The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 466

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Chapter 466: Lingering Soul!

The just-disappeared and shattered ferocious beast's shadow reappeared, bringing a fierce aura as it attacked once more.

Although this ferocious and strange beast is a phantom, it appears as tangible, and the bloody smell emanating from its gaping jaws is intimidating.

"This is too strange," said Su Yi as he frowned, drawing his sword in his other hand. The sword glimmered as he swung it down directly.

As the sword passed, radiance emanated from it, and the ferocious and strange beast was immediately cut open, split into two by the sword.


A stunning scene appeared as the ferocious and strange beast, split into two by a sword, directly restored and coalesced in the midst of several horrified gazes, then continued to attack once more.

"This is a remnant soul, unless it is completely destroyed, it cannot be dealt with!"

Situ Muyang exclaimed as he discerned the clues: the ferocious and strange beast was actually a remnant soul energy.


With no time to hesitate, Su Yi's sword light brushed out, Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon descended, the sword light was like lightning, and sliced the ferocious and strange beast into pieces.

But soon, the void fluctuated, and the ferocious and strange beast remnant soul appeared again, roaring like thunder, with a terrifying and empty look.

As a Soul Tamer, Su Yi naturally has an understanding of remnant souls, and it is not easy to completely destroy these remnant soul energies.

But there is a way to deal with these remnant souls, and that is the extremely strong and yang cultivation method, which is the natural enemy of these remnant souls.

These remnant souls also have attributes that are antagonistic to each other. For example, a fire-attribute remnant soul can be suppressed by a water-attribute attack.


Soon, the ferocious and strange beast condensed again, with a terrifying but empty gaze, and continued to attack.


With his robe fluttering and a red light radiating, a vast and overwhelming energy emerged from Su Yi's body at this moment, as he immediately activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.


The ferocious beast, which was rushing to attack, seemed to have sensed something at this moment. As Su Yi activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the empty and void gaze of the beast instinctively showed a tremor of fear, while its phantom body also trembled.

Soon, the ferocious beast's empty and vicious eyes transformed into an instinctual expression of fear and shock. It let out a low roar, and its phantom body came to a halt, hovering in mid-air and not daring to move forward.


The empty and savage pupils stared at Su Yi in astonishment, causing the fierce beast to gradually retreat.

"What's going on?"

Situ Muyang was surprised and quite intrigued by what he saw.

"This fellow is too mysterious!"

At this moment, Situ Muyang could also sense the aura emanating from Su Yi's body - a devastatingly powerful and awe-inspiring force that had made the lingering soul of the creature hesitant to approach any further.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing are still shaken by the experience, their heartstrings taut.

Under the release of Su Yi's Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique at that moment, the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and the Dark Golden Demon Falcon trembled and instinctively knelt down trembling in fear.

Su Yi relaxed slightly, as he had expected. Although just lingering souls, those beastly shadows were still demon beasts, and thus the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique was able to suppress them all the same.

"Be extremely careful, let's continue!"

Su Yi spoke and activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to clear the way, then continued forward.


The passage boiled, shining with light as the space trembled, and the roar of beasts sounded like thunder.

As Su Yi and the others approached, phantom demon beast images emerged one by one in front of them. With fierce and ominous gazes, they loomed with instinctual auras of bloodlust.

As these phantom demon beast appeared, they rushed towards Su Yi and the others. However, as they sensed the aura of Su Yi's Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique on him, they immediately halted and retreated in fear.


The ground was littered with bones and covered the pathway, while phantom demon beast images roared above, revealing their snowy fangs and emanating a strong bloody stench.

The aura of these phantom demon beast images was so formidable that it reached a terrifying level, even surpassing that of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats. Fortunately, the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique was able to suppress it.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing were both trembling and even their legs were shaking as they walked. This was too frightening.

"It's too dangerous, it's like facing a life-and-death situation!"

Situ Muyang was amazed. He felt that within each of the phantom demon beast images, which were struggling to give birth, there were a considerable number of auras that even approached the level of the Demonic True Realm.

These lingering remnants were already difficult to deal with, and if they really started attacking, the outcome could be easily guessed.

No wonder every living being that enters this place never comes out, it's simply impossible to make it out alive.

Su Yi focused his attention and suppressed the endless remnants of demonic beast shadows around him with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique. As he went deeper into the area, the strength of these demonic beast shadows became stronger.


Suddenly, several rays of light resembling sharp arrows burst out from the void with a radiant glow.

These are dozens of plant roots resembling stems, which are phantom plants. They seem solid, incredibly sharp, and make a whistling sound when they cut through the air.

"It's a spiritual object."

Su Yi's gaze grew heavy. This wasn't a demon beast, but a residual soul of a spiritual object. Just like demon beasts, once spiritual objects reach a certain level, they can be classified as a tribe of demonic creatures.

All things in the world possess a spirit. Even a flower, a blade of grass, or a pebble can become a demon.

"Snickering sound..."

As the several plant stems swept over, seemingly influenced by the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, Su Yi also made his move at the same time. Fiery red flames exploded forth, with flames condensing into intense heat, and Yuan Qi surging out in billowing waves, sweeping towards the rays of light and incinerating them.


Suddenly, a brilliant light shone forth, and a strong aura emerged, exuding a presence capable of overpowering mountains and rivers.

A brilliant light surged forth and swept towards Su Yi.

"Be careful!"

Situ Muyang made his move, deploying the Wind Battle Armor in an attempt to assist Su Yi. Wind-attribute Yuan Qi roared through his body like a storm, colliding with the opposing forces with a fierce impact.


However, shortly after rushing forward, Situ Muyang was sent flying and spat out blood.

Even Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing were also knocked away and stumbled to the ground by the terrifying Qi shockwave.


The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats let out a loud roar, which was accompanied by a deafening wolf howl. An endless aura of bloodthirsty evil surged and enveloped the area ahead.

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon burst into golden light and the flapping of its wings made a resounding clang.

Two demon beasts also made their move and blocked their way.

However, the radiance was too powerful for even the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats to resist. That was not to mention the Dark Golden Demon Falcon; it couldn't even sustain a slight touch and was knocked away instantly.


With crimson light filling his eyes, Su Yi unleashed the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon Emperor Slash. The sword light was as fast as lightning, sweeping across all directions with a domineering aura and a mighty momentum, akin to a raging dragon.

The radiance was finally blocked, and the glow around shattered into pieces.

However, it was only the glow that shattered, revealing a figure.

The figure was elusive, with eyes that shot out a terrifying light. Sometimes his face appeared middle-aged, while at other times it seemed youthful, his appearance constantly changing.

"It's a person!"

Xu Jiahui and others stood up, looking very surprised.

"It's only a remnant soul, after all!"

Situ Muyang stood up, bloodstains on his mouth, looking very embarrassed. His old injuries hadn't healed yet and he had new ones added now.

As the figure appeared, he looked at Su Yi, seemingly no longer suppressed by the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique emanating from him. He had a vacant look but exuded a strong aura, pouncing straight towards Su Yi.

Su Yi confronted the opponent with a head-on collision. With a dull sound, he was shaken back and his blood and qi surged within him. His throat was sweet, and he almost spewed out a mouthful of blood.

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