The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 467

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Chapter 467: Soul Attack!

Su Yi's gaze turned serious. This remnant soul was too powerful, far exceeding those beast-shaped remnant souls.

Su Yi had just suffered a heavy blow, and more importantly, this remnant soul could attack the soul power inside his mind. If it weren't for Su Yi's Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul having some extraordinary properties, his injury would have been much more severe.


The shadow of the remnant soul didn't hesitate and continued to strike fiercely.

Gritting his teeth, Su Yi struck out with all his might, activating the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to the limit and unleashing the Wrath of the Eight Wastelands. He utilized all of his strength to the utmost.

The remnant soul's figure seemed to have little intelligence, but retained only its most basic instinct to kill. Despite the emptiness in its eyes, it radiated a murderous intent and kicked directly at Su Yi.

As they collided, the passage trembled and a brilliant radiance filled the air. An energy storm swept through the area.

"Clatter clatter..."

The terrifying aura swept through the area, causing Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, and others to stagger and retreat, their figures swaying.

Su Yi was again shaken back, his right foot numb, and his blood and qi roiling inside his body.


Around the passage, there were also large swathes of animal shadows and remnant souls roaring and raging.

These animal shadows and remnant souls were as solid as objects, but they dared not approach Su Yi's aura. They only lurked in the distance, roaring and making people tremble with fear.


The remnant shadows continued to attack, their aura filling the sky and pouring through the passage like a mountain torrent. Their radiance was blazing, causing the passage to shake and resound like thunder.

Su Yi's expression changed greatly without any other choice. He exerted his full strength and activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan technique to its limit, driving the Overlord's Fist.


Such a collision caused the passage to seem as if it was about to explode. The radiance all around was dazzling and brilliant, shining like the rising sun and sweeping in all directions.


Su Yi finally couldn't hold back anymore and spat out a mouthful of blood, his figure flying backwards.

The residual shadow arrived in an instant, with blood-red pupils and a vast aura shrouding over Su Yi, penetrating every part and rushing straight into his mind.

This aura is savage and brutal, as if it wants to devour everything, even the soul.

Just then, Su Yi's mind suddenly fluctuated with a burst of radiance. A surge of red light flickered violently, shaking everything around, erupting into a resplendent glow like a small sun, dazzling and shining.

"Whoooosh..." In an instant, from Su Yi's mind, the aura fluctuated like ripples, carrying a domineering and majestic air that seemed able to suppress the ancient times and overlook the world!

This is Su Yi's Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul in his mind, dazzling and bright like the sun, exuding a divine radiance and emanating waves of fluctuation.

At that moment, a mysterious force seemed to have traveled through time and space, coming from ancient times and producing a thunderous roar in Su Yi's mind.

In that instant, as quick as lightning, the blood-red pupils of the hollow figure outside flinched instinctively, bursting with immense shock and fear. They immediately retreated at lightning speed, as if they had just seen something horrifying.

"Crack, crack..."

Suddenly, for an unknown reason, the passage cracked and a fissure appeared ahead, radiating a bright light that looked like an exit.

Inside that exit, a rich aura of heaven and earth permeated, accompanied by a sense of ancient solemnity that seemed to have been sealed for tens of thousands of years, which was very shocking.

"Hurry, that's the exit, let's go!"

As soon as he sensed the aura, a flash of joy swept across Su Yi's pale face, and he immediately shouted, "Xu Jiahui, Situ Muyang, let's go out!"

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

One after another, figures also immediately made their full effort and rushed towards that exit recklessly.

As the figures flew out, they were greeted by an ancient aura, as if they had opened up an ancient land that had been untouched for tens of thousands of years.

A strong aura of heaven and earth energy immediately swept over and enveloped everyone.

Everything is unknown inside, everyone hastily flew out in alarm and secretly remained fully alert, with their Yuan Qi circulating in their meridians.

Feeling the rich energy and ancient aura, a bright light appeared before everyone's eyes and they squinted, but soon everything became clear.

This is a forest, a true primordial forest.

The mountains are high and the forests are dense, the peaks towering with magnificent grandeur.

Towering tall trees rise up to the sky, vines winding around them in the shape of coiled dragons.

As the wind blows past, all the trees bend and sway, as if a hurricane has stirred up the ocean. In an instant, the waves surge and roar with the deafening sound of thunder.

The crowd is somewhat dumbfounded; this place is like a paradise, with the energy of heaven and earth being extremely rich.

Su Yi's face is solemn, and the exit behind him has already disappeared mysteriously.

Vigilant of his surroundings, Su Yi swiftly placed a medicinal pill into his mouth to heal his injuries. He secretly circulated his inner power to dissolve the pill's effects and recuperate from his wounds.

The energy of heaven and earth in the surrounding area is even richer than that on Sky Sword Peak. Su Yi secretly explores with his spiritual sense and expands his soul's power, not daring to be careless in the slightest.


In the air, a strong energy rushed towards them.

Su Yi carefully sniffed the scent in the air, faintly revealing an ancient and heavy aroma.

"There are herbs!"

Su Yi inquired about the scent of the medicinal herbs.

During this period, Su Yi had been frequently involved with medicinal herbs, and the aroma pervading in the air couldn't escape his nose. There must be herbs in the vicinity.

"Be careful."

With the surge of his vitality under his feet, Su Yi's figure darted out to search for medicinal herbs.

Soon, Su Yi found the medicinal herbs.

"Oh my, so many medicinal herbs, there's even spiritual herbs!"

Situ Muyang's eyes lit up as Su Yi found not just one but a large pile of medicinal herbs right before him.

A pile of Purple Jade Magnolia, there were hundreds of them, lush and green, and filled with rosy dawn light.

This is the main material for refining the high-level alchemy pill "Purple Jade Elemental Pill".

There is also Purple Jade Magnolia as an auxiliary material in many star-grade elixirs.

Purple Jade Magnolia has an amazing value due to its ability to enhance vitality and stabilize cultivation.

And this is not just one Purple Jade Magnolia, but a large group of them, consisting of hundreds of plants!

"What a great place!"

Su Yi was delighted, and his eyes were already glowing with excitement. There was no need for courtesy at this point, so he started collecting the plants carefully, uprooting them with great caution, for fear of damaging even a single strand.

With the help of Dark Golden Demon Falcon, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others, Su Yi made a special reminder to ensure that Purple Jade Magnolia would not be damaged.

Then, Su Yi collected all the Purple Jade Magnolia that everyone had gathered and put them into his space bag without hesitation.

"Ice Soul Grass!"

"Fierce Flame Sunflower!"

"Spiritual Mushroom Chrysanthemum!"

"Seven Star Fairy Orchid!"

"Blood Dragon Ginseng!"

"Pure Lotus Sunfruit!"


Immediately, in this ancient forest, Su Yi discovered a large amount of medicinal herbs.

Among them, there are plenty of spiritual medicines, some of which exist in clusters.

"I've made it rich, I'm really rich now!"

"Oh my god, this is a treasure trove, I'm going to be rich!"

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Qing Chao, and others followed Su Yi and gained some knowledge along the way. However, now that they have seen so many medicinal herbs and spiritual medicines, they cannot help but exclaim that there are too many of these spiritual medicines.

This ancient forest is simply a massive medicinal field, with a vast and diverse array of medicinal herbs, some of which are even rare in the outside world.

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