The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Strange Phenomenon

Looking at the beasts which had appeared all of a sudden in the surroundings, the wild eyes of the Golden Titanic Python were nailed to the light enveloping the tree. The aura which was leaked from the light filled its eyes with shock. Unconsciously, it lowered its head slightly as its body went closer to the ground. Respect and amazement can be seen from the snake.

But as if something cheering him, the Golden Titanic Python lifted its head up once again and after kowtowing like how a human would, it moved towards the light, slowly dragging its injury-riddled body towards the roots of the tree.

The beasts in the surroundings were confused upon seeing this sight. One by one, eyes filled with astonishment fell upon the snake.

The Golden Titanic Python gradually made its way forward. The aura of the light filled it with fear and respect, but at this moment, it seemed to have some kind of reason which fuelled its unwavering will to continue forward. It clenched its jaw and finally made it into the light.

On the edges of the wall of the cliff, a huge tiger, a small fiery-red mink, and a white bird walked forth. Seeing the Golden Titanic Python entering the light, they, who had hesitated before made their decisions and started walking towards the light.

A human baby sized black mouse quietly followed behind the tiger and the mink.

A butterfly with wings as white as pure white jade, around 3 meters in size flapped its wings and followed behind the black mouse.

As for the other beasts, they looked at each other and while they had the desire to step forth, they feared what laid ahead of them and did not have the courage to enter the light.

Within the mysterious space, Su Yi was sitting with his legs crossed. Time slowly went by as the skin which was once painted with injuries regained its healthy jade-like glow. Rosiness replaced the paleness of his face. The Xuan Qi within his meridians let out the sound of flowing water.

Within his mind, Su Yi continued to gain insights about the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”. In order to become strong, to be able to step upon Sacred Mountain one day and mince that Wang Quan De into a thousand pieces, Su Yi knew that his only hope laid within the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” and the mysterious space.

But cultivation was something which could not be rushed and what was most important now was to raise his cultivation and have a firm grasp on his skills. Until now Su Yi still had not been able to refine the “Overlord’s Fist” which he learned by himself and the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” which he had acquired.

Hence, while he was recovering from his injuries, Su Yi was also gaining insights about the refining method for the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands”.

“Overlord’s Fist” was a Kempo, though extraordinary. It was also simple and overwhelming.

And this “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” was a leg-based martial technique and compared to the simple and overwhelming power of the “Overlord’s Fist”, it was slightly more complex, but it still had the same overwhelming aura.

Being fully engrossed in gaining insights, Su Yi totally forgot the fact that Golden Titanic Python was still somewhere outside.

Within his Sea of Yuan Qi, the originally drained Yuan Qi was becoming abundant once again. Sounds of deafening thunder and violent winds complemented the revitalization of his Sea of Yuan Qi.


Once the Sea of Yuan Qi within Su Yi became filled up once again, the Yuan Qi whirlpool spiralled and rampaged as if there was a typhoon. The roaring sounds of thunder and wind were continuous and with a final burst, it completely exploded within Su Yi. His aura at that instant rose immensely.

His aura rampaged around the mysterious space and only after a while did everything calm down.

This commotion caused Su Yi to snap out from his state of being engrossed in gaining insights. He took apart his hand seal and halted his rhythmic breathing.

His eyes opened and the light within them was glaringly bright. Like lightning, it burst out and died down immediately. Sharp yet deep was the light which burst out from his eyes.

“I wonder how many days have already passed. Luckily, now I have recovered.”

The very instant Su Yi felt what has changed within his body, he became slightly happy. He had almost fully recovered and most importantly, his cultivation seemed to have progressed quite a bit. Su Yi felt that he had broken through to the next grade.

“Is this Yuan Soul Realm Second Grade?” Su Yi’s raised his eyebrows. This breakthrough gave him an indescribable feeling of satisfaction.

But afterward, Su Yi's eyebrow furrowed and recalled that he was still in dangerous waters. That Golden Titanic Python was still lurking outside.

“F*ck, what happened here?!”

Suddenly, Su Yi was dumbfounded. With one look, all he could see was that this space which was around 30 meters in radius was now filled to the brim with beasts as far as he could see. Even the Golden Titanic Python which he was worried about was now right in front of him.

“Not good.”

It was an instinct and together with his three years of training, Su Yi subconsciously leaped back with a burst of speed.

After Su Yi retreated back, he was confused. He could only see the horde of beasts in front of him was covered with a light and this light seemed to have originated from the deep depths of this mysterious space as if it had descended from the heavens and fell upon these beasts.

The eyes of the beasts were now all shut tight, their bodies glowing. The light which encased them seemed to be full of life as if they were wrapped up in a heavenly light.

Su Yi cautiously looked at the horde of beasts in front of him. A humongous tiger, a fiery-red mink, a white bird, a black mouse as big as a human baby, a three-meter wide butterfly with pure white jade wing and that Golden Titanic Python were all within his mysterious space. What in the world was this?

What made Su Yi surprised the most was that there were still two faintly golden eggs, roughly the size of a palm, currently also being encased by the light from the mysterious space.

“What has happened here?!”

Su Yi was shocked. He had no idea what had happened.

It was at that moment, the light from above began to gradually dissipate into nothingness.

Once the light which had enveloped the beasts disappeared, one by one they woke up. Their eyes opened, their gaze filled with ruthlessness, their aura overpowering.

“So strong! They are all in Demonic Xuan Realm. No, That Golden Titanic Python seemed to have made a breakthrough!” When the beasts woke up, their bodies, big or small stood up straight. Their auras released without limits. Su Yi was once again stunned.

Currently, the aura of each beast present there was at least of the Demonic Xuan Realm and the aura of the Golden Titanic Python seemed to be much stronger than before. It seemed to have made a breakthrough in cultivation.



The beast roared and when they looked at Su Yi as if they met an emperor. They genuflected themselves, their eyes filled with respect and awe.

“What is this?”

When Su Yi looked at the horde of beasts in front of him which did not attack him but instead lowered themselves to the ground. He was extremely dumbfounded.

Su Yi’s worldview was completely shattered. This kind of sight was unimaginable. These beasts should be ruthless and cruel, but now they did not treat him as prey, but as an object of respect and admiration.

“Could it be?”

Su Yi pondered as if he recalled something.

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