The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Stalemate with the Python

Demonic Xuan Realm Beast. There’s no doubt it was equal to a cultivator of the Yuan Xuan Realm.

And beasts normally have some innate talent in them, such as enormous strength, tough skin with hard flesh amounting to a strong defense, speed as swift as the wind or maybe relentlessness like no other.

So normally, at the same cultivation level, a beast would be slightly stronger than a human.

Su Yi could also feel that this Demonic Xuan Realm beast was not your average Demonic Xuan Realm beast, it was already touching the border of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

“Is this a joke?”

Su Yi resigned, his eyes turned serious and exhibited caution. He knew that even at his best, he would also not be able to take on this Golden Titanic Python.

Furthermore, he had zero combat capability now. He could not even move a muscle and could only wait silently to become a delicious meal for this python.


The Golden Titanic Python aggressively stared at Su Yi. It was originally hiding in wait, but smelling the medicinal fragrance of the Yuan Spirit Elixirs in Su Yi’s hands, it could not bear to hide any longer.

It hesitated at first, but it was now gradually approaching Su Yi, its eyes closely following the Yuan Spirit Elixirs in his hands, although the snake still approached really slowly due to caution.

“You filthy beast, don’t come near me or I will pull you down together with me!”

Su Yi said to that Golden Titanic Python while he purposefully shook the branches beneath him, but with Su Yi’s current strength, the branches only shook very slightly due to its size.

The Golden Titanic Python seemed to be unable to understand Su Yi’s words, or maybe it just couldn’t be bothered with Su Yi. It continued to coil itself around the tree, gradually slithering up to Su Yi.

“I did not perish in Wang Quan De’s hands, am I going to die in the jaw of this snake now?” Su Yi was in despair, just after he had thought that the lady luck and miracles were watching over him as he did not die even after being thrown from a tall cliff.

But now it seems that the lady of miracles was looking after this snake instead. What great luck this snake has, to have a delicious meal sent from the sky as it was laying under the cliff.


Though Su Yi knew that he could not avoid this Golden Titanic Python, but he was not someone who would give up straight away in the face of death, that was not him. The Yuan Qi in him may be weak and little, but he still initiated the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, no matter what happens, he must fight with his all against this gigantic snake.


When Su Yi initiated the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, a majestic and tyrannical presence flowed around him, causing the Golden Titanic Python to suddenly halt. Fear could be seen in its fierce eyes as it moved no further.


Su Yi had also felt that something was wrong. How come this Golden Titanic Python suddenly stopped in its tracks with fear lurking in its eyes?

“Is this because of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique?”

Su Yi pondered and stopped performing his Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

When he stopped performing the technique, the Golden Titanic Python tilted its head up and its eyes stared straight at Su Yi. With the reduction in pressure, the snake seemed to want to approach although with hesitation.


Su Yi’s eyebrows furrowed as he initiated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique once again.

Fear could be seen clearly in the eyes of the python as it got more worked up. Its head, which had just tilted up, bowed down immediately as it waited from afar, not daring to move even an inch closer.

“This snake fears the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique!”

Su Yi eyes were filled with glee, for this could save his life. Somehow, this Golden Titanic Python stifled with fear when he activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique.

Though Su Yi did not know why the snake feared the technique, he gladly accepted it for this was like a gift that had descended from the heavens.

Su Yi immediately initiated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and gradually healed his wounds, although his eyes continued to monitor the python, for he did not dare to be careless.

Under the presence emanated from the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the Golden Titanic Python looked at Su Yi from afar and did not dare to move forward. The two sides seemed to have entered a stalemate.

“I must recover as soon as possible.”

This stalemate lasted for an hour before Su Yi’s eyes furrowed once again.

He did not know when this stalemate would end nor how long he could keep this up for.

Su Yi only knew that he must heal his wounds as fast as possible. Although it was not convenient to enter the mysterious space, he could at least consume the elixirs to speed up his recovery.

An elixir which had been levelled up mysteriously by almost an entire level was thrown directly into Su Yi's mouth.

The elixir melted as it slipped down his throat, and converted into a warm, rich and dense energy. It gradually seeped into his bones and every cell of his body.

At first, this seeping of energy gave Su Yi an indescribable pain, but shortly after, he started to feel much more comfortable, like a long-awaited downpour enriching the dried earth after a long drought.

There was always a pure energy within an elixir, but as the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique continued performing, the energy was turned into Yuan Qi within his body and entered the Ocean of Yuan Qi within the Dantian.

Su Yi’s recovery was a lot quicker after consuming the Yuan Spirit Elixir, as the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique seemingly had an effect of making injuries heal quicker.

But because of the Golden Titanic Python, Su Yi did not dare to fully focus on recovering. He had to keep an eye out for any sudden movements of that python.

This stalemate continued for another four hours. The Golden Titanic Python feared that presence on Su Yi’s body and did not dare approach, but it had no intentions of leaving.

Su Yi also felt dejected, he was injured as serious as he could be, but he still could not fully focus on recovering.

If it continued like this, he did not know how goddamn long it would take before being able to fully recuperate. But, what he feared even more so was that the Golden Titanic Python would stop fearing him and suddenly rush over to him, what would he do if that happened?

With his current ability, even if he was in his peak condition, he still had no way to fight the python.

“Lala” (T.N. Don’t ask me what it is. I don’t know either. XD)

Suddenly there was this sort of sound softly coming from the direction of the cliff.


But the Golden Titanic Python was very sensitive to this sound and it suddenly raised its head, and the colour of its eyes changed as if it was very anxious. After briefly taking a look at Su Yi, the snake immediately retreated swiftly. Slithering along the stone wall as it quickly disappeared into the dense fog.

“Has it finally left?”

Su Yi sighed in relief as he stretched out his neck to take a look below as the branches blocked his field of view.

Furthermore, there was a dense fog all around him. At most, he could only see 3 meters ahead of him.

Hesitating for a short while, he clenched his teeth and made his decision.

“I must recover quickly!”

That snake may return. He must make the preparations for it. At least under this towering cliff, there shouldn’t be anyone who would still come down here.

Hand seals started to form as a soft glow started to form in between Su Yi’s eyebrows. The light rippled across the branches and enveloped Su Yi’s entire body in a flash.

The blinding light blanketed the canopy and the area under the towering cliff, but this light did not go far as it was blocked by the dense fog.

When Su Yi’s figure started to become clear once again, he had already arrived in the mysterious yet familiar space.

The space that was originally around 10 meters in radius had already expanded to around 30 meters in radius.

The spiritual energy inside was dense to the point that the surroundings were blurry from the faint glow, creating an impression that it had separated this space from the outside.

“Is it really the work of this space?”

Su Yi had brought along the remaining two Yuan Spirit Elixirs, placed the jade bottle on the floor and removed its cork.

“I must hurry and recover.”

Su Yi did not dare to waste any time at all. He was already inside a rich-energy area, he must make use of this opportunity to recover as much as possible. No one knew when that Golden Titanic Python would return.

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