The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Battle Between the Python and the Ape

Executing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” within that mysterious space, the rich natural energies of heaven and earth helped Su Yi to recover as fast as possible back to his peak condition.

Currently, the First Level of the Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body, Indestructible Vajra Body, was exerting its full effects on the recovery of Su Yi’s heavily damaged body.

This feeling made Su Yi feel that he was experiencing what the people in his previous world called regeneration. He could clearly feel his entire body recovering.

From within the complete “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, Su Yi knew that that the forging of his physical body during the past three years was only for the First Level of the “Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body”, Indestructible Vajra Body. The Second Level was “Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul”.

The first level, “Indestructible Vajra Body” was the cultivation of the physical body. The second level, “Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul” was the cultivation of the soul.

Currently, Su Yi had some expectations. Since the “Indestructible Vajra Body” could make his physical body so much stronger than those in the same cultivation level as him, then when he reaches the realm of “Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul”, that would also be able to strengthen his soul significantly.

As Su Yi performed the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” to heal his injuries, the ‘mutated’ Yuan Spirit Elixirs within his body which he had consumed earlier was now spreading to every fibre of his being, turning into a rich and dense type of energy and becoming more effective compared to the usual Yuan Spirit Elixirs

Beneath the towering cliff, the dense fog made the surroundings blurry.

Within a huge cave, the Golden Titanic Python furled and its scales gave off flashes of light. Its tongue continuously flickering in and out of the mouth. It was furiously staring at a several meters tall giant green ape in front of it.

Filled with spirit, the eyes of this giant green ape were giving off a faint green glow. Its mouth was full of sharp fangs. It was staring eye-to-eye with the Golden Titanic Python, both sides not giving up a single step.


Rearing upwards, the Golden Titanic Python hisses loudly. Its narrow eyes were closely following the movements of the Gigantic Green Ape.

Strictly speaking, what the Golden Titanic Python was closely looking at was the palm of the Gigantic Green Ape which was currently holding two eggs.

The palm-sized eggs had rune-like markings on it and its entire surface was glossy and smooth.


The Gigantic Green Ape beat its chest with its one free hand while roaring. Strange liquid with fragments of eggshells was flowing out of its mouth. It seemed to have already eaten a few eggs.


The Golden Titanic Python could not hold back any longer and it shot itself towards the ape. Its entire was body glistening and giving off a powerful aura.

The Giant Green Ape gave off a deep roar. Its face contorted with rage. Its shoulders shook as that gigantic body instantly leaped into the air. The sole of its feet gently lifted off the ground as if it was flying. While airborne, its sharp claws lunged towards the Golden Titanic Python.

As the ape lifted off the ground, the sound of an explosion resonated through the cave.

The eyes of the python changed slightly because of that strong presence. In an instant, a golden stream of light shot out from its mouth and turned into something like a streak of golden lightning and with a light as sharp as a saber and sword, it flew straight at the Giant Green Ape.

The Giant Green Ape clawed. Light also spurted out from its palm. The two lights collided as an explosion sounded through the air and afterward, the claw continued its path towards the Golden Titanic Python.

At this moment, the Golden Titanic Python was already in the air and its gigantic tail swiftly lashed out and hit the back of the ape heavily.

The ape felt that something was not right and emitted a green solid-looking light from its back, covering as much of its body as possible.


The tail of the Golden Titanic Python slammed fiercely against the ape’s back. The gigantic figure of the green ape stuttered forward and the green light seemed to be unable to withstand such a heavy blow as it gave off tiny sounds of cracking.


The ape groaned as its body fell to the ground. It seemed to have taken serious damage.


The green ape was enraged. It threw the two golden eggs in its hand to the side and beat its chest with both of its hand. A faint green light swirled in its eyes and with a terrifying swiftness, it pounced on the python.


Seeing the golden eggs being thrown to the ground and cracks appearing on the glossy eggshell, the Golden Titanic Python became as ruthless and enraged as it could ever be. Not giving the ape any chance to breathe, it lunged at the green ape.

Bang! Boom! Bang!

Two gigantic beasts with similar strength fought each other. Sounds of terrifying loud smashes and explosions burst out from the cave. Boulders shattered and the earth trembled.

This battle of the gigantic beasts lasted for quite a long time before everything started to quieten down.

Finally, the Golden Titanic Python slithered out of the cave. Injuries painted its body. Agony could be seen in its eyes. It reared its head as if it had remembered something and slowly slithered towards the top of the cliff.

At the cliff, in the midst of the dense fog, there was a brilliant, holy looking light.

The humongous tree was currently enveloped in a glaring light with a dense rich energy flowing out from it.

From who knows when, sounds started radiating from the top of the cliff wall and many beasts had appeared.

One by one, the beasts had appeared on top of the stone, gazing upon the glaring light which had enveloped the tree. Their eyes showing respect and fear. Their bodies trembled slightly and one by one they bowed down as if facing an emperor.


Within the crevices between the rocks, a Golden Titanic Python appeared with its body blanketed in injuries.

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