time, they could clearly feel that Situ Muyang had been completely assimilated by Su Yi.

Nowadays, when it comes to adventures, feasts, and treasure hunts, Situ Muyang's level of enthusiasm is not much inferior to that of Su Yi.

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